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“The Rock Star Forced Me” – A barely legal breeding fantasy, out now!

Available at Amazon!

Hello out there all you wonderful erotica lovers! Merry Christmas if you celebrate it, and hey, Happy Friday if you don’t! Today I’ve got something WONDERFUL for you–my newest story available via Kindle Unlimited, “The Rock Star Forced Me.” This one is the SECOND in my “Virgin Heat” series which started with “The Quarterback Forced Me.

This one is a hyper-erotic foray into the mind of a barely legal college babe as she interviews a massively studly alpha male rock star. He’s so masculine and misogynistic that her female brain can barely keep up, and she would write him out of her life forever if he wasn’t making her lips drool (BOTH sets of them).

But he wants more than she’s willing to give…and it’s not like he really needs her permission to walk all over her, in his mind. He’s a rock star stud, after all, and he takes what he wants no matter what the hot women around him say. And after he gets what he wants from the college babe, why, all of her fantasies start spilling out…especially those ones centering around her being his best breeder baby-factory, dedicated only to serving his cock.

This filthy erotic tale is perfect for anyone who loves tales with elements of virgins, barely legal babes, dubious consent/nonconsensual, rape fantasies, alpha males, group sex, threesomes, cuckolding, domination, and SO much more!!!

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SO! If you’re in the mood for a super-duper erotic tale this Holiday Weekend, check out “The Rock Star Forced Me” today!

Here’s the Official Blurb:

He would make me addicted to him.

Kayla is a hot-bodied college babe who has to interview wildly rich rock star Carson Poole, who is as arrogant as he is gorgeous. When she loses her cool over one of Poole’s sexist remarks, he reveals that can end her college career in a heartbeat, and leave her career hamstrung before it’s even started. 
But Poole is, in his words, “a generous man.” He’s willing to forget Kayla’s blow up if she’s willing to do a different kind of “blowing.” Kayla has a boyfriend, but he’s always been a weak-willed wimp—nothing like the marble-bodied rock god propositioning her now. With her life in jeopardy, Kayla has no choice, and she’s forced to submit to every erotic, nasty desire the rock star has. 
But her antagonistic heat toward Poole is based in a different kind of heat altogether—she’s really turned on by what a masculine, misogynistic male supremacist he is. And when Poole starts to let her taste what his mammoth member can offer, she can’t help but wonder what it would be like to have her fertile body filled with his virile product, pumping her tight entrance full of his heir-making seed…no matter what her loser wimp boyfriend at home might have to say about it.



Stroking his cock is the most erotic thing I’ve felt since my first orgasm. I’m drooling as I stroke it—actually drooling. My saliva starts to layer on his cock head and it just makes my hand even more slippery on his cock. I’m stroking like crazy and getting hotter with every second.
I know I said I wasn’t going to try very hard. But fuck. That.
This is the biggest cock I’ve ever seen, maybe the biggest cock I’ll ever see, and it’s so fucking beautiful that I have to stroke it nice and good. I have to treat this cock well. What if it doesn’t like me? What if this amazing cock thinks I suck?
I can’t have it.
Or, I mean.
I can have it think I suck. I suck really well, actually. Dylan never wants blowjobs because he’s the sort of weirdo who thinks they’re degrading. He doesn’t get aroused by “degrading women.” So I have to just pretend sometimes when I’m all alone.
But this right now is basically a license to do whatever I want. Poole is forcing me. And his cock is right there. And it looks so fucking delicious. All I’d have to do is give it a little lick—a small one, like that, oh fuck that’s good—and then another, and just keep licking, oh yum, and then keep going, fuck yes, yes, it’s so fucking delicious, and yumm yum yum oh fuckfuckfuck
Quickly my mouth envelopes his cock entirely and I’m sucking him wholesale. He seems surprised by the turn of events, but of course he doesn’t tell me to stop. Candice lets out a squeal of protest, but a quick look from Poole sets her straight in a hurry.
Only his pleasure matters to her. I’m quickly learning why.
His cock is the most delicious object in the world. I’m vacuuming my mouth, slurping him as I come up and moaning as I go down the thick, hard length, and I know he’s liking it. I’m so close to him as I suck that my tits are rubbing all over his balls, getting covered in my own saliva and his precum. Feeling innovative, I slide my tits forward and push them over the thick shaft. There’s enough of his huge cock to rest the whole thing inside my big titties while I suck on the head of his yummy god-like mancock.
“So fucking good,” I moan in disbelief. “So fucking good.”
“That’s right, slut.” He strokes my hair, enjoying himself completely. “Just a stupid cockslut like every other girl.”
I can hardly deny him. My mouth is full of his cock…



New HUGE bareback erotica bundle out today!

Available at Amazon!

Hello hello hello all you wonderful folks out there! Short little post for you today. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve got a GIGANTIC new bundle available for your enjoyment: “Bare Delights; Back for More; Stories for the Lusty.” This massive collection combines stories from the “Knocked Up Lust” series and ALL the stories from the “Paid & Laid” series and as well as the “Risky Threesomes” series!

