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Taboo Cheerleader story, FREE for a limited time — “The Secret of the Cheerleading Squad”

Get it at Amazon!Out today for all of you and FREE through Saturday is my second-to-last entry in my Month of Taboo, “Secret of the Cheerleading Squad.

I think this story is probably the absolute dirtiest of any that I’ve ever written. It’s got quite a few spicy ingredients—double-teaming, incest, breeding obsessions, evil manipulations from cheerleaders, some hints of overwhelming force and just lots and lots of cum. It was a whole lot of fun to write, and I hope it’s a lot of fun to read as well!

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At any rate, if the thought of sexy cheerleaders manipulating their squadmates into being fucked and bred turns you on at all, make sure to check out “Secret of the Cheerleading Squad” today!


Here’s the official blurb:

Melanie and Gabriela have already gotten their special baby bumps from the men in charge of their houses.

Melanie’s life is almost complete. She has her own wonderful baby bump from the man of her house, and her best friend Gabriela does from her special man as well. The problem?

There just aren’t enough girls on the cheerleading squad as pregnant as they are.

By luring three incredibly sexy girls to their house with a hot scheme of betrayal and manipulation, they hope to fix that tonight. Their special men are going to be the ones to dominate and own the other girls on their squad, whether those girls want it or not!

For mature audiences only—this erotica short (~5600 words) contains the hot story of two teen temptresses lying, conniving, kissing, licking, and fucking their way into getting their best friends fucked and impregnated by their two favorite men! These men of the house won’t take no for an answer!




“Oh my god, yeah…” Tiffany moaned. “Yeah, I want that. I want that so bad.”

“Do you like that naughty stuff? You like that hot taboo kind of stuff?” Melanie whispered.

With a hot little nod, Tiffany kissed Melanie’s lips. “Oh yes…”

“Want to hear something even hotter?” asked Gabriela, of one mind with Melanie.

The black-haired beauty’s blue eyes went wide. “Definitely.”

“We made him break up with you,” Melanie moaned, fingering Tiffany’s cunt.

“You did…did wh-what?” Tiffany’s big blue eyes went wild.

The pert, nimble tongue of Gabriela rolled up Tiffany’s neck. “We made your boyfriend break up with you so we could bring you here, get you drunk, and have our special men fill your fertile body up. We wanted you to get pregnant so bad. We just do what our men say, now. We love it. We want you to love it too.”

“Oh my god,” moaned Tiffany. “Oh my fucking lord! That’s so…that’s soo…”

“Evil?” Melanie giggled.

“Yes, evil!” Tiffany turned to Melanie with a wicked smile. “And it’s also the hottest thing I’ve ever heard.”

With a hot gasping moan, Tiffany practically lunged into a kiss with Melanie, forcing her lips onto the beautiful cheer captain.

“That’s soo hot,” gasped Tiffany in between kisses. “I fucking love the idea,” she whispered. “I can’t wait to be pregnant just like you.”

“They might not be so cooperative,” Gabriela said, pointing at Anna and Lauren.

“I don’t fucking care,” said Tiffany. “I’ll make sure they get filled like you and me. I’ll fucking hold them down for you…”

New taboo story, FREE for a limited time! — “My Spiciest Confession”

Get it at Amazon!Out today for all of you wonderful people is my latest entry in my Month of Taboo, and the LAST story in the “Spicy Confessions” trilogy–“My Spiciest Confession.” It is FREE until Wednesday, July 31st!

In the first story, Cassandra confessed how much she needed to fuck her Daddy. In the second story, she confessed how badly she needed to have her Stud Big Bro inside of her. In this scintillatingly sexy third installment, she confesses how she needs them BOTH inside her, at the same time. More than that, she needs them to put a baby inside of her.

Cassandra is quite used to getting whatever she wants for being a gorgeous babe. I just think it’s so wonderfully hot writing about a hot teen babe who is as hot as she is who only really wants to be the perfect fuckpet and broodslut for those VERY special men in her life.

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Here’s the official blurb for “My Spiciest Confession”

Teen goddess Cassandra has managed to seduce the man of the house, Ron, and her returning hero, Blake. The problem? Since they both drill her senseless whenever they want, they’ve started to get jealous of each other.

Her solution is to have them drill her at the same time.

She hopes that this will solve the even bigger problem in her life—that she isn’t pregnant yet. That’s right—she’s wants them both to leave hot impregnating creampies in her belly. She just won’t be satisfied until she knows that’s what they want too…

For mature audiences only!—this erotica short (~4100 words) contains the scintillating story of a beautiful teenager who wants to keep it all in the family by any means necessary! She uses handjobs, blowjobs, and hardcore sex with her two men at the same time to get her way, and ensure that she’ll be theirs, forever.




