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Midweek (Nympho)Mania–Maid For Service Edition!

99 Cents On Amazon!

99 Cents On Amazon!










This week’s wonderfully bimbotastic edition of Midweek (Nympho)Mania features TWO of my very finest stories, filled with some of my absolutely most favorite kinks–including bimbofication/bimbo transformation, lactation, mind control, gang bangs, cuckquean relations, bisexual banging, hot group sex, and much MUCH more!

In “Maid Laid Bare 5: Maid For Sale,” a sexy young heiress thinks hiring one of the special Castle Maids will improve her relationship with her beau…and it does. But the way HE wants their relationship to improve is to take the Maid as his new girl, and for the heiress to give up her independence to be the hot couple’s new maid!

In “Maid Laid Bare 6: The Maids Who Banged A Football Gang,” a deadly serious businesswoman is slowly bimbofied by a former crush, until she’s the gangbang property of the very football team she owns!

Later this week, I’m going to be releasing the last chapter in the “Bareback Trance” trilogy, “Owning My Ex.” This is the sequel to “Owning my Boss” and “Owning My Co-Worker,” following the adventures of Victor as he dominates young women totally with his undeniably hypnotic seed.


Spring’s First Midweek (Nympho)Mania! Free stories ahoy!

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bang the gang 2 captured

Available FREE For Amazon Prime Users!











This week’s Midweek (Nympho)Mania is a particularly hot set of stories just for the thrill-seeking reader in all of us.

Transformed! Nine Magically Erotic Stories” is, well…a bundle full of NINE magically erotic stories, each containing some form of transformation in which men become super hunky, sperm-shooting virile studs, and women become ultra-fertile bimbo goddesses capable of withstanding the ungodly brutal fuckings from their brand new deity-like bang partners. It’s a lot of fun–and with NINE stories in the bundle, you can hardly go wrong!

If you’re looking for something a bit more targeted, then perhaps try out “Bang the Gang 2: Captured.” This hot number features a beautiful biker babe as the prisoner of a hulking biker stud…and she can’t stop how turned he makes her, even when he offers her up to his entire gang to make her submit!

NEXT week will be the scintillating conclusion to the “Bareback Trance” series with “Owning My Ex.” But in the meantime, did you know I JUST RELEASED a hot Bareback Threesomes story with lots of taboo action? Check it out!


New hot stepbrother erotica–“Bareback Threesomes: Steps For A Taboo Road Trip” OUT NOW!

Hello hello all! Today I’ve got a BRAND NEW erotica tale for you—”Bareback Threesomes: Steps For A Taboo Road Trip.

This one is extremely dirty and taboo, as you might have surmised already from the title. It involves Nora, a gorgeous young virgin who’s had a crush on her stepbrother Charlie for as long as she can remember. What’s a girl to do? Well, she doesn’t know until her own stepfather marries a new woman—giving her and her Big Bro Charlie a brand new Mom. But the new stepmom, Annette, is just too promiscuous to be satisfied by one man alone…and she goes after Charlie’s hot, hunkified body too.

But then something unexpected happens. It becomes very clear that Charlie is the ultimate alpha male, and all of Annette’s seductive ability is completely lost on him. That doesn’t mean he’s not going to bang her brains out, of course! It just means that he’s the one in charge when it happens. And when Charlie realizes he can do that to Annette, he realizes also that there’s nothing stopping him from doing it to Nora as well…

This hot erotica features bdsm (bondage, discipline, sadism/submission, masochism), incest/pseudo-incest, brother sister sex, mother son sex, mother daughter sex, bareback/creampie sex, breeding/impregnation, hot alpha males, sexy seductresses, gorgeous barely legal virgins, group sex, and much MUCH more!


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If you’re looking for a dirty hot time this weekend, pick up “Bareback Threesomes: Steps For A Taboo Road Trip” soon!


Here’s the Official Blurb:

Their lust was so taboo…but so good!

Beautiful, innocent young Nora thinks her lust for the handsome Charlie will always be unrequited. He’s the ultimate taboo—a complete hunk who has lived with her for her entire life. But when the gorgeous, model-beautiful Annette joins their household as the new matron, the situation intensifies quickly. Annette, bored with home life, spearheads a road trip on her plan to seduce Charlie and satiate her advanced sexual needs.

Nora knows exactly what Annette is up to. But what Nora can’t explain is why, after witnessing the forbidden tryst between Annette and Charlie, it turns her on so much. And she can’t explain either why the seductive, manipulative Annette is suddenly doing everything Charlie says. It’s like his alpha hotness can’t be contained, and now that Annette has tasted his virile seed, she’ll obey him completely just to get more and more—even if he uses no protection at all! What quickly becomes clear is that Charlie’s explosively hot bod could break any woman he wants…and now that he knows that, his sights turn to the conflicted and completely fertile Nora, who can’t stop her brilliant lusts from overwhelming every last moral thought she has.


Nora’s vision went sideways for a moment. Filled by Charlie. Like that. Filled until she was pregnant. Her body could barely stand having that many perfect words inside of her mind. She couldn’t imagine what it might be like to have that much cum in her—her brother’s cum. His hot, alpha, stud seed pouring into her body, loading her up with a special taboo baby made just by him and her.

Oh yes, he’s far, far too much of a real man to not take you one way or the other. I thought I could manipulate him, it’s true. I thought I could wrap him around my finger. Have a little fun, like back when I was modeling. Keep it secret, something to keep my busy. God, I got into this life with your stepfather to make everything easy, but I didn’t realize how boring easy was. So…” her eyes glinted sharply. “I went after Charlie. But he…mmm. God, he…”

She drifted off. Nora took a long sip of the tequila, draining a shot glass. Hot now. Interested.

He what?”

He made me cum. Harder, faster, more times than I can count. And we’ve only fucked twice now. He…he…” A tear began to slide down Annette’s face. She finished her liquor shot. “I need him, Nora. And he needs you. So I need you to fuck him so I can have him happy.”

But I…I thought…you were…”

Only in it for the money? Trying to take advantage of you two?” She shrugged. “That’s how it started. But god, once I got a proper dose of Charlie’s cock, I learned how properly wrong all of that was.”

You…you what?”

What I can I say?” Annette giggled. “I tried that. I really did. But Charlie fucked all those thoughts out of my head. I think this is what I really wanted all along. To just be fucking owned by a man like him. An alpha male. I don’t care about taking advantage anymore. Besides taking advantage of you, I mean…or anyone else he wants me to.”

Annette’s hand rose up her thigh again, squeezing even tighter now. She crushed her beautiful body against Nora, sighing softly. Nora took another long drink of tequila. She was getting drunk, now. Letting this happen…

Pre-Spring Midweek (Nympho)Mania!

Maid Laid Bare 3: Maid to Obey

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Hot stories for discounted prices today! BOTH of the above are just 99 CENTS! I hope you love pages and pages of page-turning steamy action, because that’s EXACTLY what these deliver. “Maid Laid Bare 3: Maid To Obey” is a hot bimbofication tale featuring some light cuckquean fun and lots of mind control, lactation, and harem-building sex. “Paid & Laid: The Job Interview” features hot bisexuality, alpha male studs, bareback sex, and a big, hot gangbang!


Later this week I’ll have a BRAND NEW story in my “Bareback Threesomes” series. It explores a VERY taboo family with a hot stepsister who’s crushing hard on her alpha stud stepbrother…but their new ex-model stepmom hopes to use that same alpha stud to spice up her extinquished love life.