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New Taboo Story, FREE for a limited time – “The Perfect Gift”

Buy at Amazon!Out today for all of you is the THIRD release in my “Month of Taboo,” the very sexy hypnotic tale, “The Perfect Gift.” This one is FREE from today until Tuesday of next week

This one was quite a lot of fun to write–I don’t often write full hypnotic induction scenes, and even less often do I write them in first person. So, it was a fun challenge to keep providing the POV character with avenues for description and interior thought, even as she was thoughtless.

I think one of the sexiest aspects of this story is how the man in charge, Gerald, takes it upon himself to not only make his wife his complete pet, but his adopted daughter as well. He even uses his hot wife to help him control his daughter, climaxing with a very sexy threeway.

In the next week, I’ll be releasing sequels to “My Spicy Confession” and “The Cheerleader’s Secret.” So, if you liked those, make sure to check back often!

If that sounds like fun, make sure to check out “The Perfect Gift” for FREE until Tuesday! Please consider leaving a review to let me know what you thought!

Here’s the official blurb:

Lovely, popular teenager Constance has lived with Gerald and Stephanie for years now, dutifully trying to be a good girl most of the time. But things have gotten weird lately. Stephanie, formerly an uber-successful businesswoman, has become Gerald’s uber-sexy servant, eagerly doing everything Gerald says. Totally abandoning her career, she doesn’t seem to care at all about anything except pleasing and serving the man of the house.
That might have been fine, but now Gerald’s influence is starting to affect Constance—there are a plethora of new rules that Gerald insists the hot teen must obey. Constance breaks one of the rules by accident and ends up grounded for the whole weekend with the married couple. She soon discovers that Gerald’s sexy, nefarious plot is to own both the hot babes in the household entirely—body, mind, and soul. Gerald has a magic crystal that he’s been using to change Stephanie into exactly the kind of servant he wants, and he has plans to make Constance his perfect servant as well. Soon, he wants to have both the beautiful Stephanie and the gorgeous Constance on their knees before him, begging for his commands…
For mature audiences only—this erotica short (~5000 words) contains scenes of a hot wife utterly transformed from business-minded and cold to exuberantly sexy and completely subservient, as well as a popular, beautiful teenager being transformed into the willing, servile pet of the man of the house! Explicit details of hypnotic induction, entranced blowjobs, and sizzling hot three way sex are all a part of this thoroughly erotic tale!


A low feeling of dread spreads over my stomach. “What do you mean, what I’m going to want? Convinced Stephanie of what? What are you even saying?”

“I convinced her that serving me and doing exactly what I said was the only real way for her to move through life. She agrees now, of course. She’s my good girl. Just like you will be. I fuck her any way that I want, whenever I want. I could have her sucking me off right now while I talk to you. I could have her stroking my big, fat cock while I spanked you, and she’d get off on it if I ordered her to. I could be fucking her from behind and she’d beg for the privilege of holding you down so I could have my way with you. Do you understand? You’ll be getting off on that too, my darling girl. You won’t have a choice. You’re going to be the perfect gift for my birthday, sweetie.”

“Sh-shut up,” I say, sliding backward until I fall down a bit over my stupidly enormous pink bed. I struggle to regain my footing, hitting the shelves behind me. They’re full of tacky glass snowglobes of fairy kingdoms and big ugly pink picture books. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, but it’s weird and fucked up and I want you to stop!”

He shakes his head, coming into the room. He holds the doorknob for a moment, as if considering shutting it. Then he smiles and swings it wide open. He doesn’t care who sees what’s next.

“I’m serious, G-Gerald! Stop! You’ve fucked up my room, and fucked up Stephanie somehow, and you’re just dead wrong if you think you’re going to do anything to me! I’m telling you—”

Just as soon as I was going to say something really mean, something about his dick I think, he pulls out this crystal from his pocket.

It’s soo….sooooo….

So shiny.

“Shiiiny,” I moan.

