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“The Sold Into Service Bundle” now available for YOUR enjoyment!

Haaaaapppy Friday, everybody! Out for you NOW is my newest bundle of sexy bdsm stories, “The Sold Into Service Bundle.”

This one features all THREE stories from the Sold Into Service series, which includes “Trained by a Gang,” “Owned by the Man of the House,” and “Property of the Taboo Princes.” These sexy tales all take place in a very specialized sort of fantasy world, which is more or less modern, but still retains a lot of the same sort of empires and kingdoms from days of old. One holdover are guilds, and specifically, the Guild of Service, which trains and sells sex slaves of every kind. Every protagonist in these stories is one such sex slave, placed into some sort of hot, erotic situation or another. Perhaps she’s been asked to go through a final training session by being gangbanged by a whole group of Masters, or perhaps she’s been bought by her Daddy, or perhaps she’s been brought in to make peace between two royal warring brothers…but any way you look at it, hot steamy sex is always the answer!

This hot bundle features hot bdsm action, threesomes, incest, sex slaves, bisexuality, lesbians, gangbangs, all kinds of erotic service, alpha male hunks, barely legal beauties, mind control, and much MUCH more!



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SO! If you are looking for a great group of stories at a terrific discount, look no further than “The Sold Into Service Bundle.


Here’s the official blurb:

 Trained. Controlled. Owned.

The Guild of Service trains women to be submissive, eager, happy, gleefully erotic sexual servants. Then, these same gorgeous inductees are sold to the highest bidder. Once in the possession of their new handsome, rich owners, these beauties never say no—no matter how dirty or filthy the request. A gorgeous innocent is sold to the man who raised her, and she’s desperate to do anything he says. Another beauty is trained into obedience by an entire GANG of dominant hunks to test her worthiness. And another is the object of heated desire for two taboo princes from the same household, and uses their kinks to bring them together in an incredibly erotic threesome. Every last one of these hot stories is loaded with steamy, erotic scenes fueled by sensational domination and submission.



 We bowed elaborately and then knelt down on the floor, assuming the submissive position.

“Good evening, my lovely girl,” said Daddy. “Diane, you may leave us. Attend to dinner.”

“Of course, Daddy.” She stood up slowly, letting her ass slide high in the air first, and then left to obey as instructed.

Now, I was alone with him—my Daddy—and compelled beyond all possible compulsions to obey every last whim that he had.

“Now, I want you to come here, Leandra.” He waved a finger. “Like a good girl. Like a slave. Like they trained you. Let me see my obedient little girl come toward me.”

Obediently, from my position already on my hands and knees, I began to crawl toward him. Soon, I was right between his legs. My Master’s thick, muscular legs.

“Take out my cock.”

I gulped. “Y-yes, Daddy.”

Slowly, my fingers drifted up over the zipper to his pants and pulled it down. Then the buttons, slowly again. I was taking my time. This all felt so very wrong.

The feeling of wrongness only intensified when I saw his cock in the flesh, already half-hard. It was enormous! My mouth watered at the sight of it, just as I had been trained. I knew he was my Master, now, and I knew that when I saw my Master’s cock, it was only right and proper for me to drool. That was a slave’s duty—to let her Master know that his cock was worth salivating for.

“I’m not hard all the way,” he noticed.

“Y-yes, Daddy.”

“Fix that, would you?”

Trembling, my fingers wrapped around his shaft…


A truly HYPNOTIC Midweek (Nympho)Mania!









Click the images to grab these titles for FREE at Amazon!

Hello hello and WELCOME to this week’s Midweek (Nympho)Mania! In this weekly celebration of terrifically sexy deals, I have for you some of my very FIRST erotic hypnosis tales. These both feature hot inductions of gorgeous young barely legal beauties, turned into the scintillating sex slaves of their very lucky male masters. In these stories, normal young men find beautiful babes eager and aching to do every last little deviant sexual act they want…with the little help of a magic device here and there.

And, just in case you didn’t know, I have a BRAND NEW bareback threesome story out, appropriately titled, “Bareback Threesomes: 2 Women, 1 Man, 0 Rules.” Check it out now!

NEW threesome story now available! “Bareback Threesomes: 2 Women, 1 Man, 0 Rules.”

Hello hello hello! Three hellos for the hot THREESOME story that I’ve just released, “Bareback Threesomes: 2 Women, 1 Man, 0 Rules.”

This story was just WONDERFUL to write. I’m a big fan of stories about married couples finding their special third partner, and I’ve wanted to write  a story like that for a long time. In this tale, Anne is a gorgeous big-breasted young pregnant wife who is absolutely dedicated to her husband, Peter. Peter is a typical alpha male, and is worried that his incumbent child will ruin the fun that he and Anne used to have. So, Anne, being rather devious, recruits her best friend, fitness freak Tatiana, into having a threesome with her and her husband.

The twist (if it is such a thing) is that Peter is awfully dominant…and Tatiana is awfully submissive. She’s been fantasizing about being with these two for a long time, and she can’t do it unless it’s something more serious than a one-time fling to sate Anne’s ego. This hot story features bareback sex (surprise!), impregnation, pregnant sex, bdsm, master-slave relationships, bisexual seduction, and much MUCH more!



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So, IF you are interested in a scintillating tale of a big-titted pregnant babe doing EVERYTHING she can to please her husband, check out “Bareback Threesomes: 2 Women, 1 Man, 0 Rules” today!

