All good things must end…with EIGHT free books! The last Magic Words are MORE HAREMS!

The Magic Words Sale comes to a close with EIGHT last free tales featuring EVEN MORE HAREMS! I love the kink of multiple women serving one man so much that I just had to double-down on it for all of you. This is the LAST set of Magic Words, so pick them up quick–they won’t be free forever!

The following Kindle Unlimited titles feature some or ALL of the following: mind control, hypnosis, bimbofication/bimbo transformation, barely legal sex, first time/virgin sex, breeding/bareback/impregnation, gang bangs, group sex, harem sex/harem gathering, sex slaves, incest/taboo relations, and much MUCH more!

Unprotected Trance - Owning My Co-Worker Unprotected Trance - Owning My Boss Unprotected Trance - Owning My Ex The Magic App - Taking The Librarian The Magic App - Owning The Babysitter The Magic App - Ruling The Big Dance BUNDLE - Transformed!


































No more Magic Words after today! I hope you picked up as many free stories from Amazon as you could!



But in other good news, I’ve got a BRAND NEW BUNDLE for you to check out! Check it out:

“I was so wrong to deny you, Sir…”

There are some men out there so powerful, alpha males so dominant, that they never wait for permission. When they see who they want…they take her, not waiting for a “yes.” 
These three scintillating tales each feature chiseled, virile studs who know exactly what hot women were born to do—get on their pretty little knees and serve thick, hard masculine members all night long. According to these hunks, women are made only to look hot and make heirs. That’s just the primal, biological, unavoidable truth—the one we all try to deny. 
When the men are this handsome and heavily muscled, dripping in panty-soaking musk, women want to be put in their place, want to be taken by these studs again and again and have their own hot, fertile bodies filled with unprotected seed. A billionaire quarterback who disciplines a hipster babe; a rich rock star who destroys a young co-ed’s love life just for his own amusement; a cocky professor who teaches a beautiful young feminist who should really be in charge—these men and their huge throbbing masts are the most powerful force on the planet, and they know there’s nothing that can’t be solved with brute force and a good rut.



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