These story feature all kinds of deliciously erotic action, including bareback sex (obviously), creampies/impregnation/breeding/pregnancy, gang bangs, taboo, incest and pseudo-incest, daddy/daughter, brother/sister, mommy/daughter, uncle/niece, prostitutes, threesomes, group sex, barely legal teens, virgins, lesbians feeling cock for the first time, and SO much more! Pick it up today!

Brand new mind control erotica! – “Owned: The Boss”

Available at Amazon!

Hello hello hello all of you wonderful folks out there! Today I have a BRAND NEW mind control erotica tale for you, the sequel to “Owned: The Secretary,” it’s “Owned: The Boss.”

This one is a super scintillating escalation of the themes of dominance and submission found in the last story. The succubus-hot Maria continues to try and seduce Robert to be ever more evil and wicked in his dominance of others, while Robert continually tries to set limits on who and what he controls. But the goal posts keep moving, and more and more women end up as his beautified, fertile, empty-headed fuckslaves.

This one is great for any fans of mind control/hypnosis, male dom, femdom (after a fashion), group sex, breeding/impregnation/creampies, rough sex, hardcore sex, bimbofication, group sex, and SO MUCH MORE.

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SO! If you’re interested in a blistering hot tale of mind control, make sure to pick up “Owned: The Boss” today!


Here’s the official blurb:

“Make them all kneel, Sir. Please?”

Hauntingly gorgeous Maria has completely and willingly aligned herself to service to Robert’s will. He’s not a rich ultra-stud like she always thought she’d fall for, but he does have one thing going for him—nigh-omnipotent power that makes her panties soak like nothing else. With a touch, Robert can change the minds—and the bodies—of any woman he likes. If the luscious-bodied Maria had her way, this would mean that every hot-bodied babe he encountered would become his fertile, eager, totally-dominated lovedoll, , including their boss Joslyn. She’s a grief-ridden, middle-aged alcoholic, but Robert can transform her with ease into a bubbly, busty twenty-something sexpot with a mind dedicated to his erotic service. 
But, as much as it turns Maria on to see Robert use his sensational powers, he still has his doubts. He knows it’s wrong to control others like he can, and resists the advances of Maria as much as possible. But when the succubus Maria is cooing in his ear about how right it is for him to rule over others and enforce his will, he can only resist for so long. Robert will either give in to his dominant tendencies…or he’ll break entirely.



He smiled, taking her hand. His grip was firm, hands rough and strong. “Expected. I wasn’t sure if I had remembered to tell her to say that or not.”

A strong, pleasant warmth swept over Quinn’s body and mind. She felt like had taken a hit off a bong. Everything began to slow down, and every detail of the room suddenly seemed very inviting…and very erotic. Her tongue ran across her lips slowly, a low moan escaping her mouth.

I don’t know if…we should do this,” she heard herself saying. The promise of sex was immediate and tangible, despite no build-up whatsoever. Her legs were wide open, stretching the bounds of her modest skirt. “Caleb…he might…”

Caleb isn’t here. A few clients needed his personal attention. I made sure of it.”


They were very concerned about an anonymous phone call that their rates would double next month.”

Oh. That’s clever.”

She was distantly aware that something was happening to her. Even Happening, capital H. An Event in her life, a Turning Point. But what it was, what it entailed, was beyond her understanding until the first orgasm swept through her body.

It started like a low, eager ball in the pit of her stomach, and then began to spin and rotate rapidly, expanding as it did. Each area it touched was overwhelmed by bliss until finally it escaped from her mouth with a happy cry.

Fuck!” she moaned. “Oh god, god!”

Quinn spun in her chair, thrashing, held steady only by Robert’s hand. The next several minutes were all pleasure and change. She only knew of the former. She did not see her lengths lengthening, her body morphing to be the exaggerated form of some pin-up girl with a tiny waist, big tits, long legs, and flawless tanned skin. The only thing she did notice, in fact, was when her hair began to turn a deep auburn red…



“Lust Fever: The Bundle” – Guess what I’m advertising today?

Available at Amazon!

Hey hi hi hiiiiii everybody! Big news today. Fan favorites “Lust Fever,” “Lust Fever 2,” AND “Lust Fever 3” are all out now in a brand new bundle. No matter WHEN you buy it, this hot bundle will be a steal, netting you at LEAST three stories for the price of two, and probably better than that depending on my mood at the time.

These stories are all about returning to our hot, primal biological roles. Men are big, hulking alpha studs who don’t care anything about propriety, and simply want to fuck, impregnate, and own every woman they come across. Women, meanwhile, return to their natural state of bending to the will of every big-dicked, creampie-loaded man they meet, serving him any old way he wants just to get his perfect gooey load shot up inside her hungry womb. This bundle features all kinds of kinks: virgins and first time sex, pregnancy, impregnation, breeding, group sex creampie, body transformation (including tit and cock growth), bimbofication/sluttification, uncontrollable lust, mind control, and SO MUCH MORE! Pick it up today!