“Bimbo Servant Bundle” is out NOW for you!

Available at Amazon!

Hellloooooo all you superbly sexy erotica fans out there! I’ve got a WONDERFUL deal for you today–the “Bimbo Servant Bundle.” This amazingly hot bundle contains stories from ALL of the “Castle Maid” saga–which includes ALL of the Maid Made Bare Series and the Heir Salon series as well! No matter WHAT price you find it at, it will save you HUGE money on buying all those stories individually (and heck, you can buy them individually if you really want, I don’t mind in the slightest).

If you have a thing for bimbofication, lactation, breeding, barely legal, bdsm, master/slave, group sex, harems, hardcore kinky sex, and SO MUCH MORE–check out the “Bimbo Servant Bundle” today!

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