“Nadia Nightside’s Best of 2015”–Hey, that’s me!

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Hellooooo all you wonderful readers out there! A short post for you today. I’ve got a BRAND NEW bundle out–with 6 HUGE stories from 2015–and I’m just dying for you to read them all. This is one of my biggest bundles ever in terms of actual story length and content mass, and so no matter WHAT price you find it at, you’re going to get a heckuva deal on it.  (It’s available on Kindle Unlimited, too!)

No matter what you like, this “Best Of” bundle has everything–mind control, bimbo transformation/bimbofication, breeding, impregnation, creampies, group sex, threesomes, hypnosis, taboo situations, barely legal virgin gang bangs, and SO much more!

Here’s the Official Blurb:

The best way to start indulging.

Nobody knows sensational erotica better than Nadia Nightside. All her stories feature fertile, gorgeous women dripping with desire and masculine, hunky men throbbing to deliver heir after heir. In these stories, men are always capital M “MEN,” in their rightful place in charge of gorgeous women. And those women? Of course they’re all aching to slide down on their knees before their ripped, studly gods and worship those meaty members with their deliciously plump mouths…even if they have to do it with two or three or four other beauties at the same time.
In “2 Women, 1 Man, 0 Rules,” a pregnant housewife worried about her straying husband enlists her gorgeous best friend into a threesome so they can both worship his massive meat together. In “Owning My Co-Worker,” a lucky young man finds out that the taste of his seed puts the beautiful women he works with under a blissful, obedient trance. In “Gang Up: Overload,” a post-apocalyptic town is ripped in two when a love affair between members of rival gangs is exposed, and every member of the gangs needs to ride just one lucky beauty to settle the dispute. In “Revenge On His Hot Assistants,” a stage magician finds a magic watch that lets him entrance his beautiful, snobby assistants until they’re his doting servants, eager have his virile unprotected seed fill their fertile bodies. In “Lust Fever,” a virus is unleashed that makes mindblowing sex unstoppable…and undeniable. And in “Heir Salon,” a staunch feminist moves to a town where all the women are empty-headed, eager, fertile, servile bimbos…and soon finds herself part of a plot to be just like them.
This bundle is the perfect place to start for any new readers of erotica, or a great way for old fans to catch up with any hot tales they might have missed out over the last year.

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