New Taboo Story FREE for a limited time–“Spreading the Cheerleader’s Secret”

Out today for all of you is my newest release in my Month of Taboo, “Spreading the Cheerleader’s Secret!

There was such an overwhelmingly positive response to how dark the last tale got (and I DO love to hear from you guys about what you find sexy), that I made sure to make this one just as, if not more than, super dark and super sexy as the last one.

Not only does the titular cheerleader help her stepfather boot out her mother so she can have him all to herself, but she goes out of her way to spread her forbidden kinks of incest and breeding to her best friend–who responds in an overwhelmingly positive way.

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So, if you are in the mood for some hot, manipulative cheerleader action capped off with hot taboo fucking, make sure to check out “Spreading the Cheerleader’s Secret” today!

Here’s the official blurb:

Beautiful, secretly pregnant cheerleader Melanie is floored when her cheerleading co-captain and best friend Gabriella reveals her taboo secret—Gabriella has a huge crush on the stud she lives with, Hector! But Melanie isn’t just floored—she’s turned on. She finds this the perfect opportunity to let Gabriella know how much she embraces such sexy desires, and reveals how she’s been with the man of her own house, too. Together, the two celebrate each other’s bodies and devise a plan to make Hector fill Gabriella in exactly the way she was made for.

For mature audiences only!—this erotic short (~4000 words) contains the tale of a sexy teen exploring all her deepest desires with her hot cheerleader best friend, including fingering her hot pussy, watching her deliver an amazing blowjob, cheering on her cherry-popping, and holding her down so she’s gifted with the kind of achingly hot creampie that women were made to hold.


“You’re so…sooo pretty, Gabriela,” Melanie purred. “You’re the prettiest girl I know.”

“Oh…Oh my gosh, Melanie, I don’t—d-don’t, I don’t…”

“Shh.” Melanie put a finger to Gabriela’s lips, and leaned in and kissed her on the cheek.

Gabriela didn’t pull away. Melanie felt triumphant. She kissed her again, on the forehead. The response now was a hot, needy shudder.


Melanie would have been lying if she said she had zero designs on Gabriela that night. After the success of her desires with Alec, she was feeling greedy. She wanted more—her man of the house gave her more than enough cock, but Melanie was in love with the idea of receiving even more forbidden affection.

Taking a hot breath, Melanie kissed her full on the lips—kissed a girl, just like that! And not just any girl, but the other hottest babe at school, her best friend! Gabriela let loose a moan, kissing her back.

Perhaps Gabriela had imagined this scenario before—had been planning telling Melanie about it. At best, she might have imagined the hug, maybe some gentle prodding to discuss the matter with Hector. How turned on must she have been, how beautiful a moment was it for her then to have her best friend in the whole world not only embrace her taboo attraction, but be turned on by it?

Melanie wanted that for herself.

Gabriela kissed back with everything she had. Her legs spread easily before Melanie’s encroaching hand. Melanie smiled as she kissed her, loving it.

“I don’t think you just daydream about Hector, Gabriela,” her fingers slid up to Gabriela’s panties, pulling them down easily. “I think you fantasize about him. I think you can’t help yourself.”

Gabriela gasped, her body so tight and hot next to Melanie’s…





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