Hot new story this weekend–“Owned: The Secretary”

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Hello hello all you wonderful folks out there! Today I am totally PSYCHED to announce my latest story, “Owned: The Secretary.”

Anyone who’s corresponded with me (and probably just a lot of you who have read my stories) have probably picked up on the fact that something that excites me a LOT is the idea of gorgeous, arrogant babe serving just one wholly-dominating alpha male. Well, in this story, that’s the kink being explored. The problem?

Well, the dominant male in this story doesn’t KNOW how dominant he should be yet. He’s got a lot of issues and guilt with the power he has–which allows him to change the bodies and minds of others at will. But Maria, the titular (and isn’t she) secretary is really, really turned on by his power. She doesn’t care if he uses it on her, she just wants to be first. So…she has to do her best to convince him. Luckily, as she’s a scintillating beauty, all she has to do is unload all that charm she’s used for years on men to take advantage of them…only this time, she really means the sweet nothings and desperate pleas of affection she’s cooing.

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So! If you’re interested in reading about a supremely gorgeous, arrogant beauty bowing down to a dominant male once she convinces him that he should rule everyone, with elements of heavy mind control, bimbofication, barely legal sex, bareback sex, creampies, threesomes, hypnosis, and rough sex, check out “Owned: The Secretary” today!


Here’s the Official Blurb:

“You can own me, Sir…you should own whoever you like.

The devastatingly gorgeous Maria has just discovered the terrible secret of the new hunky intern, Robert. With nothing more than a touch of his hand, he can change the minds and bodies of others however he wants. He’s a walking recipe for the most powerful, dominating alpha male who has ever lived…and Maria loves it. 
Nothing arouses Maria more than power. Up to this point, she’s used men as toys to get what she wants, effortlessly taking advantage of her beauty and charm. Not a single man has ever had carnal knowledge of her virgin body. But Robert’s power makes her panties wet. Her luscious body burns with need to watch him control and dominate every woman he wants. In her dream world, he has awhole harem of eager, beautiful servants, each transformed by him to be as beautiful and obedient as possible with their bodies aching to pleasure him all day long. 
But Robert has this one little obstacle in her way: a conscience. He knows its wrong to just take control of others. And so the succubus Maria must stroke, suck, and seduce her new lover until he knows just how dominant he ought to be—over her, and over every girl in their office.




You can do anything,” she said. “Anything. You can…you can…” she gulped rapidly. Her throat muscles were positively elegant, seemingly made for taking down a massive cock. “Tell me that you can change her mind?”

About what?”

You know what I mean. You can make her…you can make her your slave, couldn’t you?”

A long jet of cum spurted from his cock, landing on Natalie’s chest. She had never buttoned up her sweater, and the cum trailed slowly down the lovely cups of her bra.

F-fuck, Maria. I don’t know. That’s too much.”

Then why did it make you cum?” She grinned wickedly. Her handjob had slowed down, easing and gentle now, no longer quite so furtive and quick. It was like she had known, right away, to slow down once he came—to keep him going for even longer. “Mmm, and still so hard, too? I can tell you like that idea. You don’t have to hide it from me. I like it too.”

You like…a woman being my slave? You like that?”

She shrugged, an elegantly beautiful motion. “I like a man in charge. Really in charge, with no doubt for those beneath him. That’s my favorite thing in the world.”

Her hand continued its amazing work on his throbbing cock. Still, he hesitated.

You can change her back if you don’t like it, right? I just want to see it. I just want to watch her call you Master.”


Because…” Her face nudged against his, that perfectly shaped nose rubbing heatedly against his jaw, their lips tantalizingly close. “Because it really, really gets me off, Robert. I want to watch you own her. I want to see how powerful you can be in all your glory. I think it’s shameful that you’re hiding. I think you ought to revel in it…and if you really need someone to convince you, I happily volunteer myself…”


“Heir Salon 3”–A new story out now!

