It’s a Nadia Nightside Sextember!

Ladies and Gentlemen and dirty minds of every kind, it is officially Sextember! The following titles are ALL totally FREE on Amazon!

The following titles feature some or ALL of the following: mind control, hypnosis, bimbofication/bimbo transformation, barely legal sex, first time/virgin sex, breeding/bareback/impregnation, group sex, harem sex/harem gathering, sex slaves, and much MUCH more!


The Magic Remote - Controlling The Sorority The Magic Remote - Controlling the DetectivesMagical Mesmerism - Mesmerizing His Bride Magical Mesmerism - Mesmerizing His Cheerleaders Magical Mesmerism - Mesmerizing His Best Friend

















What’s up with Sextember, you might be wondering? Well, I just can’t help myself! I love my fans SO MUCH that I want to give away as MANY stories as I possibly can. In the meantime, more than EIGHTY PERCENT of my titles are on Kindle Unlimited, so all of you brilliant KU users are able to get more titles than ever for just the price of admission.

Grab as many as you can! It’s my fondest dream that as many people as possible read EVERY work of mine that you can for helping me keep the lights on around here just by writing you filthy hot stories.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be giving away more and more stories! Keep checking back–the deals will change every few days, and you don’t want to miss out! The above are just SOME of the titles I have (for FREEEEEEEEE) at Amazon right now, so check around and make sure you grab everything!

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