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Short post today, as (unfortunately) this giggly girl has got a lot on her mind. I’ve got a NEW BUNDLE full of hot mind control action, amazing breeding/bareback sex, hot group sex/menage/threesome scenes, rough fucking, first time barely legal babes, and a whole lot more! Every story in this bundle features a beautiful woman absolutely submitting to one supremely dominant man–with everything she has, whether she likes it or not. Check it out!


She was totally under his control.

Some women were made to serve men. It’s that simple. Their bodies were designed for endless delights, titillating every male sense of superiority. When these hot, beautiful women get on their knees to service the men in control of their lives, it’s a bold statement. It says, “your manhood is so wonderful that I can’t help but adore you.” In the end, all of these formerly strong-willed women give in totally…and feel nothing but bliss afterward.
The four stories in these bundles detail the hot, twisted relationships between women who have given up their minds and wills over to the care of a supreme power—the man in their lives. These lucky men, with their unprotected, bare members, utterly dominate these beautiful babes in every erotic way. Every inch of these luscious pets’ fertile, heir-making curves is totally dedicated to worshiping the male—just as nature intended. Be it a luscious call girl, a haughty princess, a scheming witch, or even a gorgeous supermodel, every woman learns her place in these hot fantasies.

Amazon’s new policies hurt indie authors like me. Here’s how you can help.

Hello friends,

I, like most erotica authors, participate in a program called Kindle Direct Publishing Select (or KDP Select). This allows our stories to be eligible for Kindle Unlimited, which most of you (I imagine) use extensively, in exchange for publishing exclusively with Amazon. Previously, when a reader read more than 10% of a story, authors got a “borrow,” which was worth about $1.35. This amount is calculated by taking up the total number of borrows of all authors across all Amazon outlets, and divvying up a monthly fund—which last month was about $11 million.

The new system, started today, means that authors will be paid by pages read. On the surface, this seems fair—if someone is read more, they should be paid more. The problem with this is that the estimated monthly fund remains the same; the problem also is that last month there were 1.9 billion pages read. A little math will let you know that nets authors like me about half a cent per page read, which means that for a book that I would normally be paid $1.35 for, I am now receiving somewhere around 40 cents.

Myself and most of the erotica authors I know write erotica for a living. We depend on this income to feed our children and pets, keep roofs over our heads, pay bills, and contribute to our commercial society. This will hurt erotica authors—but it will also hurt ALL authors, so if you are a fan of romance, thrillers, suspense, or whatever, everyone you like who participates in this program is in trouble.

So, why not just pull out of KDP Select, Nadia? Well, I’ve emailed Amazon with that exact request, actually. I’m not entirely happy about it, but it seems like the best thing to do. After all—I am asking you to stop your Kindle Unlimited subscription. It doesn’t make any sense for me to stay in Kindle Unlimited after that.

The main problem I have with pulling out of KDP Select is that it means I won’t be able to give away any more free stories on Amazon, and there won’t be any more borrows available to readers trying to catch up with my back catalog. I’m no exception, either—every single author I’ve spoken with has expressed serious doubts about the viability of KDP Select, and so any other author of whom you have borrowed a book or downloaded a freebie is likely not to continue for very long.

The other problem with leaving KDP Select is that, with the way Amazon’s search algorithm works, authors who promote on KDP Select are much more “visible” than other authors. This means that even if I did leave KDP Select, my titles would not be seen by as many fans, and I would face another serious dip in profits. Other outlets are a possibility, but historically, they have provided rather low profits (for a variety of reasons). So, yes, I’ve left the frying pan for the fire for the time being. If Amazon doesn’t change its tune, I will indeed search out other outlets.

I would love to keep writing for you forever. I’m forever grateful for all the fans who have read my work and helped me pay what needed paying for the last two odd years I’ve done this. I don’t know if, with this model, I’ll be able to continue writing erotica and pay what needs paying around my home. I, and every author I know, no matter the genre, would like your help. So, what am I asking you to do?

