Renaissance Fair Love Spell – A new story!

Out today for all of you is my newest story, “Renaissance Fair Love Spell!”

This one has been out for about a week or so, but it is currently available at a discounted price for just under a dollar! I also have ANOTHER bundled release out for just under a dollar, which I detail later on in this post.

I am a fan of Renaissance Fairs. I like the food, the jousting, the costumes–lots of fun! I don’t know if this particular story is all that realistic; all the fairs I’ve been to in the past haven’t featured magical spells turning a regular guy into an enormous, hulking stud who is capable of fucking and owning absolutely any woman he wants. But what do I know? Lots of fairs out there in the world. I may have missed one or two.

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Coming up next week I’m hoping to have a new story out for you–“Taken by Cowboys!”–a sort of spiritual follow-up to “I Was Taken By Cavemen!

But for now,  if a magically-infused Renaissance Fair, full of fun pairings and groupings and lots of hot, naughty action sounds like fun for you, make sure to check out “Renaissance Fair Love Spell.”

Here’s the official blurb:

The buxom Estelle, roleplaying as a witch, unwittingly unleashes a sexy spell—one that causes one lucky nerd at the Renaissance Fair to become a veritable King and have his pick of any woman he wants!

For mature audiences only—this erotica short (~7300 words) features hot scenes of domination and submission featuring beautiful Renaissance Fair babes!


It was a thought that required more sorting out, but when he opened his eyes again, there was Britney with his beer. She nimbly sat down next to him in the booth, sliding forward until her long, tanned leg swung over his. Her firm, young, hot breasts pushed into his arm, and she bared her cleavage again.

This time, he did not try to be a gentleman in the least. A tiny bead of sweat ran from her neck down into the dark shadow between her perfectly positioned tits. He watched it openly…and she adjusted her top, allowing his view to improve.

See something you like, Sir?”

Quite a bit, actually.”

That’s so good.”

She was a virgin, he realized suddenly. He had no idea howhe knew, but he did know it for certain, the same way that he knew her hair was blond and her eyes were bright, sparkling blue. The same way that he knew she would absolutely adore being stuffed full of his cock in every hole she had.



Also brand new and out today (and free for a limited time!) is the Hypno Casino Bundle, which contains all three stories from The Shining Spiral Saga.

These were all quite a bit of fun to write–I do LOVE incorporating hot hypnotism, girl-on-girl seduction, big transformations, and hot supermodels into my stories as often as I’m able. I hope you’ll pick up this discounted bundle and have a good time with it!

One Thought on “Renaissance Fair Love Spell – A new story!

  1. Jose Sarmento on June 22, 2014 at 2:22 pm said:

    Hi, Nadia,

    I have just bought your ‘Maid Laid Bare’, which includes one of may favorite turn-ons: breeding.

    As I am always curious about new authors – new to me, that is – I subscribed your newsletter and looked for your blog.

    From what I read here, you love to place your stories in a great variety of settings, from downtown offices to cattle ranches and, and this case, a renaissance fair. This setting makes me hope the story will include some of my other turn-ons, such as long flowing skirts, generously low-cut blouses, obedient wenches, girls in rags, a big dollop of romance and barefoot slaves or servant girls.

    I have no foot fetish and I have nothing (much) against the ubiquity of nylon and high heels in erotica; but it seems to me that bare feet, as an ancient symbol of humility and servitude, deserve a more prominent place in tales of domination and submission.

    For one thing, it must be extremely mortifying for a girl to be ordered to step from her high heels and appear barefoot in public; it could even signal the demotion of a dominant woman to submissive girl.

    So I am campaigning by authors of bdsm erotica for more ‘barefoot slavegirl’ stories; and, if you already have such stories, to please tag them.

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