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New paranormal mind control story, FREE for a limited time!

Out today for all of you gloriously wonderful people is my brandest newest story, “Her Alpha, Unleashed.” This story is FREE until Thursday, so make sure you get it soon!

There’s something really romantic about instant attraction, of course. Two people being destined to be with each other—that’s pretty much the definition of romance! But there’s something just as hot and sexual about it as well, I think. If there’s only one person who can ever truly satisfy another person’s sexual desires, then that would have to lead to some pretty steamy sex!

That’s what this series of stories is exploring. William has some dark power hidden away inside of him for reasons he doesn’t know or understand. Elly is the same way—gifted with immense power that she has no idea exists. And it’s only when the two meet that this power is unleashed in an explosively sexual and erotic manner. They are true star-crossed lovers, and quickly enter a world full of dangerous, sexy individuals who want the power these two have for themselves!

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As always, if an erotically-charged tale of love at first sight combined with a bit of magic sounds like a good hot read for you, make sure to check out “Her Alpha, Unleashed” FREE until Thursday!


Here’s the official blurb:


Elly is only planning for a quiet night at the bar—then she meets William, and her life turns upside down. Their heat is instant and animalistic, and it’s not long before they’re lost in the throes of lust. But some ancient power hidden deep within the submissive Elly unlocks a similar power within William, and he’s turned into a hulking alpha stud! Was it fate that they met?

Soon, they discover the musclebound William is able to turn every woman he comes across into a mindlessly obedient servant—every woman, that is, except for Elly. For some reason, she’s the only one who can resist his power, and so becomes the only one who can tame his new dominating alpha nature.

Will she be able to able to deny her submissive nature long enough to find out how to return him to normal—and more than that, with him turning into her darkest desires come true, will she even want to?

For mature audiences only—this erotica short (~6000 words) features a secretly submissive babe finding that she was made to unleash an incredibly dominant alpha stud’s true nature through hard fucking and delicious blowjobs that are so incredible that she doesn’t even mind when he fucks other women!


“You’ve done something to me,” he said.

His voice had become monstrously deep, like there was someone else living inside of his body now. She noticed again how his muscles had become more defined, his body even more wonderfully ripped than before. It was pornographic just to look at the hard edges of his ass, his pecs, his triceps and biceps, all bulging with hot strength. His cock stood at full attention, presiding over Elly’s kneeling form like some king in a court.

He bent over, pulling her chin up with a single finger the size of three of Elly’s put together. He was like some animal current given form, some primal being, some force of nature.

“You’ve done something to me…and I’m going to thank you for it.”…



Brand new mind control tale, FREE until Thursday!

Out today for all of you wonderful people is my newest story, “Hypno-App: The Librarian.

This is the start of a NEW series, of which there will be a total of three sexy titles for. This story involves a lot of my favorite kinks–the secretly willing submissive, the haughty and arrogant teenage gold digger, and the quietly beautiful type who is unwilling at first–but soon comes to love being controlled. Something I’m experimenting with this tale is a much longer, steadier conflict–you may have noticed in most of my trilogies that each tale is self-contained. That is CERTAINLY going to be true in these, but I wanted to have a more sustained conflict between each tale. Let me know if it’s working for you!

Next week, I’ll be releasing another title in a brand new series, “Sexy Coven.” That one will have a whole mess of sexy, magical action as a hidden coven of sensationally hot witches searches for their long-lost master, who they’re desperate to bend their knees to.

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In any case, if the thought of a sexy, imperious librarian being hypnotized into a completely sex-obsessed loveslave sounds like a fun time for you, make sure to check out “Hypno-App: The Librarian” today!

