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“Bust Gun: The Locker Room” – A Hot New Erotic Tale, Out Now!

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Hello hellloooooo all you wonderful erotica fans out there! I’ve got a brand new story out for you today that features all kinds of super hot bimbofication, transformation, mind control, barely legal sex, breeding/impregnation/creampie, group sex, lactation, and so much more!

“Bust Gun: The Locker Room” (available on Kindle Unlimited) follows the path of lovable loser Roderick, a guy who just can’t get no respect. He’s scorned by jocks and hated by his ex-girlfriend, and he’s never been laid. Then, after a particularly hard evening in a locker room, stuffed there by some asshole athletes, he finds the Bust Gun…and starts to turn his life around.

With just a shot, he can turn any woman he wants–even his snobby ex–into his willing bimbo slave. She gets bigger tits, longer hair, beautiful skin, lactating breasts, and a mind full of needy erotic thoughts just for her new Master.  Super hot.


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So! If you’re feeling up for a bimbo-riffic tale of debauchery and lust, check  out “Bust Gun: The Locker Room” today!

Here’s the Official Blurb:

Roderick is your average loser—picked on by jocks, hated by his snobby ex-girlfriend, and ignored by hot women everywhere. Then, he finds the Bust Gun, and everything changes for the better. Just one shot is all it takes to make a beautiful woman into his eager, erotic, fertile servant girl. Women transform from beautiful coeds to mind-blowingly hot, obedient nymphos, complete with overflowing cups full of delicious cream. With the Bust Gun in hand, Roderick can make all his dreams come true…including the one that involves making his arrogant virgin ex apologize to him for never sleeping with him. He’ll even make her beg…if only he could figure out how to reload the darn gun…


The lockers were positioned against the walls of the locker room. In front of them all was a wooden bench where the athletes could sit and get dressed. He had Betty laying down on one such long bench, and he watched with utter shock as her body transformed into something straight out of his wet dreams.

First of all—her breasts. They were basically non-existent before. In her tight tank-top, she looked about as flat as your average twelve year-old boy, and though her body was incredibly fit, she was at a real lack for curves.

Now, though…her breasts were growing. They grew straight past handfuls and right into gobsmacking TITS, straining the fabric of her tight shirt so much that he’d had to use the scissors in her little bag to give her more room on top, cutting a line from the collar down to the center of the shirt. That had, with the blossoming power of her beautiful breasts, only encouraged a heavy v-line of cleavage to develop.

But that wasn’t all that was changing. Her hair, thick and short, was becoming thicker and long. Voluminous heavy locks of brilliantly shiny chestnut-and-blond hair spilled out from her head. Her skin became more tanned and shiny, her lips poutier, puffier, her every inch of body layered with achingly hot muscle tone. Her boyish hips and waist became suddenly incredibly womanly, pushing out into a beautiful hourglass shape.

Wow,” he said, just looking at her. “Wow, wow, oh wow…”

What was happening? What had he done?

Obviously the gun had something to do with it. It was behind all of this somehow. But…that wasn’t possible, was it? A gun couldn’t just…just make a woman look like this, could it?

And then, there was what she had called him just before collapsing.

Betty had called him…she had said…

Master. She called me Master.

She slid upward on the bench, moaning and coming awake.

Brand new Bimbo Erotica — “Bimbo Gaze”

Available At Amazon!

Happy greetings to all you wonderful erotica readers out there! I’ve got a brand new story today that’s going to melt your mind with naughty hotness. It’s called “Bimbo Gaze” and it’s out on Amazon RIGHT NOW!

This is the tale of Ethan Prince, an unlucky young fellow who happens to be the victim of his father’s poor actions–the kind of guy who is blamed for all of his parent’s horrible behavior. He can’t get a date, can’t get any respect, and certainly can’t get laid. Then, he finds a mysterious book that grants him a crazy power–when he looks a woman in the eyes, he makes her his bimbo slave.

Pretty soon, he’s transforming normal women into big-breasted, obedient, cock-loving worshipers of his. He engages in barely legal sex with utterly mind controlled teens, breeds and impregnates these beauties, and has lots of hot group sex in menages and threesomes. His powers even cause these bimbofied babes to lactate when they’re slobbering all over his thick knob. Fun fun fun!


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So! If you want a fantastic time with some bimbo babe goodness, check out “Bimbo Gaze” today!


Here’s the Official Blurb:

“Sure,” she giggled. “I’ll do anything you say, Sir.”

Everyone in town hates Ethan Prince, but he knows he doesn’t deserve their anger. All he’s ever done is try to be a good man. When he uncovers a magical secret that gifts him with a terribly erotic power, his life turns upside-down. His gaze can turn the most uptight, normal woman into his personal bimbo servant. Enormous breasts with overflowing cups full of cream. Long, shiny hair. Tiny waists and wide, fertile hips. Tall legs that go on to next year. And most importantly—a sex drive that makes them constantly hot and wet. These gorgeous bimbo beauties can only be sated by their new owner’s masculine seed. They live to obey Him, and need his thick member for erotic worship. Their new, sexy lives are dedicated to being bred and commanded exclusively by their new Owner.
But he’s not the only one to change due to the secret he uncovers. The girl of his dreams, Amelia, has powers too—she’s strong, fast, and super-tough. When she decides to use these powers for good, it puts her on a collision course with Ethan—as there’s no way he can have his powers and be anything but bad.




