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Out now for all of you wonderful people is my NEWEST bundle, the “Revenge By Trance Bundle!” This hot little number combines three VERY well-received mind control eroticas, “Revenge on His Hot Assistants,” “Revenge on His Snobby Step,” and “Revenge on His Unfaithful Wife.”

These three stories tell the saga of Warren, a down-on-his-luck stage magician who just can’t seem to catch a break. His gorgeous wife hates him. His spectacularly sexy step-sister and her lover think he’s trash. His hot-as-hell assistants want to quit on him and ruin his dreams, and to top it off, he’s got a heavy-handed loan shark who wants to break his legs.

But, then he finds an amazing magic watch. The watch is so powerful that it lets Warren control whomever he likes–including all the gorgeous, arrogant women in his life. He quickly re-arranges their priorities and makes them realize that he ought to be their Master, enjoying their kneeling service and having hot, impregnating sex with them while they serve him in groups of three, four, and even FIVE at a time. Of course, his wife catches on to his game, and tries to steal the watch for herself…if Warren wants his perfect harem, he’ll have to be smart about it.

This bundle is a great deal for any fans of mind control, breeding/impregnation/creampies, bdsm play, pseudo-incest (involving step-siblings), hot babes kneeling, alpha males dominating, magic hijinx, and much more!

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So! If you’re in the mood for a hot bundle featuring mind-blowing hot sex and mind control, check out “Revenge By Trance Bundle” today!

Here’s the official blurb:

“We’ll serve, Sir. We’ll ALL serve you…”
Down-on-his-luck stage magician Warren can’t catch a break. His beautiful assistants betray him, the sexy woman he’s known all his life exiles him from her house, loan sharks want to break his legs, and his utterly gorgeous, arrogant wife leaves him.
Then he finds a magic watch…and everything changes. The watch can make any woman—no matter how gorgeous or fertile—do whatever he says. As Warren embarks on his twisted path of erotic revenge, the power he feels fuels his throbbing manhood and guides his every action. Before he’s done, every beauty that crossed him will kneel before him, beg to feel him inside her, and plea to carry his heirs just like the good servants he’s transformed them into.



He put a hand on Joan’s face, stroking her hard cheekbones gently. “Take out my cock.”

She hesitated, looking to Edith for guidance. Edith, though, began to unzip Warren herself.

Stop.” Instantly, Edith stopped what she was doing. “I wasn’t talking to you. I know you’ll do what I say. I want to know if Joan will.”

I…” she laughed, sort of. “I don’t want this to be an obedience thing, Warren. I wanted it to be—”

What you want doesn’t matter right now.”

She looked a little shocked.

Edith nodded. “I’m sorry, Joan, but he’s right. You’ve been a bitch. You’ve got to learn to obey if you really want to do him right. And you do, don’t you?”

Joan gulped and nodded. “O-okay. I just, can we take it slow? One toe at a time? Like, kissing first, and then…” she trailed off.

Warren shook his head slow.

There are no deals, here. You do this, and you do it how I want, or you don’t get to touch, suck, or fuck my cock at all. Is that understood?”

Her face shifted, perhaps weighing out some form of protest. But Warren could see that none could find true purchase in her mind. Even if she thought that perhaps a legitimate objection could be made, she couldn’t deny the flood of lust pulsing through her veins. She wanted him. She would obey him, if that’s what it took.

Finally, she nodded. “Yes.”

He smiled. “Yes, what?”

There was no reason to stop pushing the envelope now. She was past the limit of stopping him.

Yes…Warren?” she ventured.

Of course that was wrong. He shook his head again. Edith tugged at Joan across Warren’s chest, whispering in her ear. Voice low, softer than even Warren could hear at his proximity. Joan’s eyes widened with understanding, and she gulped once more.

Yes…Sir. I understand, Sir.”

Her hands reached for his cock again, but again, he pushed them away. The skin so soft and smooth. Fuck, but he wanted her. His bulge pulsed forward under his pants. Edith whimpered, eyes fixating on the push of growth. Little droplets of drool fell to the bedding from her mouth.

I want you to ask for it. Beg for it. Don’t leave me with any doubt.”

Pride showed on Joan’s face, fierce lines forming around her mouth and eyes. But Edith slid across the bed and pushed into Joan, kissing at the side of her head, her neck and ears.

Do it, please, Joan? Please beg him. I need to see it so, so bad. I need to please him, won’t you please? I’m so fucking horny right now…”

Nodding slowly, Joan shuddered, her hands running over Warren’s thick bulge. The flesh so close to her fingers. Tantalizing her, confounding her…


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