New Discounted Bundle–Hypnotized!

Just a quick update today–I’ve just released a new bundle across several different platforms, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

It combines NINE fan-favorite hypnotism stories, spanning THREE different series. It’s a TON of fun and I think you would be very well-equipped by picking it up if you enjoy mind control, hypnosis, mesmerism, barely legal virgins, lucky nerds getting their way, or anything of that ilk.

It’s just .99 cents right now! That price will go up over time, so act fast–but even if you miss that low, low price, it’s going to stay at a HUGE discount for the entirety of its existence, so make sure you pick it up and take advantage!


Here’s a blurb:

Obedience. Eagerness. Happiness.

These are the qualities that men deserve from the women in their lives—especially when those women are young and beautiful.

Power. Domination. Control.

This is what the special hypnotic tools featured in these NINE stories give to regular guys who just want to own who and what they so richly deserve.
Come find out what happens when the irresistable forces of lust meet unstoppable hypnotic objects that are able to entrance and delight every sort of gorgeous woman.
Here’s a hint: it includes tons of explicit sex involving one lucky guy and a harem of his chosen sexy ladies!

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