“Maid Laid Bare 5: Maid For Sale” – A new story out just for you!

Out today for all of you wonderful folks in my newest story, “Maid Laid Bare 5: Maid for Sale!

This one is a wicked little story that I think will appeal to anyone who has daydreamed about being seduced away from a relationship. In it, Hayley is a lovely young woman, but rather bossy and snooty. When she and her boyfriend Simon buy a Castle Maid, Fiona, the maid quickly starts to turn the tables on Hayley, soon being completely in charge of the relationship—though still perfectly servile to Simon! I had lots of fun writing it–so do let me know if you enjoyed it!

It features all of the following: bimbo transformation, mind control, reluctance, breast enlargement/growth, sex slaves, taboo sex, lactation, creampie, impregnation, and breeding!


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So, if you’re in the mood for a hot story full of bimbo sex and fun transformations, check out “Maid Laid Bare 5: Maid For Sale” today!


Here’s the official blurb:


Castle Maids are known for their impeccable and erotic service record. They cook, they clean, and they are happy for all of it—and they also eagerly perform every filthy, dirty sexual act they’re ordered to do, no matter how taboo! With smiles on their gorgeous faces, they beg for heirs and soak every sensuous act in the creamy product of their overflowing cups.

The lovely Hayley Haus, snobby rich heiress, is certain a Castle Maid will spice up her love life with her shy boyfriend, Simon. But when they purchase Fiona, everything starts to change. Bossy and beautiful, Hayley is used to getting her way—but Fiona only wants to obey Simon. Soon, the snooty, formerly-intelligent Hayley finds that thinking is like, “super hard!” Her body starts becoming sexier, with “mega-cool” big breasts and “way hot” long blond hair. Simon, suddenly studly, only encourages Hayley’s descent into becoming a sex-hungry, servile maid. Because the unstoppably sexy Fiona wants to serve hunky Simon all by herself, and eventually wants to to sell the transformed Hayley off to some other man!




“Yes, Madam.”

Fiona crawled forward onto the bed, sliding her gorgeous face between Hayley’s waiting thighs, and dutifully began to lick. Hayley stroked Simon off as she did. He liked watching this. Hayley liked that he liked watching.

Fiona, moaning, pushed her hand upward and started stroking Simon as well. For a moment, the two women worked in unison, but this was just an illusion. The second they gained a rhythm, Fiona had slid her hand all the way up and down Simon’s cock, gently pushing Hayley’s away.

Hayley didn’t care. Fiona’s tongue on her clit was magical. It had approached peak perfection almost immediately, sending electric currents up and down Hayley’s body. She writhed in ecstasy, never wanting the sensations to stop.

But, almost just as soon as Fiona started licking, she quit. The thick, heavy stroking on Simon’s cock continued though, and she quickly added her luscious mouth to the mix. Fiona’s licks on Simon’s cock were loving, longing, like she had needed his cock her entire, entire life. Her eyes were alive with lust, with love. She had true, undeniable worship in her face for Simon. For Hayley’s Simon.

Fiona was ignoring Hayley entirely, now. Ignoring Hayley for him.

It was a better blowjob that Hayley had ever given. Her mouth was structured small, and Simon’s cock was a bit on the large side, so she had always had trouble taking him in all the way. Fiona had no such trouble.

Panic entered her mind. She turned to Simon, trying to kiss his neck, his face, but he kept turning away to watch Fiona work her magic on his cock…

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