New mind control bundle! – “The Unprotected Trance Series.”

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Hello all! Short little post today–I just wanted to let you know I’ve got a NEW bundle out that combined ALL of some of my HOTTEST stories from this year so far. People have really seemed to adore these stories about Victor–the lucky young fellow who finds out his seed can put gorgeous women into hypnotic trances from just touching or tasting it. It’s a lovely little tale of a man finding out who he really is–and how he wants the women in his life to encourage his descent into corrupted depravity every step of the way.

This bundle combines the stories “Owning My Co-Worker,” “Owning My Boss,” and “Owning My Ex.” These stories feature hot mind control action, thrilling group sex encounters, luscious barely legal beauties, mindblowing hypnotic inductions, and much MUCH more!



Here’s the official blurb:

Entranced. Aroused. Owned.

Everyone has hot, wrong, corrupt fantasies. Lusty, fevered thoughts about doing whatever they want to the person they lust after the most. For Victor, that fantasy is a reality. The taste or intimate touch of his masculine load puts all the hot women at his bookstore into a loving, obedient trance. He reshapes their wills to his liking. He makes these fertile beauties beg for his heirs and to eagerly gather other young babes to serve him in every erotic way.
He begins as just a normal guy trying to use the sex appeal of his hot co-workers to help save the bookstore where he works. But this absolute power corrupts him absolutely, and absolute corruption draws a lot of attention. People start to figure out Victor’s plan. A lifetime of pure bliss and an eager erotic harem of gorgeous beauties are in the cards–including his co-workers, his boss, and even his ex-girlfriend–but only if he’s willing to trade away every moral he has.

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