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It’s time once again for Midweek (Nympho)Mania! The sexy stories you see above (just click the images!) are available for FREE for a limited time this week, so pick them up now while you can! “Lucy Learns her Lesson” features a snotty, gorgeous brat learning how to behave like a proper lady when her Uncle takes her down a peg or two…and fills her up with his potent seed!

“The Curious Case of the Scientist and the Bimbo” is a sexy bimbofication tale that features a nerdy scientist transforming helplessly into a sexy bimbo who is absolutely sex-crazy! Soon, a studly, amoral billionaire finds out…and does everything he can to encourage the transformations!

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Or at least, NINE stories have been stuffed into one completely packed bundle. Hello all! Today is a GREAT day, because I get to release this AWESOME deal for all of you! I’ve just released a brand new mega-bundle of NINE hot stories, “Transformed! Nine Magically Erotic Stories“, which include THREE hot series of mine. “Transformed! Nine Magically Erotic Stories” features all the tales from the series of “Hypno Casino,” “Dark Possessions,” and “Paranormal Pleasures.” How great is that?

These stories are particularly favorites of mine because they ALL feature some brilliantly sexy transformation scenes, and focus quite a bit on seductive sirens who can do anything they want to whomever they want…and the ultimate submission of these babes to the one male strong enough to own them. Which is, you may have noticed, one of my very favorite elements to think about. It also features orgies, alpha studs, incest, gang bangs, threesomes and menage sex, submission and dominance, and lots of other taboo elements!


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MIDWEEK (NYMPHO)MANIA! Two titles free right now!









Hello wonderful people! I hope you have some free time available this week, because GUESS WHAT? It’s MIDWEEK (NYMPHO)MANIA, and that means I am putting out TWO free titles for you to enjoy at your leisure for just a limited time! Today’s titles are “Helping Out Holly,” which features a beautiful BBW babe getting a heaping dose of loving from two incredibly-proportioned men; and “Bimbo is Best” which features some of my VERY BEST bimbo titles, full of transformation, mind control, giggly sex, lactating tits, fertile needs, and plenty of raunchy action.

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“Maid Laid Bare 6: The Maid Who Banged a Football Team” OUT NOW!

Hello hello! Out today for all of you wonderful folks is my NEWEST story, “Maid Laid Bare 6: The Maid Who Banged a Football Team.

I have to say, without any sarcasm at all, that subtlety is probably my strongest trait as a writer. What do you think? I was afraid that “The Maid who had glorious hot sex with several hulking football athletes at once and was impregnated by their cum, after turning into a brilliantly sexy bimbo” was a bit too on-the-nose. I was also afraid it wouldn’t quite fit around the model on the cover.

At any rate—you can probably figure out the plot from all of that! A sexy team owner turns into a sexy bimbo, obsessed with cock and craving cum, hoping to unleash her lactating tits on anyone who wants them.

It’s a fun, no-rules little tale, and I hope you like it! It features all of the following: cheerleaders, lactation, bimbo transformation, breast expansion, mind control, reluctant sex, lesbian sex, gang bang sex, creampie sex, submission, dominance, and much much more!



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If a serious woman turning into a cock-craving bimbo babe sounds like fun to you, make sure to check out “Maid Laid Bare 6: The Maid Who Banged a Football Team” today!


Here’s the Official Blurb:

She wasn’t the boss anymore. She was their plaything.

The beautiful but deadly serious Tiffany Belmont is the owner of a once-successful football franchise in The Tornados. They were a championship team, but under her leadership, they’ve encountered nothing but losses. Desperate for victory, Tiffany turns to her old rival, Stanford Castle, for money. Castle’s solution is the same he has for every problem—send in the maids.
Castle’s maids love to obey every filthy, erotic desire of their owners, which includes giving men as many heirs as they want! Through the product of their overflowing cups, these big-breasted beauties make other women into hot, sexually-eager servants just like them. But their sexual presence also turns men into hulking, viciously muscled studs—the kind that are perfect for winning football games. Greedy for wins, Tiffany disguises the maids as cheerleaders and infiltrates them into her organization.
Tiffany’s team soon grabs victory after victory. But as her team does better, Tiffany finds herself becoming more and more like one of the giggly, sex-happy maids herself, complete with long sexy hair, big breasts, and a new, airheaded attitude! If she’s not careful, her lust for victory will make her the ultimate prize…served up for a huge bang to the gang of football player studs on her payroll!




There, she thought smugly, slipping them on. These were perfectly professional, the heel no greater than three inches, and she could feel confident that she was showing off one of her finest features in her ass—and hey, her legs were there too, fellas. You don’t need to keep looking down this blouse all the time.

She giggled at the thought. Guiding men where to look, how to look. It was empowering, feeling like she had control over their eyes in that manner. There was no reason to think that she didn’t. Tiffany had splendidly sexy attributes, so it was only natural for her to show them off and establish her control over men with what nature had given her.

There was guilt and shame rolled into her feelings, of course, but the confidence was the greatest feeling, propelled by a greater and greater sense of self-importance.

All those girls in those erotica novels wore such fetching high heels, after all. The writing went on and on about how men would look at their legs because of the heels they wore. Some of the girls kept wearing the heels even after they were pregnant—they would ask their man about how high of a heel to wear, and then add an inch or two just to keep him guessing. That was smart—that was really devious and smart. Tiffany sighed for a moment, thinking dreamily about taking advantage of a man like that—dressing up just how he wanted and getting stuffed so full of his cock that he wouldn’t have any choice but to cum in her.

Yes, that was very devious. She’d have to find some way to do it very soon. It was fun to imitate the story. It was almost like she was living in one…