I’m all dressed up special just for them, as always. Over the past few months, I’ve gotten more and more creative with my outfits as I’ve learned what each of my hunks likes.

Blake really, really loves it when I wear gloves and short skirts. Ron loves low-cut tops showing off my big tits, and hot high-heeled boots.

So, tonight is a compromise. I wear a tiny red minidress, its soft surface tight around my hips and clinging to the heavy globes of my sexy teenage tits. The loop of bare skin around my neck swoops low into my cleavage, showing off an incredible amount of the young, luscious skin I have available. Elbow-length leather gloves slide up tight around my toned arms. My legs are encased in matching black skintight leather boots that wrap up all the way up around my lovely, fit thighs. The heels are almost dangerously high―more than six inches―but I’ve been practicing walking in high heels a lot lately for the men of the house, and I can strut in them easily.

I look dynamite in this outfit, and both men shouldn’t be able to resist fucking me. I want my Stud and my Master to fuck the shit out of me as soon as they walk through the door tonight.

I look down at myself, sliding my leather gloves up my hot teenage body. I love the way it looks when my leather-bound hands slide up around my tits, squeezing them together. I wish I had my Stud’s cock between my big heavy globes, his precum spilling out and just making my tits slipperier…

Now I’m starting to get moist, the folds of my pussy wettening. For a moment, I consider pushing a hand up underneath the tight red fabric of my minidress to pleasure my pussy for a minute…but then I hear a car drive up. And then another, right after.

They’re both home. Oh, wonderful!…


Taboo Hypnosis story FREE for a limited time–“The Perfect Gift, Part II”

Get it at Amazon!Out today for all of you and FREE until Sunday, July 28th is my latest entry in my Month of Taboo, “The Perfect Gift, Part II.

This one entertains an idea that I find super hot, though I’m not sure how erotic others find it. I just love the idea of reluctant dominance—of a man who wants to be dominant, but is at first unsure of himself and how to behave. This kind of conflict is heightened even more by the addition of mind control, which is at best rather immoral. So, when a happily entranced slave is begging to be hypnotized—how long can a man resist? What if he resists so much that the slave takes it upon herself to entrance him to want to be the dominant fuckstud she needs so badly?

Well, I find that immensely hot. I hope you do too! This story has some particularly rough fucking scenes—lately, I’ve been getting more and more turned on by (consensual, of course) choking and slapping, which you may have noticed if you’ve been following my tumblr (which I hope you will do! I just love sharing hot images and connecting with fans and hearing what they love to see!). I do, of course, use it to promote some stories…but I go out of my way to include sexy images and hot thoughts and story snippets every day.

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In any case, if a complete hottie seducing and entrancing a young nerd to be her Master sounds like fun to you, make sure to check out “The Perfect Gift, Part II” today!


Here’s the official blurb:

Gorgeous teenager Constance is completely and thoroughly hypnotized. Her mind has been rewired so completely that she even loves the fact that she’s been made into a puppet for someone else, and happily volunteers to be hypnotized by her Master even more at every possible moment. But her previous Master has decided to give her sexy services away to Chris, a nineteen year-old mega nerd who she lived and grew up with. Constance hasn’t seen Chris for the longest time, since he’s been away at college for over a year. Now that he’s back, Constance is under strict orders to be Chris’s homecoming gift, and to become his perfect servant in every hot and naughty little way. She’ll do anything to have him take control of her—even if it means hypnotizing him to be her Master! The only thing is, once she’s unlocked his brutal, dormant dominance…it can’t be locked back up again.

For mature audiences only—this erotica short (~5000 words) contains the story of a happily hypnotized servant seducing and entrancing a young, shy nerd to become her hardcore, domineering Master. She uses everything her naughty hypnoservant mind can imagine, including hypnotic inductions (for him and for her!), handjobs, blowjobs, throat fucking, and hardcore sex!




His voice becomes more distant even as his cock becomes harder.

“You deserve me,” I coo.

“…d-deserve you.”

I can tell that’s been ready to cum for a while now. But he can’t—not without an explicit order. Of course, I’m going to let him very soon. I couldn’t live without it.

“You deserve all the girls you want,” I purr, drawing him even deeper into trance.

He nods, eyes vacant as he focuses even more on the crystal in my cleavage. “…deserve…all the girls…”

“You love to control hot babes.”

