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“Teacher’s Pets” – A Hot New Story Free For a Limited Time!

Now available for all of you wonderful people is my newest tale, “Teacher’s Pets.

This is the story of two gorgeous eighteen year-old babes who get caught in detention with their teacher, who’s rumored to be banging half the female staff at the school. Each girl is determined to weasel their way out of detention, but they’re clueless as how to do it…until they come up with the plan to fuck him together to change his mind!

So, I find high schools, as a concept, to be this sort of very taboo and sex-laden place. I think there’s so much emphasis put on status and attractiveness and scaling and rating that it’s a very natural place to imagine outrageous sexual scenarios happening (all with legally consenting adults, of course!). I think everyone had at least ONE person in high school that still enters and re-enters their fantasies every so often—or, perhaps you’re like me, and imagine meeting some new crush in high school times and having fantasically energetic classroom sex with them. In any case, this story incorporates some of my thoughts and desires on the high school setting—complete with sexy impregnating creampies and a twisted-minded cheerleader manipulating everyone to get what she wants.

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I’ve got a few audio titles in the final stages of being recorded—“The Perfect Gift” and “Mesmerizing the Cheerleaders,” two very big hits on Amazon! Look out for them soon on Amazon and Audible!

If you have a hankering for hot barely legal threeway action, make sure to check out “Teacher’s Pets” today!

Here’s the official blurb:

The beautiful, posh Audrey and the sexy blond Cindy are stuck alone for an entire afternoon with the scarily authoritative Mr. Jacobs. Audrey is desperate to leave—and Cindy lets her know that the only sure way for them to get out is if they propose a hot tryst with the teacher! But, what Audrey doesn’t expect is how good Mr. Jacobs is at producing pleasure. What Audrey really didn’t expect was that Cindy and Mr. Jacobs had masterminded the whole affair to get alone with Audrey. And what Audrey really, definitely didn’t expect was how Mr. Jacobs would so adamantly insist on leaving her with something to remember him by…

For mature audiences only—this erotica short (~7000 words) details what happens when two hot babes are left alone with a randy teacher!

“Shameless Stephanie” – New story, FREE for a limited time!

Out today for all of you wonderful folks and FREE for a limited time is my latest story, “Shameless Stephanie.”

I could probably, as you may have noticed, write stories with alliterative titles until the end of time. This story combines a lot of my favorite kinks. One is a (shamelessly) seductive, sexy babe using her looks to get whatever she wants, free of repercussions. The other is that same kind of girl falling under the complete control of a strong, dominant male. And while those two kinks may seem at odds with each other (and I suppose they are), with the power of hypnotic devices, all things are possible!

All things, including the hypnotizing of said beautiful babe in a very public place, leading to her very public and very humiliating deflowering when a man has had enough of her constant manipulations.

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So, if a hot babe learning some humility after abusing the privilege of her natural good looks for too long sounds like a hot time for you, then make sure to check out “Shameless Stephanie,” available now!

 Here’s the official blurb:

Able to use her extensive beauty to seduce any man she wants, the luxuriously sexy Stephanie thinks she has the whole world in her grip. But then her boss, Harold, uses his mysterious metronome on her in a crowded mall food court. In front of all those people, Stephanie finds she can’t refuse anything that Harold says—no matter how filthy or erotic!

For mature audiences only—this erotic short (~6500 words) contains explicitly sexual scenes of a hot, haughty beauty exposing herself in a very public place!