New taboo story, FREE for a limited time! — “My Spiciest Confession”

Get it at Amazon!Out today for all of you wonderful people is my latest entry in my Month of Taboo, and the LAST story in the “Spicy Confessions” trilogy–“My Spiciest Confession.” It is FREE until Wednesday, July 31st!

In the first story, Cassandra confessed how much she needed to fuck her Daddy. In the second story, she confessed how badly she needed to have her Stud Big Bro inside of her. In this scintillatingly sexy third installment, she confesses how she needs them BOTH inside her, at the same time. More than that, she needs them to put a baby inside of her.

Cassandra is quite used to getting whatever she wants for being a gorgeous babe. I just think it’s so wonderfully hot writing about a hot teen babe who is as hot as she is who only really wants to be the perfect fuckpet and broodslut for those VERY special men in her life.

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Here’s the official blurb for “My Spiciest Confession”

Teen goddess Cassandra has managed to seduce the man of the house, Ron, and her returning hero, Blake. The problem? Since they both drill her senseless whenever they want, they’ve started to get jealous of each other.

Her solution is to have them drill her at the same time.

She hopes that this will solve the even bigger problem in her life—that she isn’t pregnant yet. That’s right—she’s wants them both to leave hot impregnating creampies in her belly. She just won’t be satisfied until she knows that’s what they want too…

For mature audiences only!—this erotica short (~4100 words) contains the scintillating story of a beautiful teenager who wants to keep it all in the family by any means necessary! She uses handjobs, blowjobs, and hardcore sex with her two men at the same time to get her way, and ensure that she’ll be theirs, forever.




I’m all dressed up special just for them, as always. Over the past few months, I’ve gotten more and more creative with my outfits as I’ve learned what each of my hunks likes.

Blake really, really loves it when I wear gloves and short skirts. Ron loves low-cut tops showing off my big tits, and hot high-heeled boots.

So, tonight is a compromise. I wear a tiny red minidress, its soft surface tight around my hips and clinging to the heavy globes of my sexy teenage tits. The loop of bare skin around my neck swoops low into my cleavage, showing off an incredible amount of the young, luscious skin I have available. Elbow-length leather gloves slide up tight around my toned arms. My legs are encased in matching black skintight leather boots that wrap up all the way up around my lovely, fit thighs. The heels are almost dangerously high―more than six inches―but I’ve been practicing walking in high heels a lot lately for the men of the house, and I can strut in them easily.

I look dynamite in this outfit, and both men shouldn’t be able to resist fucking me. I want my Stud and my Master to fuck the shit out of me as soon as they walk through the door tonight.

I look down at myself, sliding my leather gloves up my hot teenage body. I love the way it looks when my leather-bound hands slide up around my tits, squeezing them together. I wish I had my Stud’s cock between my big heavy globes, his precum spilling out and just making my tits slipperier…

Now I’m starting to get moist, the folds of my pussy wettening. For a moment, I consider pushing a hand up underneath the tight red fabric of my minidress to pleasure my pussy for a minute…but then I hear a car drive up. And then another, right after.

They’re both home. Oh, wonderful!…


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