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New three-story bimbo bundle out today! “The Maid For Service Bundle 2”

That’s right, you beautiful people out there! This bundle is JUST for you! It includes all THREE stories from the second half of the “Maid for Service” saga. What do these stories feature, you might ask? Oh, nothing much, just bimbo transformation, mind control, orgies, group sex, harem gathering, sluttification, creampies, breeding, impregnation, blackmail, homewrecking, all manner of every dirty sex act imaginable, and MUCH MUCH MORE!

Okay, so “nothing much” was not entirely true. TOO BAD. It’s full of awesome things! Go pick it up now!

“Sold! Owned by the Man of the House” Out NOW!

Greetings, hello, and salutations! Out today for you is my newest story, “Sold! Owned by the Man of the House.”

 This dirty little story is the latest in my “Sold into Service” series, which also includes “Sold! Trained by a Gang.” Like that story, this fun romp into fantasy takes place in the alternate reality land of Aurona, with its own set of kingdoms and a very special set of rules when it comes to slavery. Domestic servitude is part of the economy, and so men and women are sold all the time into erotic service to be the perfect fuckslaves for new owners.

So, this story focuses on Leandra, who is sold—and bought!—by her Daddy. Pretty taboo, huh? While her Daddy is incredibly attracted to the prospect of having his good little girl serve his every last sexual desire, he doesn’t know quite whether to trust the fact that she wants him to own her…even though she really, really does. Along the way, another slave owned by Daddy named Diane adds to the erotic couplings. It’s a carefree jaunt into sexy times for all!

This hot story features (obviously) Daddy/Daughter taboo incest relations, but also sexy threesomes, a hot gangbang, fun breeding and creampie elements, and MUCH MUCH MORE!

 * * * * *

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 So! If a story featuring a beautiful young woman being made into an obedient sex slave for her Daddy sounds like fun to you, check out “Sold! Owned by the Man of the House” today!

Here’s the Official Blurb:


I promise to obey, Sir. I just want to be your good girl…

As an erotic servant trained by the Guild of Service, the gorgeous and innocent Leandra has prepared for months to be the perfect piece of living sexual property for her new owner. But when that handsome new owner turns out to be the man who raised her, all her lustful needs to obey and serve are thrown into a taboo, sensual flux.
Her owner, the rich hunk Cal, was the one who sold Leandra away to the Guild of Service, and doesn’t know if he should believe Leandra when she claims her urgent need to obey his every desire. The blistering hot lust between them is, after all, completely forbidden! Along with Cal’s other gorgeous, young new servant, Diane, Leandra must convince her man of the house that she’s willing to do anything to make him happy. No erotic act is too taboo for the two servile babes—threesomes, ego-stroking cheers, gleeful seduction, and even banging a whole gang of Cal’s friends who Leandra has known her whole life! Anything to make her owner happy…






Now, I was alone with him—my Daddy—and compelled beyond all possible compulsions to obey every last whim that he had.


“Now, I want you to come here, Leandra.” He waved a finger. “Like a good girl. Like a slave. Like they trained you. Let me see my obedient little girl come toward me.”


Obediently, from my position already on my hands and knees, I began to crawl toward him. Soon, I was right between his legs. My Master’s thick, muscular legs.


“Take out my cock.”


I gulped. “Y-yes, Daddy.”


Slowly, my fingers drifted up over the zipper to his pants and pulled it down. Then the buttons, slowly again. I was taking my time. This all felt so very wrong.


The feeling of wrongness only intensified when I saw his cock in the flesh, already half-hard. It was enormous! My mouth watered at the sight of it, just as I had been trained. I knew he was my Master, now, and I knew that when I saw my Master’s cock, it was only right and proper for me to drool. That was a slave’s duty—to let her Master know that his cock was worth salivating for.


“I’m not hard all the way,” he noticed.


“Y-yes, Daddy.”


“Fix that, would you?”


Trembling, my fingers wrapped around his shaft.