First, please consider cancelling your Kindle Unlimited subscription. The model in its current form is bad for the people creating the content you love. Second, email jeff@amazon.com and let him know how you feel about this. Start using the tag ‪#releasetherate and #StrikeKindleUnlimited‬ to let Amazon know how you feel about this as well.

Please note–I think Kindle Unlimited is an enormous value for customers. I think its core components are beneficial to creators, customers, and distributors. It’s the current model–which is changeable–that is the problem. I am not suggesting never returning to Kindle Unlimited no matter what, or raging for rage’s sake. I want you to deliver a surgical strike of dissatisfaction. If they fix this issue (possibly with solutions I’ve outlined below), I will likewise spend just as much time promoting it again as I have in the past.

Here’s a template email for you (credit to dayvansmutgirl on reddit):
Dear Jeff,
I’m writing to express my profound anger and disappointment with the new Kindle Unlimited payout system. I am a customer and I have been enjoying reading my favorite authors through Kindle Unlimited. I have been thrilled at the opportunities it has afforded my favorite authors.
However, under this new payout system, they will no longer be able to sustain themselves purely through Kindle Unlimited. According to the math, a page will get only a little over half a cent. This will slash their incomes significantly. Due to the poor customer service this is providing, I am now researching purchasing my books on other retailers. If the payout really does come out to half a cent, they will all pull their works from Kindle Unlimited.
I want to continue to subscribe to Kindle Unlimited because it had previously been working out well for me, but if it drives out all my favorite authors, I can no longer do so.
Thank you for your time,
For those interested, here is the email I sent jeff@amazon.com earlier today with my own ideas about how to solve this issue with ideas that were mutually beneficial to customers, creators of every genre, and our distributor (Amazon):


I would like to pull all of my titles under the Midnight Publishing
account currently participating in KDP Select from that program. I
would like for them to remain published with Amazon and for sale at
your site, but I no longer wish to have them eligible for borrows from
Amazon customers.

I, like many authors, am dissatisfied with the program of payment that
the Kindle Unlimited program has unveiled. I find two main issues with
the new program of payment:

1. I want to know how many people are actually borrowing the books I write.
2. I want to know how much I am going to be paid in any given month.

I do not believe that exclusivity to your store should be rewarded
with a lower rate of pay than I would receive by promoting my books
elsewhere. Right now, the only guarantee you’ve given would cut my pay
roughly by 55%. Not because I started writing poorly, not because less
people are borrowing my books, not because you have less money to pay
me with, and not because there’s less of an interest in the genre in
which I write. This strikes me as an unfair arrangement that prior to
this point has been mutually beneficial.

If the model of paying by pages read is one that you want to continue,
what I would suggest is a system that adds a base pay for ranges of
pages written. In this way, you can at least guarantee the royalties
that someone might earn from a 99 cent story with 65% cut off the top.
For instance:

Stories under 5000 words — 35 cents, plus pages read
Stories 5000-10000 words — 75 cents, plus pages read
Stories 10-20000 words — 1 dollar, plus pages read
And so on. (I understand the metric is pages; I write by words
written, and have not calculated yet how many words equals how many

The Monthly KDP Select Fund is a fundamentally flawed design, proven
now for about a year. It is altered every month to reach the number
that your company decided–probably weeks if not months before every
pay date–to pay authors. As that is the case, it seems to only make
sense to completely do away with the idea that so many authors are
participating in an arbitrarily decided (and always inaccurate, until
the actual number comes out the following month) pool of money. If
there’s a base amount you’re willing to pay authors in this exclusive
fund for types of work, or lengths of work, and you want more of a
certain type of work or length of work, why not be transparent about

I understand the dislike of people scamming the system in order to
make profit by essentially cheating customers, and altering your

system to address that problem. I can also understand someone

burning down their house so no one can steal their television.
I don’t think it’s a very good idea in either case. The best
protection is clearer standards of quality and a well-paid,
well-trained team that is tasked to enforce these standards. Until
this happens, I imagine you will continue to have issues with scammers
of every kind. Alternatively, making participation in Kindle Unlimited
available only to those authors who have published regularly and
developed a regularly monetarily beneficial relationship with you for
several months is also a good idea.

