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“Bang the Gang,” A New Story for YOU–and Other News!

Out now for all of you wonderful people is my newest story, “Bang the Gang.

This is a hot little number practically overflowing with hot biker outlaw studs, all of whom actually DO a little overflowing on our protagonist. If you’re wondering what the climax is like–look at the title, omit the article, and switch the words around. Probably, though, you already figured that out!

ALSO–“Billionaire’s New Plaything” is now released as “Billionaire’s Property” and will be available ONLY on Amazon for a few months. I apologize for any confusion!

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Also ALSO–I have a new bundle available for you! The entire “Paranormal Pleasures” series is now contained in “The Paranormal Pleasures Series” bundle (appropriately enough), which you can find HERE.

If a long story full of hot outlaw biker action sounds like your bag, baby, then check out “Bang the Gang” today!

Here’s the official blurb:
Young, lovely Stephanie is scared when she finds out her beautiful best friend Katrina has become involved with Slate, the leader of the outlaw biker gang known as The Devil’s Warriors. Even if he is a mouth-watering hunk, Slate is a bad, bad man, and Katrina has always been a good girl. But when Stephanie tries to interfere on her friend’s behalf, she finds out that Slate only works one way—HIS way. And he’s got a whole gang of rugged outlaws to make sure Stephanie and Katrina behave the way he wants.

For mature audiences only—this erotica tale (~20,000 words) features a pair of gorgeous young women having up-close and VERY personal experiences with an ENTIRE biker gang, all at once! The intimate encounters in this story include explicit sex scenes with several bikers having their way with the gorgeous gals, as well as the beauties engaging in sexy, seductive, intimate acts with each other!


I gave a token resistance, tugging backward every so often, moaning, yelping.. But I didn’t punch him, didn’t grab or bite him. I was just reluctant. Scared a bit, even. But my pussy was on fire, and somehow, I knew that Slate knew it was. He wanted to give me what I was made for, what I was born for. He wanted me to become the same sort of biker slut that he had already made Katrina into.

Easily, he swung open the huge barn doors and then tossed me inside. Then he closed the door behind him. There was a generator next to the door—he fiddled with it for a moment, and then it puttered on, powering the floodlights in the barn. It looked like…like a stage, almost. Like there was going to be a show.

And oh yes, there definitely was.

Slate put his hands on his hips, all authority. Get on your knees.”

Somehow, a new courage had found its way into my body.

I w-won’t! I won’t at all!”

He took off his belt. “Get. On. Your. Knees.”

The Shifter’s Mate – A Hot New Story For You To Enjoy!

Out today for all of you is “The Shifter’s Mate,” which is a sexy little werewolf tale I wrote.

This story is something a little different for me–there are some elements of horror in it that I don’t explore quite as often. I am a big fan of horror, and I think that shows in the setting and some of the tropes I include. Particularly, the name “Camp Sunshine Springs” is little more than a re-imagining of Camp Crystal Lake of Friday the 13th fame. That said, there’s no gore or blood in this story, just some parts where I was hoping to raise the tension and the stakes. You can let me know if it works!

This is also going to be the first part of a trilogy of tales concerning the titular shifter and his attempt to return to some form of normalcy. In the upcoming volumes, Maryse’s quest for more power continues (now evolved with her understanding that magic is real), Lauren’s search for a perfect summer continues to complicate, and Caleb’s step-sister Felicia gets a bigger and bigger role. I hope you’re as excited about it all as I am!

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If you’re in the mood for an atmospheric erotica tale with a bit of fun camp, make sure to check out “The Shifter’s Mate!

Here’s the official blurb:

Counselor training for Camp Sunshine Springs is tossed into chaos when a werewolf arrives, massive in every way. This alpha male beast doesn’t take no for an answer, and every woman left in his sexual wake becomes his blissful, eager servant. But this werewolf isn’t taking just anyone—his focus on the voluptuously beautiful Lauren and the hyper-sensual Maryse makes it clear he’s searching for his heart’s desire…for his one destined mate.

For mature audiences only—this erotica tale (~13000 words) features a shifter stud finding the one curvaceous woman who can handle the full extent of his alpha-male loving!


Drawn by the smell of eggs cooking, Lauren found Heather in the kitchen, preparing food, and completely naked.

Oh!” chirped Heather. “Hello, dear. I was just making some food. I find a vicious fucking like what Master gifted me with really gets the appetite going, you know?” She giggled, like a flirting schoolgirl. “Even with all the hot protein he dumped inside of my belly.”

Heather seemed five years younger. She had always been in terrific shape for a middle-aged woman, with a clear vibrancy and youth shining through her motions and words. But now she looked…she looked genuinelyyounger. Her skin smoother, her hair longer, her breasts fuller and perkier, her face like that of someone in their early thirties or even late twenties.

Had whatever that creature done to her…changed her, somehow?