Bimbo is Best – A Bombastic, Bodacious Bundle!

Hello all! Short post today. I just wanted to let you know about my NEWEST release–“Bimbo is Best.

This one includes some HOT HOT stories of mine–fan favorites, as a matter of fact! I’ve gotten many compliments on all four of these tales (if I can say so humbly), and I’m absolutely CONVINCED that any fan of bimbo erotica NEEDS to have them in their collection. TWO of these stories–“Another Change in Style” and “Bimbo Gym” (AKA “Bubbles & Iron” AKA “Fertile Babes Drink Shaped-Rite Shakes”) have been found so incredibly naughty that they are BANNED from Amazon in their individual forms–so get them now while you still can!

It features mind control, hypnosis, seduction, breeding, taboo relations, breast growth, full body transformations, and nigh-ceaseless amounts of hot, hot, HOT sex.

So, this HUGE collection is over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND of my naughtiest, sexiest words (all put in the correct order, don’t worry), and contains FOUR novellas (you may have noticed from the cover). It’s super hot, and I know you’ll love it–it’s a great deal even if you have some of these stories already! Grab it NOW at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords!

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