Here’s the official blurb:

Perpetual virginal, nerdy Adam thinks his sexual fantasies about hypnotizing the beautiful women around him are just that—fantasies. Then, as he’s stuck doing community service at a library surrounded by three gorgeous girls, he downloads a mysterious app on his phone that promises to make him the Owner of whatever hot babes he wants!
He can’t help but think of the two other young, barely legal students at the library with him–the sexy cheerleading babe, Camille, and the beautiful-but-studious doll, Barbara. And certainly, there’s no way he can stop imagining Miss Durand, the sensationally hot librarian, kneeling before him and begging to serve with her mind totally erased…

For mature audiences only—this erotic short (~6000 words) contains the story of one lucky high school nerd with the sudden ability to hypnotize any beautiful babe he wants! He uses this new app for blowjobs, handjobs, and slathering the faces of gorgeous entranced beauties with his cum!


He stepped next to her, in between her legs. She casually wrapped one long calf around the back of his knee. He toyed with the fabric of her blouse, pulling it out from her skirt.

“Have…have…” he felt so silly saying it. Oh well. “…have you been hypnotized, Alena?”

“Of course, Master. You hypnotized me. For…for millenia.” She said the word rapturously, as if that was exactly the right amount of time to have her former identity wiped out of existence. “Millenia and millenia of pleasure. Just from you. You are soooo good to me, Master. Thank you.”

Millenia? The spirals must have somehow slowed her sense of time—delivering whole acreages of pleasure in a nanometer of her timeline.

“That’s really, really fucking hot, Alena.”

“Yes, Master,” she nodded. “I know.”…

Hot Mind Controlled Bride in a story that’s FREE until Wednesday!

Now out and FREE for all of you through Wednesday, August 14th is my latest story— “A Special Present for the Bride.

There’s something so intensely erotic about brides, I feel. They’re all wrapped up in white to show how pure they are, and on top of that, they’re about to be given away for life to one man (or woman, perhaps), forever! That level of exclusivity is bound to get the blood pumping.

What’s more is they’ve spent all day making sure they look as good as they ever have in their entire life. This is the happiest, most smiling-est day that they’re bound to have for a long while. How is a person supposed to stop themselves from wanting to fuck a woman like that who is so completely enraptured with having the perfect day? Certainly everyone thinks that most other people’s days could be better with some more sex.

Well, the mind controller in this story, Vincent, can’t stop himself. His cock is just pure, potent magic, and can bend wills like so many straws. And pretty soon, the gorgeous Marissa isn’t able to stop herself either, and neither is her best friend who just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

If that sounds like a good time to you, make sure to check out “A Special Present for the Bride” today!


 Here’s the official blurb:

Marissa’s big day is today—she’s finally getting married to the man of her dreams! She loves everything about her husband-to-be…except for his weirdo brother, Vincent. Vincent is a giant nerd, always getting in the way and, as far as Marissa is concerned, is probably destined to be a virgin forever.

But then Vincent arrives in her dressing room and immediately drops his pants. Marissa would have been disgusted, normally, but instead she cannot turn away. Vincent’s cock is…mesmerizing. When she looks at it, her entire brain starts to rearrange to become what Vincent wants. Can Marissa get away before Vincent uses his special member on her?

For mature audiences only—this erotica short (~5000 words) contains the story of what happens when one lonely nerd has a cock that makes women do whatever he wants–and what he wants includes blowjobs, sex with two girls at once, and leaving hot impregnating creampies in every hot babe he comes across!


Vincent pushed her down, grip staying tight on her throat, until she was on her knees right in front of his cock. Marissa couldn’t believe it. She was in her wedding dress! This was her special day! How could he do this? How could he…could he…

How could have such an enormous, rock hard cock? Wasn’t it soft just a second ago?

Oh god. It was a fucking giant! Its veins bulged on the thick shaft.

“My cock is special now.” He ran a hand through her luxurious hair, taking his time. “I’m going to show you just how special. I already showed the doctor at the doctor’s office, and the three girls living across the street. They were like you. They didn’t believe me. But then they got to look at my cock for a while. They started to understand. I wonder how long it takes. Are you understanding, Marissa? Are you getting it yet?”

