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Get it at Amazon!Hello hello all you wonderful folks out there! I’ve got a short little update today–just wanted to let you know about my NEWEST bundle of stories–“The Knocked Up Lust Bundle.” This bad boy (bad girl?) is  chock FULL of stories–six of them in fact! They all feature hot, unprotected, bareback sex that’s so lusty and passionate that the girls involved (and there’s always at least one, usually two!) are guaranteed to get knocked up! More running themes for the bundle include threesomes/menage, bdsm, taboo situations, and much MUCH more!


Next week I’ll have a new release for you–the newest in the “Revenge By Trance” series, so look out for that!



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Here’s the official blurb:

“Please…I don’t want you to use protection.”

There’s all kinds of lust in the world. Lust for men; lust for women; lust for hot, naughty fantasies that always seem just out of reach. The people in these six deliciously fertile tales are consumed with the overpowering lust for one thing, and one thing only—to let their hot, aching bodies consummate their desires with no protection at all. That’s right; the hot ladies in these stories need to be knocked up, and the men are only too happy to oblige them.
The need to reproduce strikes in all kinds of places and situations—between jilted lovers in an office (”Helping Out Holly”), in a three-way tryst between married neighbors and a gorgeous young babe (”Putting Paige in her Place”), in hot three-way loving between students and teachers (“Two Sexy Students, One Stud Teacher” AND “Taken By Teachers”), during a taboo stay at the house of a strong, rich stud (“Lucy Learns Her Lesson”), and even between a pimp and his newest hot lady ( “Working Girl Wendy”). If this bundle were filled with any more fertility, it would be making hot new stories on its own!



Hold on there, girl.”

Tony stood up off the bed, sending out hot spurts of cum onto Silvia, looking over at Wendy. His cock was still hard…and still shooting cum.

Holy shit, thought Wendy. How in the hell was his cock still hard after cumming down her throat and filling up Silvia? He was a machine.

A machine that wanted her. Hot flutters of deserved pride filled her chest.

I got another offer for you,” said Tony.

Somehow, Wendy already knew what it was. Even so, she asked, “What’s that?”

You let me fuck you, and if you don’t cum—and baby, I’ll know if you’re cumming or not—then I’ll pay you double whatever Silvia said what you would earn tonight.”

Double? That, plus what he gave her for the blowjob, would land her more than halfway toward her goal for the Europe trip.

I tell you what,” he said snidely, slapping her ass again. “You fuck me good enough, I won’t even have work you on other fellas. I’ll just keep you to myself. How’s that? One cock for all your monetary needs, baby. That’s a good deal.”

She would have liked to have said that she needed lots of convincing. But just the opportunity of having Tony inside of her again got her wet.

F-fine,” Wendy said. “Fine, okay. Let’s do it.”

With no warning, he grabbed her and threw her down on the bed—she landed on top of Silvia’s back, who, lost in bliss, didn’t seem to care or notice. Wendy squirmed a bit, uncomfortable, but Tony’s strong hands pinned her down. His thick hands ripped her panties and her clothes off in very short time. Wendy wondered just for a moment how she was going to get home—and then saw his big cock arrive in front of her pussy.

For a moment, she saw his enormously meaty cockhead, floating in between her legs like some mystic totem of fucking. It seemed unreal in its hugeness, still, even after Wendy had already had it inside her.

I don’t use protection, girl. I’m gonna fuck you pregnant.”

She moaned in response—that hadn’t been part of the plan! But she didn’t know if she cared anymore…

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