Bimbo Gym! A Fun Story just for you!

So! This is out now with a brand-new coat of paint on it. It is sort of a new story and sort of not; there is a bit of history to it. Perhaps you already know, but Amazon is the number one place where I (and other erotica authors like me) do most of my sales. Originally, I released this story as “Bubbles & Iron,” but it was put under the discretion of Amazon’s filter. I tried to “go with the filter,” so to speak, and released it again as “Fertile Babes Drink Shaped-Rite Shakes!” It was summarily blocked on Amazon. Welp!

Anyway, “Bubbles & Iron” wasn’t ever that great of a name, and “Bimbo Gym!” is a little bit clearer about what’s happening. Long story short, I am re-releasing this story on Amazon and on other outlets to give it another shot.

I honestly think it’s one of my better stories from last year–it has a rotating POV between a down-and-out loser, his stepsister, and his mother. They are all suffering from the loss of the head of the household; when the Bimbo Gym arrives, the mother is able to move on, and the son takes the lead as the new head of the household (with his newly-bimbofied stepsister gleefully adoring his cock as he does so). And he wouldn’t be any kind of a paterfamilias if he couldn’t breed like crazy, would he? Fun, fun, fun!

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If you’re interested in bimbos, taboo brother sister incest, bimbofication, mind control, lactation, nerds winning the day, breeding, creampies, or just good honest hard hot sex…you should definitely check out Bimbo Gym at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords as soon as you can!

Here’s the official blurb:

“Don’t I look pretty for you now, Sir?”

Every woman that goes to the new gym in town ends up as a giggly, big-breasted bimbo, and all the men turn into huge, sculpted studs. Alan, a dejected loser, tries to get to the bottom of the mystery, but soon finds that he’s surrounded by hot, willing women desperate to do anything he says! And what makes it even hotter is that formerly overweight Anne, the girl Alan has known his whole life, is now one of those gorgeous, willing, transformed women, eager to do what Alan says…

Can Alan resist? Does he even want to? (Probably not!)


It felt kind of empowering, walking around with a man like Iron. It felt like he wouldn’t walk around with just anybody. So when she walked around with him, it felt like she was someone who deserved to be walking around with him.

Kind of like how, if she got knocked up, she would be a girl who deserved to get knocked up by whatever stud put her down on all fours and shot his fat, hot load inside her . . .

Fuck! There were those thoughts again. It was all these men, she thought. All these hot men with their big muscles and bigger dicks swinging around.

It was just . . . Iron was so . . . potent. Everything about him just screamed man. Every muscle was so well defined, every bit of hair so thick. She bet his cock was . . .

She shook her head. She tried to focus on the women, instead, as Iron guided her through the cardio area. There were rows and rows of ellipticals, treadmills, stair machines, row machines,

Most every girl—and they were all girls, Anne couldn’t properly call any of the chatty, giggly long-haired temptresses she saw “women”—were incredibly endowed. Their frames all hourglassed with wide hips, tiny waists, and enormous breasts. Long hair coifed perfectly around their hot, eager bright faces, everyone’s eyes so chipper and alert. Even so, Anne watched these same eyes glaze over with heat whenever a man walked by, or an especially hot woman, or any time they took a chug from their shakes.


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