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OUT RIGHT NOW is my newest tale, “Heir Salon 3.” This scintillating sequel finishes off that tantalizingly tit-heavy trilogy of the Bimbo Passion series, wrapping up Betty’s story with a nice, pleasant dinner party where absolutely nothing of note happens.

Oh wait, that’s exactly wrong. Betty’s life is changed FOREVER and–I would say–perhaps for the better. I don’t know if Betty at the beginning of the story would agree with me, ;).  She’s slowly warped into exactly what the megalomaniacal Mister Castle wants her to be–which is an even more gorgeous and submissive version of her gorgeous, submissive self.

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I’ve been away for a bit taking care of some other business–subscribers to my newsletter will know all about it. But so you know, I plan to be writing at my normal pace with a story every two weeks for the foreseeable future. Wish me luck!

At any rate, if you are looking for a bimbofication tale on Kindle Unlimited with TONS of mind control, lots of group sex, hot bdsm action, lactation, body transformation, bareback/breeding/creampie sex, and SO much more, check out the Stepford-style “Heir Salon 3” today!

Here’s the Official Blurb:

”You’re so right. I should have been with you from the beginning, Sir.”

Former feminist stalwart Betty has been completely transformed into a servile, Husband-worshiping bimbo. Her greatest love is her Husband’s manhood. Her number one desire is for him to fill herfertile, luscious body with his heirs. 
But Betty has become so gorgeous that she’s caught the attention of Castle, the man in charge of the erotic town of Passion Heights. He wants Betty as his own Wife, and he doesn’t take “no” for an answer. The virile Castle has several Wives already, each more beautiful than the last, and each withcreamy overflowing cups. But he’s the Alpha of all Alphas. This gargantuan hunk of a muscled phenom takes everyone he wants—including Betty. He’ll use anything to seduce her—promises of wealth, love, and status—and even tempts her over-sexed mind with other beautiful women. 
If Castle has his way, Betty will be a bimbo wife forever. Her life will consist of giving him heirs, serving him in every erotic way, letting him drink from her overflowing cups, and worshiping the ground he walks on. Betty can resist him. But with so much pleasure being flooded into her piping-hot, rocking bod, does she even want to?




In the car, Betty tugged obediently at Lane’s thick, hard cock. When he saw these lovely women, little dollops of precum began to emerge. She wanted to lick them up, but he had forbidden her from taking him in her mouth that night—her mind had to be sharp to keep up with the Castles, and when she’d had his cock in her, she was no good for actual talking for at least a few hours.

For a Passion Heights girl, cock and cum were better than opium.

You’re prettier than all of them,” he said, voice proud as he looked over at the gardeners. “Every last one.”

Her heart sang with the praise. And as she looked at them, a certain arrogance struck her, making her tilt her chin upward just slightly, turning her nose just so. She was better than those other women.

Her Man had said so. He had no reason to lie.

Her outfit certainly spoke to that notion. She wore a sparkling violet gown that was held up entirely by the buoyant force of her majestic breasts. Her nipples, permanently erect due to her permanent arousal, stuck out through the sheer fabric and were the zenith of an elaborately scooping neckline that draped down almost to her navel. Skin the shade of sleek bronze shone brilliantly in the car, appearing almost wet even though she was not perspiring in the least…

“Boobalicious Bimbo Bundle” out now!

bundle - boobalicious bimbo bundle 3Hey you wonderful readers out there!

I’ve got a BRAND NEW discount bundle for you that is hot and available RIGHT NOW. This one combines some of my SEXIEST tales that I’ve ever written, and includes MORE than a few personal favorites of mine. I’d love for you to take advantage–you’re getting NINE stories for the cost of a FRACTION of what they would be normally, so pick this up right away! It includes ALL of the Maid For Pleasure Series (both the first and the second runs) and the Bimbo Love series. Whaaaaat!

