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A very ungentle bundle!

Short update today! I just wanted you to know that I’ve been able to be a part of an AWESOME new bundle arranged by Scarlett Skyes and Shameless Book Deals (which you should totally sign up for!) This bundle features 10 stories with LOTS and LOTS of hot, rough sex–the kind we all feel a little guilty about, but can’t help but want more of! Other authors in this bundle are Eliza DeGaulle, Thrust, Connie Cliff, Sasha Song, Sasha Shivers, Cassandra Zara, Candy Quinn, and Natalie Deschain!

It’s just 99 cents right now, so check it out! That’s a heck of a deal for this many fantastically sexy stories!

A Mind Control Madness Midweek (Nympho)Mania!

female designs box bundle 1 copy









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Happy Midweek (Nympho)Mania everyone! This week, I’ve got TWO bodaciously busty bundles for you. The first, “Bimbo Dreams,” contains three hot bimbofication tales, featuring beautiful babes made even SEXIER by wearing some very SPECIAL pairs of clothing!

The second bundle is “The Dark Possessions Bundle,” which features a sexy shopowner who sells hot items that give their new owners incredible powers over whoever they want!

BOTH of these bundles feature hot mind control, barely legal virgin sex, sexy transformation, bimbofication, magical powers, incredible sex, huge alpha studs, busty fertile babes, and so much more!


“Bareback Threesomes: Seduced by a Lesbian” OUT NOW!

Hello hello helloooooooo all of you wonderful people out there! I’ve got a brand new bareback threesome story featuring some lesbian seduction, appropriately titled “Bareback Threesomes: Seduced by a Lesbian.

I had a great time putting this one together. The character of Ariel is really down and out, layered with debts and unable to pay anything but the bare minimum. So, that’s a convenient excuse to seduce her best friend, Rebecca, and Rebecca’s boyfriend Holden…but the truth is just that Ariel finds out she LOVES cock and is eager to get it in her body anyway she can–and her love for hot, barely legal virgin pussy isn’t exactly muted in the meantime!

So! This hot little number features all kinds of filthy, dirty fun: threesomes, seduction, blowjobs, bisexuality, barely legal babes, virile alpha hunk studs, breeding/impregnation fetishes, creampies, lots of cum, and much MUCH more!


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ALSO! You might be interested in getting to know a little bit more about me–Nadia Nightside, smutty author extraordinaire. If so, you should check out the author interview I did over at The Naughty List–and then while you’re at it, sign up for The Naughty List for great deals on erotica goodness!

At any rate, I hope you’re in the mood for some thoroughly dirty bareback threesome action. If so, check out “Seduced by a Lesbian” today!

Here’s the Official Blurb:

”Fill her up, baby. Fill her like you filled me!”

Gorgeous but destitute, Ariel’s one chance to escape the cycle of poverty she’s caught in is to use her luscious, sexy body…but how?
An opportunity arises when Rebecca, her best friend for years, arranges a mountain cabin retreat to catch up. Rebecca is busty, hot, and plenty rich. Rebecca’s boyfriend, Holden, is a virile football jock, with a rock-solid ripped physique that makes even the lesbian Ariel drool. Rebecca and Holden would be perfect for each other…except that Rebecca is too much of a “good girl” to ever have sex before marriage, much to the chagrin of the alpha stud Holden.
So, Ariel makes a plan. She’s going to make these two beautiful, rich youths so insane with lust that they’ll do anything Ariel suggests. She’ll seduce the innocent Rebecca, and drain Holden’s manhood dry. In her efforts, she finds out Holden loves to use women rough and hard. Rebecca is seriously turned on by how fertile Holden makes her feel, and even Ariel is surprised by how much she loves the thought of producing Holden’s heirs. But Ariel’s feminine wiles are matched against a huge obstacle in the conservative values of this sexy couple…



Do you want to come in?” she offered, moving aside. “There’s plenty of room, and the water feels delicious.”

I don’t know if I should.”

Don’t be silly,” she said, sliding forward. She leaned on her hands, her tits nearly popping out of her tiny bikini. Her massive globes were wet and shiny. Her fingers slid over their surface, clearly wanting him to think about what it would be like if he touched. “Please? I’d love some company. That’s why I came on this trip, after all.”

His stance shifted, but his gaze fell firmly on Ariel’s rack. “I thought it was to hang out with Rebecca?”

He was wavering. Ariel knew she had him. The same way that she knew she had complete control of a customer at her restaurant, that he would give her a massive tip just because she smiled at all his lame jokes.

Come on. How shallow do you think I am? She won’t shut up about you. You’re important to her. So,” she tossed her thick, wet hair back casually, pretending not to be aware of how her tits were thrust forward even more, “that means you’re important to me. So let me get to know you. Please?”

Sure. Sure, okay.” He looked around for a minute. “Let me just uh, go find my bathing suit and a towel.”

She laughed. “Come on! It’s not ourcabin. Who cares if it gets a little wet while we walk around later? Just wear your undies. I don’t care. I’ll get a towel for you afterward.”

You’ll get the towel?”

Of course.” She stood up slightly, pretending to be offended. “I mean, aren’t you used to women doing what you ask? You’re so handsome, after all.”

He blushed harder, his thick biceps flexing in his sweater.

Come on in,” urged Ariel. “The water’s sowarm…”

Slowly, he took off his sweater. Ariel let her eyes boggle a bit. He was fucking ripped. His abs were stacked high up into his chest, and his pecs looked molded from stone. His biceps, thick and veiny, bulged with strength. And that wasn’t the only bulging going on. As he removed his pants, she discovered that he wore tight black briefs, but the darkness of the color couldn’t disguise his very real half-hard cock. Or at least, Ariel guessed that it was half-hard. She couldn’t even imagine how large it must be if it was all the way soft and still left such a big impression in the fabric.

Slowly, he slid into the water. He tried to sit across from Ariel, but she wouldn’t allow it, coming close...




A special BAREBACK edition of Midweek (Nympho)Mania!









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Hello all! Welcome to this week’s edition of MIDWEEK (NYMPHO)MANIA! I wanted to have a hot bareback theme for this week. Later on this week, I’ll be releasing a BRAND NEW story in my BAREBACK THREESOMES series (the first of which is “2 Women, 1 Man, 0 Rules“), which you’ll be able to find under the name “Seduced by a Lesbian!”

At any rate, these two hot stories both feature some VERY hot bareback action. In “Putting Paige in her Place,” a gorgeous barely legal teen gets her introduction to sex from an alpha stud who wants to give his barren wife a child to raise. And in “Billionaire’s Property,” a sexy young reporter finds out that a rich hunk’s influence is too much for her to withstand, and she just HAS to do what he says and be filled with his hot, lifegiving seed.

That’s it for now! Come back soon for more deals and hot news and excerpts!