I have a lot of gratitude for what Amazon and the KDP Select program
has allowed me to do up until this point. I have encouraged other
authors to join it, and believe that e-publishing is the future of
publishing. However, I do not believe that this sort of
treatment–opaque and uncaring–is the way to handle creators of
content for your site.

Thank you for your time.



Thank you so much for your time and your efforts for this, friends. Together, we can save our favorite fiction and keep Amazon customer and content friendly.


– Nadia

New erotic mind control tale, “Revenge On His Unfaithful Wife” out NOW!

Hello hello all! Out today for all of you lovely folks is my NEWEST story, “Revenge on His Unfaithful Wife.” This is the FINAL entry in the “Revenge by Trance” series, which also features “Revenge On His Hot Assistants” and “Revenge On His Snobby Step.

This last entry has a real battle of wills between Melinda and Warren as they vie for supremacy in their marriage and dominance over the power of the watch. Warren feels the watch is his by right, being the one who unlocked its power, but Melinda–a lifelong temptress–is awfully difficult to resist…

This hot little number features plenty of mind control action, erotic hypnosis sessions, intense group sex, cock worship, alpha male dominance, submissive giggly fertile babes, creampie surprises, bareback/impregnation/breeding intimacies, and much MUCH more!


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SO! If you’re in the mood for some hot male domination of uber-hot female servants, or just hot mind control erotica in general, make sure to check out “Revenge On His Unfaithful Wife” today!



“If he used the watch, she wouldn’t care that he had no protection…”

Aspiring stage magician Warren always wanted a baby. His gorgeous wife, Melinda, never did—a vain creature, she thought it would ruin her preciously lovely figure. Then, Warren found a magic watch; its power completely controlled the minds of the hot women in Warren’s life. They lived to serve his will, squirmed with wet bliss at his every command, and begged for more when he knocked up their fertile bodies. Even the hot Joan, who Warren has known his whole life, wasn’t able to resist. But then, for her own gold-digging purposes, the crafty Melinda stole the watch.
Warren needs the watch. His life’s work is an upcoming show—a show that he was going to make a rousing success through the power of the watch. With his dream on the line, he knows he must retrieve the watch conquer his wife’s will. Even with other servants adoring his masculine member, Warren won’t be able to rest until Melinda is a docile, servile, and eagerly fertile pet. Her influence on him has always been insidious, but if he gets the watch back, she’ll have to do everything he says…including giving him the heir he’s always wanted.



What does it do?” asked Catherine. “The watch.”

He saw no reason to lie to her. If she knew, she knew.

It hypnotizes women. It hypnotized you.”

Is that why I feel so…so submissive? Is it that powerful?”

I think it is. But I don’t think that’s why you feel that way. I undid most of the damage I did. I went really, really far with you. Too far.”

How far is too far?”

You turned your back on your God and proclaimed me as him instead.”

Her eyebrows rose, one hand coming to her mouth. “Oh my. Yes. That is rather far, isn’t it?”

The assistants slowly rose upward, as if one being. Tasia, Belle, and Katie all crawled up to their knees at once, pushing Catherine aside only slightly, so that they could crawl around their Master’s lounging body.

We missed you, Sire,” cooed Tasia.

So much.” Belle and Katie—perhaps due to being indoctrinated at the same time—had started the habit of speaking at the same time as well. “We followed your orders exactly.”

Yes, Sire,” said Tasia. “We made each other cum I think eight times. And the new initiate came four. Didn’t you, initiate?”

Catherine nodded, clearly feeling subservient to Tasia.

From the body language of Catherine—the slight tilt of her head, the lowering of her eyes—her subservience appeared to come more easily to Tasia than it did to Warren. He wondered why that might be. Perhaps it was because Tasia had no doubt about her place. And Warren, for all that he knew about how much he deserved to have these women worshiping him, was still rather new at it. Tasia thought that she had been born perfect at service—had been wrangling her Master’s slaves and doting affection on him for her entire life.

