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A new Virgin Heat story — “The Professor Forced Me”

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Hello out there! I’ve got a brand new spectacularly sexy story for you today, “The Professor Forced Me.” This hot little number is the third in the “Virgin Heat” series I’ve been working on, which also includes the aptly named “The Quarterback Forced Me” and “The Rock Star Forced Me.

This story features all kinds of hot action you’d come to expect from reading the others, including a beautiful girl just a little too much out of her depth when it comes to dealing with alpha males. This new story, available on Kindle Unlimited, also features hot breeding/impregnation, creampies, threesomes, bisexual babes, bdsm, rough sex, and so much more!

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So, if you’re in the mood for some down-and-dirty erotic smut featuring an indomitable alpha male, check out “The Professor Forced Me” today!


Here’s the Official Blurb:

Saying “no” wasn’t an option.

The lusciously beautiful Jeanine is the model of a young citizen woman. She does everything right—she studies hard for tests, never lets guys get past first base, and is determined to prove that women are just as good as men. But the studly Professor Roch doesn’t see it that way—he knows women are beneath men, and especially beneath him. 
His attitude would be frustrating enough, but he’s got a body that makes Jeanine’s panties melt with desire. He oozes raw, brutal sexuality that makes her legs ache to slide open so he can knock her up for the rest of her life. 
Girls almost never pass his class, and if they do, it’s never with a good grade. During a heated one-on-one with her bastard professor, it becomes clear that the only way Jeanine will keep her straight-A scholarship is by serving Roch every way that he wants—erotically, on her knees, with a head and throat stuffed full of his throbbing meat. 
And that’s only where it begins. Because Roch takes “model citizen women” and turns them into his good girls. Soon, Jeanine will only be good for serving, sucking, and delighting Roch, providing him with heirs from his unprotected seed into her fertile virgin body…whether she likes it or not.



Sometimes I imagine myself wearing nothing but bright white lingerie and yellow latex gloves, walking from one of the house to the other in tall, expensive fuck-me heels. He’s paid for everything because he pays for everything. It’s that simple. I don’t own a single piece of clothing that doesn’t turn him on, that isn’t in fact really his because his bankrolling of my stupid insignificant life is that complete.
I’m just three holes and a pulse to him, and that’s how it should be. That’s the proper arrangement between man and woman.
He loves my cunt the best though. That’s how he gets me pregnant and that’s what I moan to him at night when we’re in bed and I want to get him hard as quickly as possible. I moan to him, “Please baby. I need a baby from my baby. I need it so bad.”
My vocabulary is all fucked up. Limited. Restricted. I haven’t seen anyone but him in real life in months. The television will only play soap operas and daytime talk shows when he’s not at home. All his books stay at work. He doesn’t even let me have a smart phone. What do I need a phone for? If the house burned down, he’d just buy another house. And another wife. He’s hot and he’s got a massive cock. What the fuck does he need me to be safe for? If I die, it would be my own stupid fault.
He never raises his hand in anger to me. But if he does, I would sit and bear it. I know it would be my fault. It’s always the woman’s fault. If her man is angry, then his dick isn’t being sucked enough. It’s that simple. All I would have to do to prevent myself from being slapped around or roughhoused would be to treat him better, to be a better bitch for him. Good girls are made to serve, not to question.
I fantasize about this constantly. About being his wife. His trapped, transformed, trophy wife. I fantasize about wearing lingerie for him while I clean. I fantasize about him waking up horny in the middle of a Sunday afternoon after a long nap resulting from an even longer breeding session where he pumped my fertile womb full of his impregnating seed for about four hours straight.
He can do that, you know. He’s basically a god…


“Nadia Nightside’s Best of 2015”–Hey, that’s me!

Available At Amazon

Hellooooo all you wonderful readers out there! A short post for you today. I’ve got a BRAND NEW bundle out–with 6 HUGE stories from 2015–and I’m just dying for you to read them all. This is one of my biggest bundles ever in terms of actual story length and content mass, and so no matter WHAT price you find it at, you’re going to get a heckuva deal on it.  (It’s available on Kindle Unlimited, too!)

No matter what you like, this “Best Of” bundle has everything–mind control, bimbo transformation/bimbofication, breeding, impregnation, creampies, group sex, threesomes, hypnosis, taboo situations, barely legal virgin gang bangs, and SO much more!

Here’s the Official Blurb:

The best way to start indulging.

Nobody knows sensational erotica better than Nadia Nightside. All her stories feature fertile, gorgeous women dripping with desire and masculine, hunky men throbbing to deliver heir after heir. In these stories, men are always capital M “MEN,” in their rightful place in charge of gorgeous women. And those women? Of course they’re all aching to slide down on their knees before their ripped, studly gods and worship those meaty members with their deliciously plump mouths…even if they have to do it with two or three or four other beauties at the same time.
In “2 Women, 1 Man, 0 Rules,” a pregnant housewife worried about her straying husband enlists her gorgeous best friend into a threesome so they can both worship his massive meat together. In “Owning My Co-Worker,” a lucky young man finds out that the taste of his seed puts the beautiful women he works with under a blissful, obedient trance. In “Gang Up: Overload,” a post-apocalyptic town is ripped in two when a love affair between members of rival gangs is exposed, and every member of the gangs needs to ride just one lucky beauty to settle the dispute. In “Revenge On His Hot Assistants,” a stage magician finds a magic watch that lets him entrance his beautiful, snobby assistants until they’re his doting servants, eager have his virile unprotected seed fill their fertile bodies. In “Lust Fever,” a virus is unleashed that makes mindblowing sex unstoppable…and undeniable. And in “Heir Salon,” a staunch feminist moves to a town where all the women are empty-headed, eager, fertile, servile bimbos…and soon finds herself part of a plot to be just like them.
This bundle is the perfect place to start for any new readers of erotica, or a great way for old fans to catch up with any hot tales they might have missed out over the last year.