Nothing else enters my head. The crystal is so shiny and perfect. Its light enters my skull, not letting anything else in. No thoughts. No cares. No worries. Just the shiny, shiny crystal.

“Yes, dear. It’s very shiny, isn’t it? Very pretty.”

“Pretty,” I say dumbly.

All my thoughts are dripping away, like sorghum out of a pot…

New Taboo Story and FREE Promo Days!–“The Cheerleader’s Secret”

Out today for all of you and FREE through Sunday, July 14th are my newest releases, “The Cheerleader’s Secret!” and “My Spicy Confession.

This is, along with “My Spicy Confession,” the beginning of my experiments with KDP select. If you happen to read either of these for free, I hope you’d consider leaving a review—I always love to find out what readers are thinking! Reader opinion greatly influences what I decide to write about, so if there’s anything you find hot or would like to see more of, reviews are a surefire way to let me know!

I’ve already talked about “My Spicy Confession,” so I wanted to talk a little about “The Cheerleader’s Secret.” This story was thoroughly naughty in conception, and got even naughtier as I was writing it. One aspect that surprised me as it came out—but was completely natural—was the protagonist’s desire to take the place of her own mother for the man of the house. This involves a lot of hot dirty talk and even some orders about how to dress, so make sure to check it out!

I think you might also be interested to know that my very first audio story, “Housewife Hottie” is available! The narrator, Kathi Beaver, did just a phenomenal job. I knew her voice was completely perfect for the sexy, fun tone of the story from her very first sentence, and she makes the story incredibly steamy and hot throughout. You can buy that, right now, at Amazon!

Thank you so much for stopping by today! Both of these brand new stories are available NOW at Amazon, so if you love hot teenage babes openly adoring the Real Men in their lives, make sure to check out “My Spicy Confession” and “The Cheerleader’s Secret” TODAY.


Here’s the official blurb for “The Cheerleader’s Secret:”

Melanie, head cheerleader at her high school, has been nursing a crush on the new man of the house, Alec, for just the longest time. She knows she can’t have him, though, and so she compensates with reading naughty stories on the internet, detailing exactly the sort of interests that excite Melanie the very most. Interests that include eighteen year-old girls like her doing whatever the man of the house commands…including not using any protection at all.

Today she’s come home and found out Alec has found all those stories. And what’s more…he likes them. A lot. And they have the whole house to themselves all weekend…

For mature audiences only—this erotica short (~4000 words) features a beautiful young cheerleader exploring her sexuality with the man in charge of the household, giving hot handjobs, losing her virginity, and taking a hot impregnating creampie!


“There’s a bag in there on the floor,” he said, pointing. “I bought it for her originally. But I think you would look better in it. Put it on.”

Melanie slipped off the bed and opened the bag. Inside was a collection of hot red lingerie. Eagerly, she slipped on the lacy red panties over her still-gushing pussy. Then she put on the scorching hot lacy red bra that pushed her tits up and together. Then the smoky dark stockings, complimented wonderfully by the six-inch heels of the platform heels that Ruth most certainly would have never worn. The coupe de grace were the silk evening gloves, stretching up past her elbows. As she put all of this on, Alec watched, stroking his cock. She made it a show for him, showing such surprise and delight at each new piece.

“Put on her jewelry, too. Take her place.”

Take her place. Oh yes. That was what she wanted, what she needed more than anything else! To do what Alec said and take her Ruth’s place, and be better for Alec than smelly old Ruth ever could be!

The jewelry box was full of diamonds. Melanie imagined for a moment how hot it was that probably many of the pieces Alec had bought, thinking of this very day, imagining his Melanie putting them on just for him. She put on a pair of stud diamond earrings and a gorgeous, ornate golden necklace that stretched in shiny strings down to her cleavage.

Finally prepared, he looked speechless. He was amazed with her beauty. Good.

Now he would want her again and again. And again and again and again…

She strutted toward him, wrapping her gloved hands around his neck.

“How do you like me, Alec? Am I better than that useless old hag?”

He squeezed her ass tight and then spanked her, as hard as he could. She yelped delightedly. The act stung her ass, but she could take it.