SO! If you were a fan of the other Bimbo Costume stories, OR if you are a fan of just brilliantly done perfect bimbo transformation stories (if I may be so humble), then check out “Bimbo Costumes 3!” TODAY!

Here’s the official blurb:


The buxom young beauty couldn’t stop giggling…she was soooo turned on…

When five sexy young men and women head out to a cabin in the middle of the woods, there’s always bound to be some kind of naughtiness. In this heart-pumping erotic tale, the cabin-goers are stalked by a monstrously endowed, hugely muscular beast of an alpha male! But this alpha giant doesn’t want to hurt the travelers—he wants to transform every last one of them into gorgeous, big-breasted, giggling bimbos designed exclusively for his pleasure. Inside the spooky cabin are hot, transformative costumes, made exclusively to change women AND men into sexy bimbofied angels, devils, ballerinas, and more!
The travelers must act fast if they want to discover their secret connection to this gargantuan hunk and unravel the erotic tapestry they find themselves caught in. But, with their bodies transforming so quickly, and the pleasure so overwhelming from the endless oral, group, and breast-centered pleasure delivered from the massive hunk (and their own huge overflowing cups!), they may never want to leave the cabin at all…




She started pulling him in. Oh god, oh god! Fletcher, despite his wild dreams, had not expected this. He was going to kiss a girl. He was going to kiss a hot girl.

The kiss was like magic. Her lips slid over his, and soon they were trading tongues, her hot chest pressing hard on his. Her bare legs slid upward, and soon her thighs were gripping down onto his.

Her hand slid over his cock, through his pants, she gripped him eagerly, readily making him hard. God, how was he hard already? She was some kind of magic. His hands felt so strong as he gripped her around her tiny waist.

Easily, expertly, she unloaded his heavy cock from his pants.

“Oh my god,” she giggled, rather pleased. “You’re so big.”

“R-really?” he asked.

“Mmhmm. I love big cocks on guys…”

Fuck, that was nice. What an ego trip, a babe like this appreciating his cock. Her strokes were so thoughtful and slow. He’d always thought he was pretty hefty, but to hear an empty-headed babe like this tell him…there was no way he could deny she was telling the truth. Everything she said sounded too sincere…












HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I just LOVE this time of year, and I hope you do too. And if you don’t, well, here are TWO very good reasons to love it! FREE STORY BUNDLES! HOOOORAAAYYY! Click on the images above to grab them at Amazon!

So, “The Perfect Gift Bundle” is a series all about a magic crystal and the naughty family members who use it for their own erotic desires on their daughters and sisters! It features hot threesomes, VERY taboo situations, and sexy hypnotic inductions!

“The Paranormal Pleasures Series” is a group of three stories I released waaaaay back in the second quarter of this year, all about a gorgeous BBW who is somehow immune to the mind-controlling fucking of an alpha stud werewolf. There’s witches, crazy hot harems, huge orgies, body transformation, and much MUCH more!

That’s all for me right now–look for a NEW Bimbo Costumes story out this weekend!

New three-story bimbo bundle out today! “The Maid For Service Bundle 2″

That’s right, you beautiful people out there! This bundle is JUST for you! It includes all THREE stories from the second half of the “Maid for Service” saga. What do these stories feature, you might ask? Oh, nothing much, just bimbo transformation, mind control, orgies, group sex, harem gathering, sluttification, creampies, breeding, impregnation, blackmail, homewrecking, all manner of every dirty sex act imaginable, and MUCH MUCH MORE!

Okay, so “nothing much” was not entirely true. TOO BAD. It’s full of awesome things! Go pick it up now!

Midweek (Nympho)MANIA! One free story, one discount bundle!










Hello hello all you wonderful, wonderful people! Today I have TWO very special deals for you. These stories feature threesomes (all manner of group sex, actually!), bdsm, mind control, domination, submission, bimbos, hypnosis, hot studs, hotter babes, and much much more! Click on the pictures above to grab them at AMAZON! The Hypno Casino story is FREE, and the bundle is JUST 99 CENTS!

The first is a sexy little short called “Hypno Casino: Uncovered.” It’s all about a trio of supermodels who arrive at the mysterious Shining Spiral Casino. Very quickly, they find themselves under the same spell as everyone else who arrives–and give the owner a new super-sexy harem of eager fuckslaves!

The discounted title is “Mesmerized! A Nine Story Mind Control Bundle.” Now, the title is a bit obscure, but this is indeed a bundle of nine stories featuring mind control! I believe the majority of these stories are all listed at $2.99 on Amazon, so getting them for 99 cents is just PENNIES per story!


These deals are for a LIMITED TIME ONLY! So make sure you jump on them right away!


FREE stories available during this week’s Midweek (Nympho)Mania~!


Hello all! Click on the images above to access these HOT classics from my erotica library for FREE! That’s right, the above stories are totally free to download right now from Amazon. These are two of my hottest, best-selling stories EVER, and I’m giving them away because YOU are AWESOME for making the trip to this little site of mine.

Lucy Learns Her Lesson” is the hot Psuedo-Incest story of a sexy teen temptress who FINALLY goes too far with her adoptive uncle. And “Maid Laid Bare” is the hot story of a babe maid who gets blackmailed into giving her billionaire boss a new heir! These stories feature hot submissive sex, bdsm, sexy hunks, billionaires, taboo situations, breeding, impregnation, group sex, and much MUCH more!