The Shifter’s Mate – A Hot New Story For You To Enjoy!

Out today for all of you is “The Shifter’s Mate,” which is a sexy little werewolf tale I wrote.

This story is something a little different for me–there are some elements of horror in it that I don’t explore quite as often. I am a big fan of horror, and I think that shows in the setting and some of the tropes I include. Particularly, the name “Camp Sunshine Springs” is little more than a re-imagining of Camp Crystal Lake of Friday the 13th fame. That said, there’s no gore or blood in this story, just some parts where I was hoping to raise the tension and the stakes. You can let me know if it works!

This is also going to be the first part of a trilogy of tales concerning the titular shifter and his attempt to return to some form of normalcy. In the upcoming volumes, Maryse’s quest for more power continues (now evolved with her understanding that magic is real), Lauren’s search for a perfect summer continues to complicate, and Caleb’s step-sister Felicia gets a bigger and bigger role. I hope you’re as excited about it all as I am!

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If you’re in the mood for an atmospheric erotica tale with a bit of fun camp, make sure to check out “The Shifter’s Mate!

Here’s the official blurb:

Counselor training for Camp Sunshine Springs is tossed into chaos when a werewolf arrives, massive in every way. This alpha male beast doesn’t take no for an answer, and every woman left in his sexual wake becomes his blissful, eager servant. But this werewolf isn’t taking just anyone—his focus on the voluptuously beautiful Lauren and the hyper-sensual Maryse makes it clear he’s searching for his heart’s desire…for his one destined mate.

For mature audiences only—this erotica tale (~13000 words) features a shifter stud finding the one curvaceous woman who can handle the full extent of his alpha-male loving!


Drawn by the smell of eggs cooking, Lauren found Heather in the kitchen, preparing food, and completely naked.

Oh!” chirped Heather. “Hello, dear. I was just making some food. I find a vicious fucking like what Master gifted me with really gets the appetite going, you know?” She giggled, like a flirting schoolgirl. “Even with all the hot protein he dumped inside of my belly.”

Heather seemed five years younger. She had always been in terrific shape for a middle-aged woman, with a clear vibrancy and youth shining through her motions and words. But now she looked…she looked genuinelyyounger. Her skin smoother, her hair longer, her breasts fuller and perkier, her face like that of someone in their early thirties or even late twenties.

Had whatever that creature done to her…changed her, somehow?

Taken by Cowboys! – A new story out right now!

Out today for all of you is my newest tale, Taken by Cowboys!

This is another tale in the vein of I Was Taken By Cavemen! A bit silly, but very raunchy. (Speaking of that Cavemen story–it’s going to be an audio title very soon, so be on the lookout for that!)

This is one of those stories that got much, MUCH dirtier and naughtier as I wrote it. Originally, the main character Laura was going to be a bit submissive, but she ends up being INCREDIBLY so, begging to be chained up and used by both these big cowboy studs. It’s lots of fun.

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If a tale of a submissive babe being able to let her inner-sub out sounds like fun to you, then check out “Taken by Cowboys!”

Here’s the official blurb:

Suddenly zapped back in time to a rustic Old West ranch, the buxom and curvaceous Laura finds herself cornered by two immensely hunky, strong cowboys who don’t take kindly to “no” for an answer. Her entire identity as a strong, independent woman is challenged by these hyper-masculine studs who only know one proper place for a woman—on her knees. It would be a nightmare come true…except that Laura, free from society’s prying eyes, finds herself loving every second of it.

For mature audiences only—this erotica short (~7000 words) features a busty babe getting much more than she bargained for from two cowboy hunks who have never heard of protection!


Of course, this was in stark contrast to how getting taken and forced by Karl was the living embodiment of every fantasy she had ever held. Whenever she masturbated in her bed at home, always it was envisioning something like what had happened earlier—being taken and cornered, alone, no escape, no choice but to give in and be used and abused like a complete fuckdoll…

Her hand drifted across the bed, somewhat hoping to rouse Karl again.

But no! No! She had to get away. Get back to the portal. Get in her own time. Stop acting like such a complete slut. That was the proper thing to do.

So, slipping up out of the bed, still covered partially in Karl’s expanse of cum, she intended to slip away.

But it was to no avail, so far. Karl was a light sleeper, and rose with her.

Make me some breakfast,” he commanded, smacking her on the ass.

She stood still, her body overwhelmed with the heady lust that hearing his masculine command gave her. He must have thought she was hesitating, because he struck her ass again.

Go on,” he said. “Know your place, girl. Make me some breakfast.”

She slipped on the clothes he had available for her—a sort of raggedy old blue dress that looked like it had been abandoned after a night of passionate fucking. It clung to Laura’s generous curves, showing off her cleavage and her legs, both. Her own clothes had been torn apart by Karl, of course. Just like all of Laura’s will…

Renaissance Fair Love Spell – A new story!