“Owned: The Rival” – An Erotic Mind Control Tale out now!

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Happy today to all you erotica lovers out there! I’ve got a brand new erotic mind control story for you today, “Owned: The Rival.” This hot number is number three in the “Bare Body Lust” series which ALSO includes “Owned: The Secretary” and “Owned: The Boss.”

In this scintillating finale, Maria convinces Robert once and for all of the worship and adulation he deserves for his special power–a power that lets him transform women’s bodies and minds until they’re his perfect-bodied pets. But, there’s a few loose ends to tie up (figuratively and literally)–their rival business owner Estelle and the stunning young bride of the Sheriff.

This series is FANTASTIC for anyone who’s a fan of mind control/hypnosis, corruption, seduction, breeding, impregnation, creampies, barely legal teen beauties, first time sex, virgins, group sex, harem gathering, body transformation (including breast expansion), bimbofication, and SO MUCH MORE!

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So! If you’re in the mood for a thrilling tale of pure, unrestrained erotica, make sure to check out “Owned: The Rival” today!

Here’s the Official Blurb:

“I’ll be your number one servant girl, won’t I?”

The magnificently sexy Maria is close to achieving her perfect life—being the supreme queen to hergod-like king. Her greatest erotic fantasy is about to become a sex-filled reality. Robert, an otherwise normal guy, has the power to change minds and bodies with just a touch. Maria, captivated by his power, worships the ground he walks on, and won’t be satisfied until he’s surrounded by a harem of eager supplicant, succulent, servile beauties aching to please Robert in every possible way. His servants must be beautiful, eager, obedient, and fertile…and Maria will make sure they’re kept in their proper place beneath her. 
Robert’s so close to finally becoming the virile, heir-making God who Maria aches to idolize—the God who will make her his personal, fertile love Goddess. But first, they have to take care of a few loose ends…particularly in the form of a nosy, nasty, gorgeous business rival named Estelle and the beautiful deputy she paid off to help her. Both are just begging to be transformed by Robert’s touch with how sexy they are, and Maria’s panties are already wet, imagining encouraging her darling as he remolds their minds and fertile bodies every step of the way.



She could feel him steeling himself for what would come—expecting some insane barrage of sex, no doubt, to be drilled against his skull. Perhaps televisions propped up at every corner, drilling in pornographic images of everything that he could do to his slaves at any time.

Instead, when he opened the door, the pleasant smell of cooked meat and baked bread filled the air. Lunch was nearly ready. Joslyn was in the kitchen, humming a happy tune and rustling through cabinets. Quinn, somewhere else in the home, matched the tune with her own hums—which came closer and closer as Maria shut the front door.

There was only one erotic sight on display, besides that of the omnipresent sight of Maria. Down the hall was the living room. The floor lowered there, requiring steps to reach the couches positioned there.

But now, instead of a coffee table, there were layers of expensive animal furs and silk pillows that had been piled up with a modest incline, the bottom of the luxurious hill closest to the steps down. At the top of the pile was Natalie, adorned only in sparkling navy blue lingerie. She posed sexily, her face dreamy, beckoning her Master to come forward and ravage her.

Isn’t my sister beautiful for you, darling?” Maria whispered in his ear. “Won’t you take her?”

Before he had a chance to answer, Quinn stepped out from the nearby dining room. The startlingly beautiful redhead was dressed in a tight, lacy parody of a maid’s uniform, complete with frilly sleeves and tight white stockings. Her tits were only just covered, the feather duster in her hand primed and ready for use.

Welcome home, Master!” Quinn chirped, kneeling immediately. “We’re so glad to see you. Mistress was very worried.”

Mistress…?” He eyed Maria.

She shrugged gently and smiled. “I hope you don’t mind. You’re still in charge, naturally. I’m just…the boss of the help, that’s all.”…

“Heir Salon: The Series” all bundled up just for you!

Available at Amazon!

Happy New Year everybody! Have a great start to your annual erotica collection with my latest release, “Heir Salon: The Series.” This new bundle out NOW has all three stories from the magnificently sexy “Bimbo Passion” series, including “Heir Salon,” “Heir Salon 2,” and “Heir Salon 3.”

This hot series (available on Kindle Unlimited!) contains all kinds of kinky subjects, including bimbofication/transformation, HUGE dicks, big tits, boobjobs/titfucks, creampie/impregnation/bareback sex, lactation, mind control/hypnosis, group sex, harems, and SO much more!

Check it out TODAY!

Here’s the Official Blurb:

In Passion Heights, all the women are gorgeous, big-breasted, statuesque bimbos and all the men are handsome, well-hung hunks. Every woman is fertile and every man is virile; they never use protection and can’t stop making heirs. Betty, a beautiful stalwart feminist, moves in with her husband, and immediately begins to investigate the strange town with her lovely neighbor Jasmine, another newcomer. But Betty and Jasmine aren’t immune to the town’s bimbofying charms—in fact, they’re as susceptible as anyone, and as they discover more and more, they’re only inserted deeper into the trappings of their new erotic society.
Soon, Betty and Jasmine both realize their place as perfect, servile, gorgeous bimbo wives for their newly-stud-bodied husbands. They clean, cook, suck, and rut, all with overflowing cup full of creamy delights. But, someone powerful and more masculine than any other man in town has special designs on the beautifully bimbofied Betty, and will change every aspect of her sexy new life for his pleasure.