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Teaching Teresa – A New Story, Just For You!

Here’s my latest story–which is still free for a few days yet! It’s a fun little romp about an incredibly sexy young babe who comes to work for a pair of young billionaire studs as a live-in maid.

The whole premise is rather fantastic, of course, but it’s a lot of fun to imagine such things. Like most of my fiction, the events surrounding the plot hold very little in the way of reality, but reality is too drab sometimes. My stories hope to entice you by visualizing all those forbidden, hot fantasies that you’ve had for the longest time, but just couldn’t quite put a finger on them in their exactitude.

This story in particular is mostly just me imagining the hottest possible things I could think of a maid doing or being for a pair of boys. So, there’s a lot of hot domestication, some very intense BDSM play (with a bit of an emphasis on the M there for our titular Teresa), and of course, some very erotic scenes between the three characters.

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If the notion of an incredibly hot, submissive babe moving in with two billionaire hunks gets your motor running, make sure to check out Teaching Teresa today!

Here’s the Official Blurb:

Billionaire heirs Paul and Alex hire a new live-in maid—she’s young, she’s hot, and she loves to show her body off. Best of all, she has no qualms about doing ANYTHING these two rich studs ask her to…and she’s happy to learn how to be their perfect servant.

For mature audiences only—this erotica short (~7000 words) features the tale of two hot hunks having their way with a gorgeous foreign beauty in their employ!


With no ceremony, she dropped her towel down, grabbing a vial off the bathroom counter. Her beautiful, young, perfect body was perfectly exposed to him. Her tits were exquisite, her torso sublime. Her snatch—completely shaved.

I would ask favor of you,” she said, giving the bottle in her hands a shake. Could you oil my body?”

O-oil you?”

He had no idea why someone with such perfect, hot skin would need any oil at all.

Yes, Sir. Rub oil all up and down my body. It is intimate, yes? As you and I are intimate. Living so close, after all. But perhaps not sexual. I am not able to oil my own back, you see?”

She showed him how she tried—and clearly, she could reach, and was just holding back. She wanted his hands on her. Paul could tell.

Well?” she said. “You help, yes? Or simply stare at my naked body all day? I admit, both have their advantages, though perhaps you have a preference?”

No doubt about it, Paul would be happy to oblige her…



New Story! – Hypno Casino: Uncovered

Out today for all of you wonderful people is my newest story, and the third (and final) installment in the “Shining Spiral Saga”–Hypno Casino: Uncovered!

One thing I enjoyed about writing this story was just being able to tie in three different kinds of seduction at once. The first is a pure hypnotic induction, done by a hot seductress (an old favorite of mine).

The second part has a busty babe being seduced by her own inhibitions and a mysteriously powerful camera, as well as a group of hard, hunky studs. And the last is a bit of an inverse, with a gorgeous babe doing her best to convince the head honcho to give her a dose of mind control.

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So, if a hypnotic story featuring multiple hot scenes of domination and submission is something you’d like, make sure to check out Hypno Casino: Uncovered today!

Here’s the official blurb:

Three busty supermodels arrive at the Shining Spiral Casino. Each face a different challenge: a beautiful seductress; a gang of hard-muscled studs who won’t take no for an answer; and the most powerful man in the world. Can these beauties overcome such mesmerizing challenges when failing means endless bliss?

For mature audiences only—this erotica short (8800 words) features the story of three beautiful famous babes becoming living, breathing sexual fantasies!


Selene’s perfect face transformed into a predatory grin. “You’re thinking about how gorgeous I am.”


How could she know that? How could she get straight to heart of the matter like that? Had she been…had she been giving those thoughts to Jacqueline, somehow?

Selene continued, her hand beginning to slide off her crystal again. “You’re thinking about how much better of a woman I am than you. Everything about you is determined by your hotness, and I’m hotter than you by a large margin. It’s quite obvious. You’re gorgeous right now, but I’ll be gorgeous forever. That’s just how things are. I’ll age beautifully, gracefully, and you have maybe another ten years, at best, before it all goes to hell for you. You’ll still be able to pick up men in cheap bars, or maybe even marry some rich fool who doesn’t have a good eye for true beauty, but it will fade, and hard, for you.”

No one had ever daredto be so frank with Jacqueline. “I…I…I…”

Selene tsked. “It’s all right, dear. Just look here.”

She pointed at the crystal in her amazing cleavage. It sang to Jacqueline once again.

Look…there…” Jacqueline said, her voice becoming a soft, giddy monotone. “Cryst…tal…”

Yes.” Selene opened her blouse and discarded her blouse, sitting before Jacqueline now with her top completely off. And even before the utterly perfect visage of Selene’s bare breasts, Jacqueline could only stare at the beautiful, beautiful crystal. “It makes it very easy to answer my questions, doesn’t it?”

Gentle, warm waves washed over Jacqueline’s brain. “Yes…so easy…”