Without any prompt at all, Tasia pushed the other girls away, claiming first privilege on his cock. The other two whined and pouted, but only because it turned Warren on. They were perfectly happy, he knew, to watch Tasia suck him off. Her dark body looked so right in the service to his body.

Blissfully, perfectly obedient. They would never move against him. No matter what…

Brand new mind control bundle is out NOW!

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Hello hello! Short blog for you today! I just wanted to let you know I’ve got a hot new bundle out–“Her Mind, His Control, Your Bundle.” It’s a FOUR STORY collection–that’s right, FOUR–and so a great way to catch up with my works if you’re a new fan of Nadia Nightside (and welcome, if you are!).

This hot bundle features sexy mind control sessions, beautifully arrogant babes submitting totally, hot alpha studs dominating utterly, amazing sexually charged action, steamy sex scenes with MULTIPLE partners, and much MUCH more!

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Here’s the official blurb:

She’s not in control…

Sometimes, a woman just wants to stop trying so hard. Every day, she’s got to be to take care of every last detail of her life all on her own. But in these erotically fertile stories, her hair gets to come down. All that pesky control is handed over to handsome man who would never do her wrong and always drill her right. She becomes the sex-loving, uninhibited fertile love goddess she was born to be, worshiping at the altar of a virile stud god who brings her to the edge of ecstasy every moment they’re together.

…but her Man always knows best.

Four hot stories detailing the total domination of the wills of lovely fertile young women, be they haughty, vain debutantes (Stephanie’s Public Ride), beautifully arrogant brides on their wedding day (Knocking Up The Bride), brilliant scientists nursing heavy hunk-crushes (The Billionaire’s Love Potion), or investigate reporters in too deep in the clutches of an elite masculine alpha (Billionaire’s New Plaything). The only way to experience this kind of fantastical transformation for yourself is to pick up this totally unprotected bundle today!

He pushed her down, grip staying tight, until she was on her knees right in front of his cock. She couldn’t believe it. She was in her wedding dress! This was her special day! How could he do this? How could he…could he…
How could have such an enormous, rock hard cock? Wasn’t it soft just a second ago?
Oh god. It was a fucking giant! Its veins bulged on the thick shaft.
“My cock is special now.” He ran a hand through her luxurious hair, taking his time. “I’m going to show you just how special. I already showed the doctor at the doctor’s office, and the three girls living across the street. They were like you. They didn’t believe me. But then they got to look at my cock for a while. They started to understand. I wonder how long it takes. Are you understanding, Marissa? Are you getting it yet?”
Marissa squirmed on her knees. Even though she hated what was going on, she had to admit there was something…something special about Vincent’s cock. Light bent around it, somehow, and every time she tried to focus on it, her consciousness shifted sideways to some empty, vacant little place.
It was so nice to think about nothing at all. The wedding put so many stresses on her body, her mind. Wasn’t it good just to relax a little bit and have nothing happening in her head?
Well, yes, but…n-no! No! His fucking hand was around her neck! Her life was in mortal danger!
And…and…well, wasn’t that sort of hot? That he was just controlling her like that And isn’t that cock so fucking big and sexy and deserving of praise?
“Do you see it, Marissa? Do you see it, you little slut?”
She was salivating with his cock right there in front of her. Why was she salivating? Was it because the cock looked incredibly fucking tasty?
She had never even sucked a cock before. It was demeaning. It was unclean. She would never do it for Warren—they had agreed. It was only on very special occasions, when he really deserved it, like his birthday or maybe if he got a promotion or gave her some one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.
“No,” she moaned.
He removed his hand from her throat. She moaned, entirely stunned to find herself disappointed. Moving upward, his hands gripped her thick mass of hair, holding her tight. The tip of his thick, meaty rod ran across her lips and then up and down her cheek. Soon, the wet trail of her saliva coated her own face. Hot, horribly needy breaths were shaking out of her. Why couldn’t she control herself? What was happening?
He pushed the cockmeat across her face once more, spreading her lips with the shaft, and then withdrew it.
Fuck, it tasted so good….