“L-love to control hot babes.”

“I’m a hot babe.”

“You’re…hot b-babe.”

His breaths are heavily labored—the crystal must be most of his mindspace now. That’s so hot.

“You can control hot babes with hypnotism.”

“Control…with hypnotism.”

“You can hypnotize babes with this crystal.”

“Hypnotize…with the crystal.”

It just makes so much sense for him to hypnotize sexy babes. I want it to make so much sense to him to do this. I need him to know this, forever.

“You’ll hypnotize me all the time.”

“Hypnotize you…all the time.”

“You’ll own me. All of me.”

“Own you. All of you.”

“You deserve to own me and anyone else you want.”

“Deserve to own you…anyone else I want.”

I can’t hold back my need anymore. I need him to spill inside of me. He’s so ready to blow, and I’m so ready to suck…





New Taboo Story FREE for a limited time–“Spreading the Cheerleader’s Secret”

Out today for all of you is my newest release in my Month of Taboo, “Spreading the Cheerleader’s Secret!

There was such an overwhelmingly positive response to how dark the last tale got (and I DO love to hear from you guys about what you find sexy), that I made sure to make this one just as, if not more than, super dark and super sexy as the last one.

Not only does the titular cheerleader help her stepfather boot out her mother so she can have him all to herself, but she goes out of her way to spread her forbidden kinks of incest and breeding to her best friend–who responds in an overwhelmingly positive way.

And if you are a fan of the discount on THIS story, you should know your running out of time for some longer discounts on other stories I’ve put out in the past. Make sure to take advantage of the promo prices on “In the Bag” (for $0.99 at Amazon, All Romance eBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords) and “Miss Tatjana’s Cheerleader Pet” (FREE at All Romance eBooks, Kobo, and Smashwords, or $0.99 at Amazon and Barnes & Noble!) These deals next Wednesday, on July 24th, so make sure to take advantage!

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So, if you are in the mood for some hot, manipulative cheerleader action capped off with hot taboo fucking, make sure to check out “Spreading the Cheerleader’s Secret” today!

Here’s the official blurb:

Beautiful, secretly pregnant cheerleader Melanie is floored when her cheerleading co-captain and best friend Gabriella reveals her taboo secret—Gabriella has a huge crush on the stud she lives with, Hector! But Melanie isn’t just floored—she’s turned on. She finds this the perfect opportunity to let Gabriella know how much she embraces such sexy desires, and reveals how she’s been with the man of her own house, too. Together, the two celebrate each other’s bodies and devise a plan to make Hector fill Gabriella in exactly the way she was made for.

For mature audiences only!—this erotic short (~4000 words) contains the tale of a sexy teen exploring all her deepest desires with her hot cheerleader best friend, including fingering her hot pussy, watching her deliver an amazing blowjob, cheering on her cherry-popping, and holding her down so she’s gifted with the kind of achingly hot creampie that women were made to hold.


“You’re so…sooo pretty, Gabriela,” Melanie purred. “You’re the prettiest girl I know.”

“Oh…Oh my gosh, Melanie, I don’t—d-don’t, I don’t…”

“Shh.” Melanie put a finger to Gabriela’s lips, and leaned in and kissed her on the cheek.

Gabriela didn’t pull away. Melanie felt triumphant. She kissed her again, on the forehead. The response now was a hot, needy shudder.


Melanie would have been lying if she said she had zero designs on Gabriela that night. After the success of her desires with Alec, she was feeling greedy. She wanted more—her man of the house gave her more than enough cock, but Melanie was in love with the idea of receiving even more forbidden affection.

Taking a hot breath, Melanie kissed her full on the lips—kissed a girl, just like that! And not just any girl, but the other hottest babe at school, her best friend! Gabriela let loose a moan, kissing her back.

Perhaps Gabriela had imagined this scenario before—had been planning telling Melanie about it. At best, she might have imagined the hug, maybe some gentle prodding to discuss the matter with Hector. How turned on must she have been, how beautiful a moment was it for her then to have her best friend in the whole world not only embrace her taboo attraction, but be turned on by it?

Melanie wanted that for herself.

Gabriela kissed back with everything she had. Her legs spread easily before Melanie’s encroaching hand. Melanie smiled as she kissed her, loving it.

“I don’t think you just daydream about Hector, Gabriela,” her fingers slid up to Gabriela’s panties, pulling them down easily. “I think you fantasize about him. I think you can’t help yourself.”

Gabriela gasped, her body so tight and hot next to Melanie’s…