House of the Shifter – A new paranormal taboo erotica just for you!

Out today for all of you wonderful people is my newest story, and the final entry in the “Paranormal Pleasures” series, “House of the Shifter.

This story is, of course, the sequel to “The Shifter’s Mate” and “Innocent Before the Shifter.” It’s a complete blast, with lots of sexy seductions and some fun magic power struggles.

Probably, the discerning reader already figured out that when there are step-siblings in my stories, they are probably going to have sex. If you’ve been waiting for the juicy payoff between the blistering hot witch, Felicia, and the studly alpha male werewolf, Caleb–this story is right up your alley.

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As far as House of the Shifter goes, here’s the official blurb:

Caleb was a nerdy loser, once upon a time, but now he’s a tattooed, werewolf alpha male stud. To protect his lover and his friends, he has to face an ancient magical threat in the form of a beautiful woman he’s lived with for years,the gorgeous and busty Felicia. She wouldn’t be the first sexy babe to submit to him, but this feisty witch won’t go down without a fight!

For mature audiences only—this erotica tale (~12000 words) features a werewolf who doesn’t take “no” for an answer and can transform curvy, beautiful women into his hot, eager servants, even if their relationship is completely forbidden!



Of course.” Felicia chuckled. “It’s a very powerful spell. It requires several parts, several people participating. The Priestess, that’s you. Then the Beast King, the Warrior, the Enchantress Queen, and the Slave. It will make me immortal and beautiful forever. And powerful too, yes.”

A soft, tiny little moan escaped Lauren’s mouth—almost imperceptible.

Felicia began to smile, understanding the sound right away.

Lauren clearly was trying to keep her poker face…but Felicia could tell all she wanted to do was look at Felicia’s gorgeous body. She was surprised, in fact, that she hadn’t noticed it before—Lauren was bisexual. Heavily so.

In fact, judging from that moan, Lauren was a natural submissive. How delightful! This would be easier than she thought.

Felicia knew Lauren’s power was unpredictable…varied. But she also could now see the signs of easy, happy submission written all over her, as easily as someone else might see a traffic light on a road. All Felicia had to do was tug at those strands of servility—and she didn’t even need magic to do it.

She leaned forward, staring at Lauren with admiration on her face. “You’re very special, you know.”

I…I-I am?”

Of course. Not just anybody could be the Priestess for the Spell Suprema. It takes…certain aptitudes.” She put a soft, feminine hand on Lauren’s knee, pushing it upward.

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