Out today for all of you is my newest story, “Renaissance Fair Love Spell!”

This one has been out for about a week or so, but it is currently available at a discounted price for just under a dollar! I also have ANOTHER bundled release out for just under a dollar, which I detail later on in this post.

I am a fan of Renaissance Fairs. I like the food, the jousting, the costumes–lots of fun! I don’t know if this particular story is all that realistic; all the fairs I’ve been to in the past haven’t featured magical spells turning a regular guy into an enormous, hulking stud who is capable of fucking and owning absolutely any woman he wants. But what do I know? Lots of fairs out there in the world. I may have missed one or two.

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Coming up next week I’m hoping to have a new story out for you–”Taken by Cowboys!”–a sort of spiritual follow-up to “I Was Taken By Cavemen!

But for now,  if a magically-infused Renaissance Fair, full of fun pairings and groupings and lots of hot, naughty action sounds like fun for you, make sure to check out “Renaissance Fair Love Spell.”

Here’s the official blurb:

The buxom Estelle, roleplaying as a witch, unwittingly unleashes a sexy spell—one that causes one lucky nerd at the Renaissance Fair to become a veritable King and have his pick of any woman he wants!

For mature audiences only—this erotica short (~7300 words) features hot scenes of domination and submission featuring beautiful Renaissance Fair babes!


It was a thought that required more sorting out, but when he opened his eyes again, there was Britney with his beer. She nimbly sat down next to him in the booth, sliding forward until her long, tanned leg swung over his. Her firm, young, hot breasts pushed into his arm, and she bared her cleavage again.

This time, he did not try to be a gentleman in the least. A tiny bead of sweat ran from her neck down into the dark shadow between her perfectly positioned tits. He watched it openly…and she adjusted her top, allowing his view to improve.

See something you like, Sir?”

Quite a bit, actually.”

That’s so good.”

She was a virgin, he realized suddenly. He had no idea howhe knew, but he did know it for certain, the same way that he knew her hair was blond and her eyes were bright, sparkling blue. The same way that he knew she would absolutely adore being stuffed full of his cock in every hole she had.



Also brand new and out today (and free for a limited time!) is the Hypno Casino Bundle, which contains all three stories from The Shining Spiral Saga.

These were all quite a bit of fun to write–I do LOVE incorporating hot hypnotism, girl-on-girl seduction, big transformations, and hot supermodels into my stories as often as I’m able. I hope you’ll pick up this discounted bundle and have a good time with it!

Teaching Teresa – A New Story, Just For You!

Here’s my latest story–which is still free for a few days yet! It’s a fun little romp about an incredibly sexy young babe who comes to work for a pair of young billionaire studs as a live-in maid.

The whole premise is rather fantastic, of course, but it’s a lot of fun to imagine such things. Like most of my fiction, the events surrounding the plot hold very little in the way of reality, but reality is too drab sometimes. My stories hope to entice you by visualizing all those forbidden, hot fantasies that you’ve had for the longest time, but just couldn’t quite put a finger on them in their exactitude.

This story in particular is mostly just me imagining the hottest possible things I could think of a maid doing or being for a pair of boys. So, there’s a lot of hot domestication, some very intense BDSM play (with a bit of an emphasis on the M there for our titular Teresa), and of course, some very erotic scenes between the three characters.

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If the notion of an incredibly hot, submissive babe moving in with two billionaire hunks gets your motor running, make sure to check out Teaching Teresa today!

Here’s the Official Blurb:

Billionaire heirs Paul and Alex hire a new live-in maid—she’s young, she’s hot, and she loves to show her body off. Best of all, she has no qualms about doing ANYTHING these two rich studs ask her to…and she’s happy to learn how to be their perfect servant.

For mature audiences only—this erotica short (~7000 words) features the tale of two hot hunks having their way with a gorgeous foreign beauty in their employ!


With no ceremony, she dropped her towel down, grabbing a vial off the bathroom counter. Her beautiful, young, perfect body was perfectly exposed to him. Her tits were exquisite, her torso sublime. Her snatch—completely shaved.

I would ask favor of you,” she said, giving the bottle in her hands a shake. Could you oil my body?”

O-oil you?”

He had no idea why someone with such perfect, hot skin would need any oil at all.

Yes, Sir. Rub oil all up and down my body. It is intimate, yes? As you and I are intimate. Living so close, after all. But perhaps not sexual. I am not able to oil my own back, you see?”

She showed him how she tried—and clearly, she could reach, and was just holding back. She wanted his hands on her. Paul could tell.

Well?” she said. “You help, yes? Or simply stare at my naked body all day? I admit, both have their advantages, though perhaps you have a preference?”

No doubt about it, Paul would be happy to oblige her…