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I Was Taken By Caveman! — Free For a Limited Time

Out today for all of you delightful people is my newest story, “I Was Taken By Cavemen!

So this is, obviously, a bit of a rather silly story, but it’s also a very fun read, I think. It involves a haughty teen coed who just can’t seem to find the right succession of people to seduce to get her way, and somehow she ends up accidentally activating a time machine…and meets a very horny neanderthal who doesn’t take “no” for an answer.

So, this one involves some fun forceful lovemaking, as well as a hot caveman gangbang in the finale. It was a fun little exercise into sci-fi–if it does well, there are all sorts of possibilities for the time machine. Taken by Pirates, Taken by Knights, Taken by Barbarians…yum yum yum! Let me know if any of those ideas suit you!

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In any case, if the story of a hot, barely legal haughty teen being dominated by a masculine, primitive man sounds like fun to you, check out “I Was Taken By Cavemen” today!

Here’s the Official Blurb:

When the young, sexy Krystal stumbles into a hidden laboratory, she accidentally switches on a time machine that brings her face-to-face with a musclebound, studly caveman! This caveman doesn’t know how to take “no” for an answer at all. And as it turns out, the caveman has lots of cavemen friends–and they all want a turn with Krystal!

For mature audiences only–this erotica short (~5500 words) contains the story of a beautiful babe learning first-hand the masculine power of several strong, manly, primitive men!


His face was overshadowed by an enormous, strong brow. His jaw was lantern-shaped, his nose brutal in its appearance, obviously having been broken several times. A small loincloth, crafted from the skin of some dead animal, covered his crotch. Every part of him was solid, pure muscle—rippling and coiling as he examined my very still body. I was frozen with fear, completely not understanding what was happening. And even as I was terrified, I had to admit something…well, something primal about my instant attraction to him. He was unequivocally a man, and my pussy quivered with arousal.

But, at the same time, he was…well, how do you say such a thing?

He was a caveman, pure and simple.

I could hardly believe it, of course. How do you believe that a caveman is standing right in front of you? How do you come to terms with the fact that you have just activated what is more than likely a time machine?

It turns out that I reacted by my cuntmoistening instantly as I stared up at this incredible hulk of male above me.

The look on his face must have been the exact opposite of what I saw in Dr. Sanders—it wasn’t disinterest. No—not by a long shot!

It was lust, total lust His long, strong tongue continually slid over his lips, each sniff he took of my body becoming more and more heated..

He stood up tall, stretching out his thickly muscled arms. The cords of his neck, his shoulders, were almost thicker than my entire torso. In his arousal, the loincloth over his crotch rose up impressively, and then fell away with a small, annoyed tug as he stood over my hips.

Some kind of verbage fell out of his mouth. I shook my head, not understanding. He repeated whatever it was, saying, as far as I could tell, “Urg.”

I shrugged, trying to back away. “No, I’m sorry. This is all a mistake. Let me go find someone who can help you, and—”

He had no interest in listening to anything I said. His hands, large and menacing, came down on my body…