Smiling, he tugged her hair back and kissed her roughly, forcing his tongue between her lips. She moaned hotly, still yelping as he continued to spank her ass hard…




New Audio Story, New Taboo Story!

Out today for all of you is my newest ebook story, “My Spicy Confession.” This kicks off my “Month of Taboo,” and is what I hope will be the first of NINE stories this month concerning some aspect of pseudo-incest and, later on, breeding.

This story was a shift for me, as I’m writing in the first person for the very first time in a published story. I enjoy first person, and I suspect that rather a lot of my own attraction to the idea of pseudo-incest fantasies came out here. There are so many rich, hot fantasies wrapped up inside the Daddy/Daughter scenario, and I think the foremost of these is just a stark need for a masculine presence who is commanding and caring, and yet still vicious enough to punish his little girl when she’s been bad (or when she’s been rather good *grins*).

Coming up later in the month will be “My Spicier Confession” and “My Spiciest” all following the same character of the haughty hottie Cassandra. But my NEXT release is going to be “The Cheerleader’s Secret,” wherein a gorgeous teen hottie’s secret taboo desires are exposed by the man of the house. Are we noticing something of a pattern yet?

Also completely new for all of you is my very first audio story, “Housewife Hottie.” This has already been released as in TEXT form, but this is the very first time it has ever been available in AUDIO. The narrator, Kathi Beaver, did just a phenomenal job. I knew her voice was completely perfect for the sexy, fun tone of the story from her very first sentence, and she makes the story incredibly steamy and hot throughout. You can buy that, right now, at Amazon!

I’ve been updating tumblr like mad lately, searching for hot, sexy pics that inspire me. Take a look, or scroll down to the feed on the sidebar. I guarantee there will be something fun for you there.

But in any case, if you’re in the mood for a hot, guilty pleasure, make sure to check out “My Spicy Confession,” out now on Amazon!


Here’s the official blurb:


Cassandra is the hottest girl at her school, but she’s not interested in any of the boys or even the girls there. No, this hot barely legal teen only has eyes for Ron, the man of the house. He’s everything to her, and she’s obsessed with the dream of being his perfect little princess—cleaning for him, cooking for him, and taking care of his every manly need.

Today, she finally tells him how she really feels. And she confesses to him that the one thing that could make her feel more loved than anything else is being owned by him completely and becoming his willing sextoy.

For mature audiences only—this erotica short (~4000 words) contains the story of a drop-dead gorgeous virgin expounding on her forbidden love for the man of the house, and showing this hot taboo affection with dressing up in blisteringly hot outfits, giving sexy blowjobs, and begging for hardcore fucking.


An hour later, I take a deep breath, staring at my tiny little outfit in the mirror. Pure white thigh-high socks decorate my perfect legs, little red bows on the backs of them.

Red polkadotted platform mary janes are on my feet, arching my ass up high underneath my teensy red pleated skirt.

My thin dark sweater is tight over my luscious young breasts, resting on my abdomen, showing just a bit of my toned, tight little tummy. My cleavage is on incredible display, half-globes of luscious teen titflesh ripe for the squeezing and teasing.

The whole ensemble just advertises my pure, virgin hot body, and even with as naughty as each individual piece is, somehow my gorgeous face, my just-too-long mass of gorgeous black tresses that reaches down to my ass makes it somehow innocent.

I giggle. As if, somehow, I came upon how incredibly hot I am by accident.

I need this outfit to be perfect, I need all of me to be perfect, because today’s the day. I’m finally going to show Sir how I really feel, what he means to me, what I need to be for him.

It’s getting close to the time where he should be coming home, now.

I’ve been preparing for ages, making mental plans, practicing and re-practicing speeches to convince him to have me. I’m so desperately in need of his approval, of his control…and his perfect touch.

I pose in front of the mirror, clasping my hands together up under my bouyant tits and putting on my very best pout.

“Please, Sir…”

Oh god, I hope he thinks I’m pretty enough…