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“The Bimbo Fun Bundle!” Bundled, against all odds, and out NOW!

bimbo costumes bundleHello hello all! Out today for all of you is a WONDERFUL new title that is a bodaciously bustified bimbo bundle—”The Bimbo Fun Bundle!

This sexy little arrangement contains ALL THREE stories from the “Bimbo Fun” series. These stories feature gender swapping, bimbo transformation/sluttification, sissification, feminization, lots of dirty sex, alpha studs, big tits, big cocks, lactation, breeding, harem gathering, orgies, group sex, and just a TON more! Pick this bundle up as soon as you can!


Here’s the official blurb:

Bimbo costumes are just like, the bestest thing ever! They can make totally serious men and women turn into like, super sexy giggly nymphos who only care about like, awesome sex n’ stuff! Each story in this bundle features the hottest bimbo costumes around, making stuffy women into sex bombs, and manly men into super hunk studs! Only sometimes, the men turn into mega-hot ladies too! Super cool, right? There’s a sexy haunted house story, a super cool apocalypse story, and a silly spooky “cabin in the woods” story included here. Each one is like, chock full of crazy hot harem sex, heir-making bimbos with huge overflowing cups, super-endowed alpha studs, and lots n’ lots of ultra-great transformation! Yay! Goooooo bimbos!

Break those New Year blues with some hot Midweek (Nympho)Mania Free Stories!

in the bag 2 copy








Hello all! This week’s Midweek (Nympho)Mania stories are some of the very FIRST stories I published through Amazon, and they are near and dear to my heart. They BOTH feature hot bimbofication–including all the trademark breast enlargement, tanned skin, long hair, and head-emptying giggles that you love! “In the Bag” is also fun as it’s a rather rapid transformation, taking place only over a couple of hours in a hotel room. They also, of course, both feature a LOT of raunchy sex, and “Becoming the Perfect Wife” in particular features quite a lot of sexy group sex action.

BOTH stories are free RIGHT NOW for a LIMITED TIME! Pick them up by clicking the images above!


Hot new Alpha Stud collaborative bundle out now!

Heyoooo! Check it out! Some awesome friends of mine and I have collaborated to create an AWESOME alpha shifter bundle for you. I could tell you all about it, but I’ll just let the cover and blurb speak for itself!

Alpha Pack 3D_2000ss

For some, ‘fate’ is just a word, but for these powerful alpha shifters, it is everything, it is all-encompassing. When they find their fated mates, when they are enthralled by the very scent of them, there is nothing on Earth that could stop them from claiming what is theirs. These stories are concentrated shots of shape-shifting passion!

The Authors: Including works from New York Times best selling, and erotica top 10, authors, the contributors to this bundle know how to write with enough pure primal power to make you howl!

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“Sold! Property of the Taboo Princes” out NOW just for YOU!

Happy new year to all! My first story this year is one I’m REALLY excited about, and I hope that you’ll love! It’s called “Sold! Property of the Taboo Princes” and it’s out RIGHT NOW!

I had a lot of fun with this story—and I’ve been loving writing anything in this little land of Aurona that I made up. In Aurona, sex slavery is completely legal and regulated, with indoctrinates going through a special “process” to make them absolutely obedient and loving to whomever owns them. But what happens when TWO Masters own the same slave?

Francesca, the beautiful babe sold into service in this particular tale, has to navigate her way through the desires of two step-brother princes who are vying for the same imperial throne. Somehow, she’s got to find a way to get them to cooperate before the entire empire falls into chaos. As a pleasure slave, of course, her best idea is to get the hunks to double-team her beautiful body and fill her so full of cum that they can’t even think about fighting anymore. Smart lady!

This story features hot step-brother incest, a riveting threesome, sexy kinky bondage scenes, lots of bdsm, hot mind control, and much MUCH more!



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So! If the story of a gorgeous curvy babe getting stuffed full of the imperial dicks of two royally related hunks sounds like fun to you, check out “Sold! Property of the Taboo Princes” today!

Here’s the official blurb:

In Imperial Hundret, there are two competing heirs for the throne. Both were raised by the same man, and are beautiful, well-hung studs who are full of authoritative power and eager to discredit the other. Different as they are politically, both are incredibly kinky: Prince Cullen loves ropes, and Prince Frederik loves spanking. Only one person is able to bring them together—the gorgeous young pleasure servant, Francesca. Trained by the Guild of Service to obey every last erotic desire of BOTH depraved, twisted royal hunks, she’s tasked with getting these cocksure princes to work together before a crucial ceremony that will decide the fate of the entire Empire! Trained to endlessly love the dirtiest of acts, Francesca can only imagine ONE incredibly sexual performance that will bring the Princes together—for them to BOTH enjoy her incredible, curvy body at the same time!



Not so for a slave, such as I. I knew that passion was a created constant—that it had to be worked at and manufactured regularly, even among the people who love one another. I knew that despite all my obedience, unless my princely Master knew the thrill of my touch on a regular, erotic basis, he would never know all the unique and varied ways I could serve him and him alone.

And so I stroked his beastly, huge brown cock, smiling and moaning softly. I wanted him to know how badly I loved to touch him, how great my desire was for his cock and his cock alone in that moment.

“Please let me keep stroking, my Prince? My Master Prince?” I asked. “Won’t you please? I need to stroke your cock…I need to feel it. I want to know what your cock feels like as you pulse in my hands…yes, like that!” I gasped, happy at his response. “I want to feel what your cock does when you explode, when you cum like only you can cum. I want to know it intimately, Sire. I want to feel it so deeply that it is etched into the palms of my hands, please Master…

“Oh…my god. Francesca…I…”

He bucked in my hands, his body first tense, then relaxed, then tense again.

“Do you like it when I call you my Master, my Prince? Does that please you?”

“Y-yes. Very much so.”

Soon, I was kneeling before his majestic cock, stroking it still. Every few strokes I would push forward, sliding my tongue along its surface, licking up the delicious salty product of his precum spasms…