New Release! — Hypnotizing the Detectives

As promised, out today for all of you is the third installment in the Hot Hypnotism series, “Hypnotizing the Detectives.”

This is a direct sequel to “Hypnotizing the Sorority” (available now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords), and was quite a thrill to write. There’s several scenes of hot voyeuristic masturbation, erotic tension between beautiful women, and the whole story portrays one long, highly-reluctant submission to slavery.

One inspiration for this story was the idea of a woman going out of her way to be mind controlled. I know that, for myself, if I knew there was some hunk walking around with a mind control ray, I’d have be hard-pressed NOT to throw myself at his feet. The protagonist in this story, Heather, has much the same problem, though her feelings are compounded by her sense of duty to the law and to

One thing I enjoyed about writing this trio of stories was the interplay between some of the different protagonists. In “Sorority,” the character of Alyssa uses an outward presentation of submission and goodwill to get away with domineering everyone she comes across. But in “Detectives,” Heather is very domineering to compensate for her shame at the submissive nature of her sexuality. Watching these characters grow and adapt as they confront Jared and his all-powerful ray has been quite a treat for me, and I hope that it is for you as well! If the idea of a beautiful cop tossing away all senses of duty as she finally gives in to her true submissive nature sounds appealing to you, then be sure to check out “Hypnotizing the Detectives,” available now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords!

Here’s the official blurb:

Beautiful, secretly submissive detective Heather Key and her lovely partner Sandra Harrera are investigating a local sorority house, believing the girls there have entered some kind of prostitution ring. When Heather finds out that the house is actually under the control of an amoral mind controller, though, she doesn’t know how long she can hold in her arousal or stay off her knees!

For mature audiences only—this erotica short (~10,000 words) takes the reader on a explicitly detailed erotic romp as a sexy detective struggles with her inner-submissive side. Readers will experience her dark thrills as she watches and gets off to other girls being mind-controlled (one at a time and en masse), leading up to her climactic struggle against the mind controller himself, inside of a house full of hypnotized hotties eager to do his bidding!


When she looked back in the house, she saw Tracy getting up from the couch to go somewhere—presumably the bathroom. Monica and Carmen got up to watch her leave. They each had their gaze firmly attached to Tracy’s behind.

Heather found this somewhat disturbing.
Through the tall windows, she could see a young man stepping down the tall, spiral staircase in the center of the house. He held a thick, silver remote of some kind in his hands, and a golden crown on his head. Boxer shorts and a fluffy blue robe were the only clothing he had on, besides a pair of slippers.

The girls each saw him, breathing in deep when they did, as if sighing with purest pleasure.
Heather recognized him, she thought, but she couldn’t say from where.
Carmen stepped over to Monica and unzipped her long gray dress. The scintillatingly hot blonde stepped out of it, decked out entirely in bright green lingerie.

Then, Monica turned Carmen around, and unzipped her stepdaughter, who was dressed in similarly fashioned purple lingerie. Each girl had on lacy stockings, frilly garters, and hot push-up bras that put their fantastic tits on perfect display for the man who had come down to the room. The contrast between their outside outfits and their lingerie made it seem like they had committed to being just decorations for him, and only for him.

The young man moved over to the couch, sitting down and watching their display with a small smile on his face, as if he was used to this show. As if he was watching something he had arranged himself.

Monica walked to a desk table against the wall and opened a drawer, pulling out a pair of long green gloves, perfectly matching her outfit. Heather felt herself squirm for some reason as she watched the gorgeous woman slip on the gloves and then slip down in front of her man, wrapping her slender body around his leg. . .


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