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New mind control erotica – “Hypno Casino”

Out now and free for a limited time is my newest tale, “Hypno Casino!”

I had a lot of fun writing this story. I’m always a big fan of transformation stories where men become enormous muscular hunks and women turn into the kind of big-breasted fucking machines that can withstand the powerful thrusts and pistoning from these newly studly men. It’s even better if they enjoy their new, altered positions so much that they don’t care much that they’re being taken advantage of–all that matters is that the pleasure keeps rolling in. And when they’re as hot as these new babes and studs are, of course the pleasure will always keep rolling in.

The base of this story, though, is just about a young couple trying to figure out how to have fun. They’re so caught up with work that they’ve forgotten how to just let loose and love one another–which I think is something quite a few of us can relate to!

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At any rate, if a hot, hypnotizing trip to Las Vegas sounds like your bag, make sure to check out Hypno Casino!

Here’s the official blurb:

Overworked couple Jonathan and Rosie win a free trip to the Shining Spiral Casino and hope for a light vacation, but they are in for much more than they bargained for. All the men there are muscular studs, and all the women are beautifully busty babes. The entire casino is practically a temple to lust and temptation. As the young couple explores more and more hot encounters, they transform into lustier versions of themselves and become more in love than they ever have before!

For mature audiences only—this erotica short (~11000 words) features explicit scenes of one couple’s complete lusty, hypnotized transformation into the ideal fantasy for any male or female!

Sexy new BBW story–“Helping Out Holly”

Now out for all of you wonderful people is my latest story, “Helping Out Holly.

This was a fun foray into the office setting and how much fun it can be when two men both decide that one particularly gifted woman can stand up to the full force of their loving at once. I think that offices are strange little places generally speaking–there’s this complete lack of ability to talk about anything controversial or steamy or fun without becoming ostracized or branded in some weird way. So, this story plays with that idea a little, and of course also adds a lot of good double-team action on one lucky lady.

In the next few weeks, I’ll be releasing another mind control story–always a favorite for me–and a few new bundles. Be on the lookout for them!

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mesmerizing the cheerleaders 5 copyAlso just released as an audio story is one of my most popular mind control stories ever, “Mesmerizing the Cheerleaders.

One note about audio titles–I receive five codes for free copies of every audio story I release, including this latest one, so if you’d like to receive completely free stories in exchange for an honest review, just let me know! You may be interested to note that I have only had ONE interested party for this offer of FREE sexy audio, so if you have any interest, you’re definitely going to get a code!

In any case, if a story about a big beautiful woman having sexy fun with two men at once sounds like your cup of tea, make sure to check out “Helping Out Holly” today!

Here’s The Official Blurb:

When smart, lovely, curvaceous accountant Holly is turned down for a date by the studly Rick because of her figure, she’s devastated. The big-hearted security guard at her office, Andre, finds out, and is determined to make Holly feel better—by any means necessary! But, Andre doesn’t want Holly for himself. Instead, he makes sure this plus-size girl gets some plus-size loving from Rick and him at the same time!

For mature audiences only—this erotica short (6000 words) contains explicitly erotic scenes between three attractive people in a business office!

Hot new story – “The Billionaire’s Love Potion”

And I’m back! Out today for all of you is my newest short story, “The Billionaire’s Love Potion.

It feels super great to be writing some fun, steamy mind control erotica again. Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been spending the past few weeks on a different project under a different pen name, but for the next several weeks I’ve got nothing but erotica on my mind!

This was a particularly fun story to write. I do love fantasizing about an incredibly beautiful woman who inspires endless amounts of lust from all those who see her being incredibly obsessed with just one man in particular. And, if that woman happens to want to make other babes to be just like her for her man as well…well, that’s even hotter! So, that’s what happens in this story. Thanks to a mysterious love potion, the sickly-thin Hannah becomes a voluptuously beautiful babe who’s infinitely in love with her billionaire boss, and does her best to seduce his supermodel girlfriend to be just like her!

*Edit 11/10/2013* So, I JUST noticed that I had been advertising a free story when it definitely was not as such! I feel awful, and I do apologize to everyone who wanted a free read. As a way of further apology, anyone who is interested can grab The Bimbo Cheer at Smashwords for FREE using this code: UL27W. This offer is available now through November 17th, 2013. If you already HAVE The Bimbo Cheer, email me at between now and Wednesday, November 13th, and I’ll hook you up with a different coupon for any of my stories available at Smashwords.

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ALSO brand new and now available is my newest audio story, “The Perfect Gift.” This one got a lot of favorable attention on Amazon when it first came out, and now it’s ready for you to hear. If you don’t recall, there’s a lot of INCREDIBLY dirty, hot dialogue in this one—hearing it in audio form here was almost too steamy, even for me!

So, if you love the thought of a nerdy scientist becoming a super babe for the exclusive usage of her billionaire boss, make sure to check out “The Billionaire’s Love Potion” today!


Here’s the official blurb:

Hopelessly in love with billionaire Remington Sand, Hannah is willing to try anything to gain his favor—even drinking a mysterious love potion. To her surprise—it works, transforming her from a skin-and-bones nerd to a veritable sex goddess. Cameron thinks she’s irresistible…but she finds out she’s only been made into Remington’s perfect woman—a woman almost no one can resist; a woman who adores Remington completely.

For mature audiences only—this erotica short (6000 words) contains explicit scenes of a nerdy scientist transforming into a lusty beauty to become the woman of a lusty billionaire’s dreams!