“Ah-ah.” He said, slapping at my wrist playfully. “Ask me how.”


I looked up at him with my big green eyes, open for instruction.


“H-how would you like me to get you hard, Daddy?”…


“Maid Laid Bare 4 – The Maid Who Banged a Biker Gang” out NOW!

Hello hello hello! That’s right—THREE Hellos, to signify how EXCITED I am about this new release for all you wonderful folks out there! This book is super filthy, extra dirty, and completely nasty, and I know you’re just going to LOVE IT.

Before I go any further, I have to remind you about my SEXTOBER EVENT going on right now, in which I am giving away DOZENS AND DOZENS of my stories. That is not a typo! I did not misspeak! Do not adjust your monitor! I AM GIVING THESE STORIES AWAY SO YOU CAN BRING THEM INTO YOUR SEXY HOT MINDS! Get get get! They are all terrific, of course, and you should have every last one of them.

Anyway, this is “Maid Laid Bare 4: The Maid Who Banged A Biker Gang.” It’s a fun, ultra-realistic story of a sexy bimbo maid who brings a tough-as-nails biker back from the brink of death using her sexified bimbo milk. He becomes an ultra cunt-hungry breeding stud, she makes him more bimbos with her special lactations, and generally speaking, it’s a big crazy sexy time. I think you’ll love it, and you should pick it up right now! It features: Bimbo transformation, mind control, lactation, breeding, group sex, and of course, a very hot gang bang!

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One other thing! I’ve got another new-ish story. I say “new-ish” because, as some of you know, I sometimes release romance under a different name. So, “Dark Desires of the Billionaire” is a VERY steaming hot erotic romance, which always had a bit more emphasis on the “erotic” than the “romance.” As such, I decided to move it over to the Nightside name to see how it would fare. If you haven’t read it yet, please pick it up! It’s a novel-length foray into the sexy world of billionaire office lust, with a smoking hot secretary doing her best to seduce her incredibly rich boss.

Okay! So—things to remember: PICK UP SOME FREE STORIES! Seriously! And also, grab “Maid Laid Bare 4: The Maid Who Banged a Biker Gang” and “Dark Desires of the Billionaire” TODAY!


Here’s some excerpts:




“Yes, Sir. You had many wounds. You had to sleep them off.”

“Sleep them off? How do you sleep off a gunshot wound?”

“With the right mixture of sleep and medicine, Sir, anything is possible.”

She had slipped up onto the bed now, sliding her tiny lingerie and apron down and revealing her plump, milk-leaking tits. The warm substance immediately dripped on my skin, filling my mind with filthy thoughts. It was like her milk was lust incarnate, capable of shaping whoever touched it or tasted it into a better vehicle for providing hot, nasty sex.

“I don’t…ahhh…believe you.”

Her hand had wrapped around my cock—already stiffening—and I found myself losing the will to resist. Fuck, she was gorgeous.

“My milk is especially potent, Sir,” she said slowly. “You see, I’ve had nothing to do for months now. No sexual energy to expend. So, it all went into my milk. I’ve been taking regular doses of my happy fun bimbo pills, but since I don’t get fucked or bred by any huge, perfect studs like my Master Pace…well. It all just…goes into the milk.”

There was just a whole lot that needed explaining from that. Bimbo pills? Fucked and bred? And what goes into the milk?

“You take…pills that make you this way?”

“Oh yes, Sir. 44DD. They’re rather wonderful. I’d be perfectly happy without them, and perfectly sexy too. And, in fact, I was supposed to curtail my dosage when I first met my Owner, but then, you took so very long to arrive here.”

“You think I’m your Owner?”

I could feel myself matching her capitalization already. Her stroking picked up on my cock, thumb pushing into the thick head of my meat.

“Of course, Sir. You said so yourself. Don’t you want to be my Owner? Aren’t you glad that I’ll do every last little thing you say?”

I lay back on the bed, breathing hard. God, she was good at stroking a cock….



