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Honor your resolutions and check out this week’s MIDWEEK (NYMPHO)MANIA!









What’s up sports fans! Here’s two awesome stories available FREE RIGHT NOW for you for this week’s Midweek (Nympho)Mania!

Taken by Teachers” is the hot story of a teen temptress who desperately wants to be forced down on her knees; but, if she lets anyone know this is what she wants, it’ll ruin it for her. She wants a strong, hot alpha male to PUT her in her place whether he thinks she wants it or not! So, she goes out of her way to tempt men into going crazy for her…but little does she know that she’s driven TWO older men crazy at once! It features a HOT double-team scene and LOTS of teasing and seduction!

Bimbo Gym!” is the HOT tale of a new gym in a small town. All the men who go to the gym become hugely muscled alpha studs. All the women become giggling, ultra-fertile lactating bimbos. This story explores one small family’s struggle with their transformations, and features lactation, bimbofication, harem gathering, pseudo-incest between ‘brother’ and ‘sister’, huge group sex scenes, and lots and LOTS of hot material!

New bundle out now! “Nadia Nightside’s Best of 2014!”


Hi all! Quick message today while you enjoy the first weekend of the new year! I’ve got a BRAND NEW bundle out today that features FIVE of my best stories, appropriately titled, “Nadia Nightside’s Best of 2014.” It’s got some of my FAVORITE stories of the year, and I hope that you’ll love it as much as I do!

Here’s the official blurb:

The Best Stories In One Bundle, Just For You!

This incredible bundle is full of the absolute hottest stories from Nadia Nightside in 2014. In “The Shifter’s Mate,” an alpha stud werewolf will stop at nothing to mark his gorgeous mate for his own. In “Maid Laid Bare,” a beautiful young servant is given an ultimatum: take her hunky new employer’s seed and give him an heir, or face financial ruin. In “Bang the Gang 2,” a nubile innocent small-town girl is held captive by an entire gang of bad boy bikers who want to use her ALL at the same time! In “Paid & Laid: The Job Interview,” a debt-ridden beauty finds salvation in the corporate board room where she is used in every filthy, dirty, erotic way by a studly group of rich businessmen. And in “Bimbo Costumes!”, a haunted house has a sexy mind of its own and turns the paranormal investigators who visit it into sex-obsessed nymphomaniacs, sometimes even swapping their genders and transforming them into gorgeous, giggly bimbo babes!

These stories feature all manner of paranormal and shifter erotica; hot babes who are absolutely willing to give their owners new heirs and display the creamy products of their overflowing cups; bad boy studs, alpha hunks, and rich bastards; lust-fueled scenes of group sex; and absolute subservience to dominant wills.


Midweek (NYMPHO)MANIA! Sexy bimbo times straight into the new year!









What’s this madness? Am I putting BOTH of my first Bimbo Fun stories on deep discount down to 99 cents? Why, it’s almost like I’m trying to draw your attention to the THIRD story in the series.

Okay, you got me. That’s exactly what I’m doing. I think you should read ALL of these stories, and I want you to have fun with these hot bimbo tales so much that for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, I’ve dropped the price! Click the images above to go and buy them at Amazon for under a dollar! These hot sexy bimbofying tales feature (quite surprisingly!) lots of bimbofication and sluttification, but also gender swap/sissification, harem gathering, orgy sex, huge lactating tits, breeding and impregnation, mind control, bdsm, long flowing hair, giggly voices, sultry seductresses, hulking studs, alpha males, and loads and loads of filthy nasty sex. Check them out!










HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I just LOVE this time of year, and I hope you do too. And if you don’t, well, here are TWO very good reasons to love it! FREE STORY BUNDLES! HOOOORAAAYYY! Click on the images above to grab them at Amazon!

So, “The Perfect Gift Bundle” is a series all about a magic crystal and the naughty family members who use it for their own erotic desires on their daughters and sisters! It features hot threesomes, VERY taboo situations, and sexy hypnotic inductions!

“The Paranormal Pleasures Series” is a group of three stories I released waaaaay back in the second quarter of this year, all about a gorgeous BBW who is somehow immune to the mind-controlling fucking of an alpha stud werewolf. There’s witches, crazy hot harems, huge orgies, body transformation, and much MUCH more!

That’s all for me right now–look for a NEW Bimbo Costumes story out this weekend!