BEHOLD! Nine Stories are made into one!

Or at least, NINE stories have been stuffed into one completely packed bundle. Hello all! Today is a GREAT day, because I get to release this AWESOME deal for all of you! I’ve just released a brand new mega-bundle of NINE hot stories, “Transformed! Nine Magically Erotic Stories“, which include THREE hot series of mine. “Transformed! Nine Magically Erotic Stories” features all the tales from the series of “Hypno Casino,” “Dark Possessions,” and “Paranormal Pleasures.” How great is that?

These stories are particularly favorites of mine because they ALL feature some brilliantly sexy transformation scenes, and focus quite a bit on seductive sirens who can do anything they want to whomever they want…and the ultimate submission of these babes to the one male strong enough to own them. Which is, you may have noticed, one of my very favorite elements to think about. It also features orgies, alpha studs, incest, gang bangs, threesomes and menage sex, submission and dominance, and lots of other taboo elements!


Make sure to pick up “Transformed! Nine Magically Erotic Stories” today!

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