Marissa squirmed on her knees. Even though she hated what was going on, she had to admit there was something…something special about Vincent’s cock. Light bent around it, somehow, and every time she tried to focus on it, her consciousness shifted sideways to some empty, vacant little place.

It was so nice to think about nothing at all. The wedding put so many stresses on her body, her mind. Wasn’t it good just to relax a little bit and have nothing happening in her head?

Well, yes, but…n-no! No! His fucking hand was around her neck! Her life was in mortal danger!

And…and…well, wasn’t that sort of hot? That he was just controlling her like that And isn’t that cock so fucking big and sexy and deserving of praise?

“Do you see it, Marissa? Do you see it, you little slut?”

She was salivating with his cock right there in front of her. Why was she salivating? Was it because the cock looked incredibly fucking tasty?

She had never even sucked a cock before. It was demeaning. It was unclean. She would never do it for Warren—they had agreed. It was only on very special occasions, when he really deserved it, like his birthday or maybe if he got a promotion or gave her some one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry…

New Taboo Mind Control Story–“The Perfect Gift, Part III”

Out today for all of you and FREE through Monday, August 5th is my last entry in my Month of Taboo and the final story in the “Being Owned” trilogy— “The Perfect Gift, Part III!

This story has a lot of fun with the whole concept of mind control. There’s mind erasing, self-entrancements, and even a very special entrancement loop that was very hot to write and incorporate.

I find the whole sub-kink of self-entrancement quite hot. Obviously, having a woman submit everything she is and ever will be because of a magic totem is enormously sexy. But once she’s a slave, having her fall in love with the idea of being entranced again, and again, and again? That is some serious turn-on business right there.  This story has a whole lot of that, including some in (what I think is) in a very unique fashion!

If that all sounds like a naughty fun time to you, make sure to check out “The Perfect Gift, Part III today!

Here’s the official blurb:

Claudia comes home from college to find Constance under the complete control of Chris, the new man of the house. Claudia used to live with both Chris and Constance, and is shocked to hear of their new arrangement. She tries to end the whole affair, but Constance LOVES her new place as a servant too much to stop—Constance even eagerly hypnotizes herself to be an even more perfect servant for Chris! Soon, Claudia discovers that the only way she’s leaving the house is as Chris’s incredibly entranced lover!

For mature audiences only!—this erotica short (~4000 words) reveals the finale of the “Being Owned” trilogy, wherein the burgeoning hypnotist Chris completely owns all the women of his household through hypnotic induction and sensationally erotic sex, and fills one lucky girl up with his hot impregnating creampie!


“…Some days, I want to fuck her all day long. Other days? I think it’s nicer to let her pleasure herself. And most of the time, she just loves to be in trance. We figured out early that the person holding the crystal—that’s what’s doing the hypnotizing—the person holding the crystal can’t hypnotize themselves as they hold the crystal.”

“Of course,” I roll my eyes. “How would anyone ever be hypnotized if that were the case.”

He doesn’t seem to notice my sarcasm. “Exactly! So, we did find out that we can put on a recording of herself, and I can dangle the crystal on a coat rack and hang it down in front of her.”

I take a second to process this.

“So, you wrote a script that she had to memorize.”


“And you made a recording.”


“And you rearranged a coat rack.”


“And you did all this through trial and error.”


“Just so she could hypnotize herself?”


“For god’s sake, Chris, why?”

He looks genuinely surprised. “Because it’s really hot?”

Again I roll my eyes in disgust. “When did you start all of this?”

He considers. “I don’t know. A week or so ago?”

“No, I mean this whole…this particular session.”

“Oh. When she got up this morning. At eight.”

“So she’s just been in there, by herself, entrancing herself, for six hours?”

He nodded, smiling. “She must be must have soaked the carpet all the way through by now. Let’s look, huh?”

Without any further explanation, he opens the door. Inside is Constance, completely naked. Her body is folded into a pretzel on the ground, one hand between her naked thighs…