So, if you’re a fan of corruption, barely legal banging, hot bimbofication, sluttification, gender swapping, lactating, creampies, breeding, mind control, hypnosis, body transformation, breast enlargement, taboo sex, rough loving, gang bangs, rugged alpha studs, and SO much more–you’ve GOT to check these stories out!


Here’s the official Blurb:

Gorgeous. Brainless. Nympho. Bimbo.

You’ve heard dozens of terms for the lovely stars of this NINE story bundle. Sex-hungry females who will do anything to please a man, no matter how degrading the act or how innocent they used to be. Business-minded women become slobbering, drooling worshipers with mouths and breasts dedicated to the hard, dripping altar of male masculinity. These babes use their lips (those on their head, and those otherwise…) and every inch of their flawless bodies to tease and please. Corrupted virgins beg to be filled and become the servants they were always meant to be. Flat-chested beauties become titanically-endowed goddesses with overflowing cups. 
The men that love these beautiful, special bimbos become hot-tempered, hard-muscled, virile studs. Other women who interact with them become gorgeous, mindless love puppets themselves…and eagerly create more. All the characters here are aching for group sex so hot it melts through the bedding, and none of their loving uses any protection. That’s right—these virile males and fertile females make new heirs like rabbits…and they always need more. 

This boiling hot bundle contains the following stories: 
Maid Made Bare 
Maid Made Bare 2: Milk Maid 
Maid Made Bare 3: Maid to Obey 
Maid Made Bare 4: Serving the Biker Gang 
Maid Made Bare 5: Maid For Sale 
Maid Made Bare 6: Scoring with the Football Team 
Bimbo Outfits! 
Bimbo Outfits 2! 
Bimbo Outfits 3!

New HUGE mega-bundle–“Gang Lust Virgins”

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Short little update today to let you know that out now for YOU is my newest release, a HUGE mega-bundle with a bunch of gangbang, alpha-male, submissive babe favorites. EACH of these stories features a beautiful babe (and often more than one) getting down on her knees where she belongs and serving her new alpha male master–up to the point of happily being his eager little breeding pet, absolutely made to take his seed and pump out babies. There’s no protection and no restraints.

This bundle includes the ENTIRE “Gang Up” series, as well as “Biker Gang Lust,” “Paid & Laid: The Interview,” and the ENTIRE “Sold Into Service” series!

Each one of those titles is worth at LEAST $2.99 on their own, so no matter what price you see this bundle at, it’s going to be a no-brainer for fans of erotic barely-legal action!


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IF you’re in the mood for blistering-hot gangbang action, check out “Gang Lust Virgins” today!


Here’s the Official Blurb:

Needy. Aching. Wet.

Some desires leave us breathless, shuddering, and squirming for more. These untouched beauties may think they don’t want so many men all at once, but their bodies beg for more.

Hard. Throbbing. Hot.

Dozens and dozens of men primed and ready. Each one is bigger, stronger, and more dominant than the last. They’ll work together to own innocent young women, unloading their masculine passions on their busty bodies together.
This flaming hot bundle contains six amazing stories (including one full-length novel) of the gang lust that occurs when overpowering alpha males can only be satisfied by one beautiful girl:

Gang Up: A Bikerland Novel – Post-Apocalyptic Alphas rule a wasteland town with sheer force of will and the massive members in their pants.
Paid & Laid: The Interview – She’ll do anything for a job…even please an entire board room of alpha CEOs at once.
Biker Gang Lust – A buxom beauty is captured by a rival gang…and turned into their gang lust pet.
Sold! Owned by the Taboo Princes – Dangerously handsome princes vie for the affection of their new servant…and decide to share her on their royal members.
Sold! Trained by the Man of the House – Sold into sexual service, a curvy young woman must learn to serve the man she’s known her whole life.
Sold! Used by a Gang – Her body isn’t hers anymore…it belongs to her Owner, and he wants to teach her who’s in charge with a whole gang of Owners all at once.