The second she let her bags down on the linoleum floor, she had to slip her hand down her pants and press her front two fingers hard against her pussy. She pressed back against the door, the thump cascading through the house.

Must dress hot.

Mmmph. Oh god. Why did it turn her on so much that he had such exclusive standards?

Was it because she knew that she could dress hot?

Was it because—for all of his arrogance and sneering confidence and negativity—he had a clear selection of standards for a woman to be good enough for him? The thought of conforming to that, to being inside of those standards, to being the submissive babe who was good enough to serve such a demanding, ornery dominant…

Must be attractive.

Oh yes.

Sliding up the walls of her apartment with her fingers staying busy, she had fallen into the couch now, her pants pushed down around her knees with her panties not far behind. The couch would stain, maybe, but she didn’t care. The ad was so very hot to think about.

She could wear tiny little skirts around the office, hot fishnets beneath them. She could show off her hot ass to him, her big tits, her sexy face made up purely for his satisfaction.

When he thought of her as an object when she wanted to be a professional, that was demeaning, of course.

But if he thought of her as an object when she was deliberately trying to be his object…

Her fingers sank deeper into her pussy, fucking her hot velvety folds harder and harder.

“His object,” she moaned. “His object.”

To have all her hopes, all her dreams, all her needs so close, to be working for him. Fuck, she already was subservient to him!…

Brand new mind control tale, FREE until Thursday!

Out today for all of you wonderful people is my newest story, “Hypno-App: The Librarian.

This is the start of a NEW series, of which there will be a total of three sexy titles for. This story involves a lot of my favorite kinks–the secretly willing submissive, the haughty and arrogant teenage gold digger, and the quietly beautiful type who is unwilling at first–but soon comes to love being controlled. Something I’m experimenting with this tale is a much longer, steadier conflict–you may have noticed in most of my trilogies that each tale is self-contained. That is CERTAINLY going to be true in these, but I wanted to have a more sustained conflict between each tale. Let me know if it’s working for you!

Next week, I’ll be releasing another title in a brand new series, “Sexy Coven.” That one will have a whole mess of sexy, magical action as a hidden coven of sensationally hot witches searches for their long-lost master, who they’re desperate to bend their knees to.

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In any case, if the thought of a sexy, imperious librarian being hypnotized into a completely sex-obsessed loveslave sounds like a fun time for you, make sure to check out “Hypno-App: The Librarian” today!

Here’s the official blurb:

Perpetual virginal, nerdy Adam thinks his sexual fantasies about hypnotizing the beautiful women around him are just that—fantasies. Then, as he’s stuck doing community service at a library surrounded by three gorgeous girls, he downloads a mysterious app on his phone that promises to make him the Owner of whatever hot babes he wants!
He can’t help but think of the two other young, barely legal students at the library with him–the sexy cheerleading babe, Camille, and the beautiful-but-studious doll, Barbara. And certainly, there’s no way he can stop imagining Miss Durand, the sensationally hot librarian, kneeling before him and begging to serve with her mind totally erased…

For mature audiences only—this erotic short (~6000 words) contains the story of one lucky high school nerd with the sudden ability to hypnotize any beautiful babe he wants! He uses this new app for blowjobs, handjobs, and slathering the faces of gorgeous entranced beauties with his cum!


He stepped next to her, in between her legs. She casually wrapped one long calf around the back of his knee. He toyed with the fabric of her blouse, pulling it out from her skirt.

“Have…have…” he felt so silly saying it. Oh well. “…have you been hypnotized, Alena?”

“Of course, Master. You hypnotized me. For…for millenia.” She said the word rapturously, as if that was exactly the right amount of time to have her former identity wiped out of existence. “Millenia and millenia of pleasure. Just from you. You are soooo good to me, Master. Thank you.”

Millenia? The spirals must have somehow slowed her sense of time—delivering whole acreages of pleasure in a nanometer of her timeline.

“That’s really, really fucking hot, Alena.”

“Yes, Master,” she nodded. “I know.”…