My cock grew harder and harder, unstoppable now, even though I couldn’t place exactly what was turning me on. It was power I felt—power that thrummed through my being. I wanted Gia, I wanted to fuck her for an entire week, and in me I could feel the power very suddenly to do exactly that. I couldn’t explain it, couldn’t describe it, but I knew the longer she held my gaze, the more I owned her entire being. Her eyes emptied out, all intelligence draining away.

Slowly, the intensity of our gaze began to dissipate. Slowly, Gia’s eyes began to become her own again. And slowly, she dropped to her knees before me.

Of course, Master,” she said softly. “Yes, r-right away. Thank you, Master.”

I looked around. No one had said anything. And yet all the same, Gia began to unzip my pants as if I had ordered her to do so—as if I had ordered her to do so, and as if she was thrilled to do so.

Her smile was soft and quiet as she unveiled my cock, already so hard and dripping with precum. Her big blue eyes flashed with delight as her hands slipped my member out of its constraints, happy little coos exiting her mouth in a row. Moaning softly, she began to lick and kiss the head and shaft, stroking passionately as she did so.

G-Gia,” I said, stunned. “What are you doing?”

I am obeying, Master. You need your cock adored. And so I am adoring it. Would you like me to stop, Master?”

I certainly fucking did not. And yet at the same time…

Why am I your Master?”

Because…” she smiled, laughing, as if I had brought up something supremely dumb—a suggestion that we build a car for bipedal elephants, maybe. “Because you are. You always have been. Unless…”

Her expression became very worried indeed. I could see the fear in her eyes; I could feel her fear and desperation as she licked and kissed me.

“…you don’t want me as your slave anymore, Master? Is that it? Am I to be exiled from the glory of your service?”

She looked so scared. So vulnerable and afraid. And so even though I knew that somehow the right thing to do was to have her stop sucking my cock, I couldn’t bring myself to tell her that.

No,” I said. I took her by the hair and shoved my cock down her throat. She responded with a pleasured, happy moan, her tight throat vibrating all along the many inches of my shaft. “No, you’re mine. You’re mine, and you’re going to swallow my fucking cum. Aren’t you?”

She moaned a happy affirmative, gleefully slurping up and down the long shaft of my cock with ease…

“Model Sexcretary” – A Delightful New Erotica

Available at Amazon

Hello hello hellloooooo all you erotica fans out there! I’ve got a GREAT new story for you today, “Model Sexcretary,” number THREE in the “Fertile Pleasures” series which also includes “Sexcretary” and “New Sexcretary.”

This one was a ton of fun to write–it involves a gorgeous supermodel who is utterly put in her place by a commanding alpha male. When he’s done with her, her virgin, busty self is utterly mindfucked into a submissive sex slave who is eager to follow her new Master’s every command–just like it should be! This one includes harem gathering, creampies/bareback/impregnation/breeding, group sex, rough sex, hypnosis, and SO MUCH MORE!


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So! If you’re in the mood for a hot little mind control number, make sure to check out “Model Sexcretary” today!

Here’s the Official Blurb:

“Yes, Sir. I need you to be the first one inside…”

World-famous, gorgeous, and fabulously rich, supermodel Catriana Dominga has it all—and loves that she does. When her private jet is grounded, she accepts an offer to take her to her destination from a mysterious, handsome businessman, Albert Stout. But events quickly take a turn for the strange…and the erotic. Stout’s private jet is staffed by gorgeous, big-breasted bimbos who are obviously employed mostly for the way their bountifully fertile bodies fill out their skimpy uniforms, not to mention their eager “oral abilities.” But before Catriana can complain, she’s falling under Stout’s spell, wave after wave of mesmerizing trance bombarding her pretty little mind to make her Stout’s new favorite erotic servant.
Unless she can fight his control, she’ll soon be a pleading, eager, kneeling breeding servant girl just like all his other beauties, one more addition to his superbly sexual harem, and all that haughty attitude of hers will be tamed forever.



She sighed, taking another drink. It had emptied again, and Mandy was right there to give her another.

Later, she decided. She would tell him later, after this lovely song. And then she would demand that he play it again.

And then, he would answer all her questions about his…whatever. His stuff and things.

Screens floated down from the top of the cabin, unfolding on robotic arms in front of Catriana and Marcus. She noticed for the first time that the third beauty had been attending her bodyguard—giving him drinks of his own. He wasn’t supposed to be drinking on duty. She raised an eyebrow in alarm.

The music pulsed again.

Oh, well. She shrugged, settling back into her seat. It was just an airplane ride. Nothing could go wrong, certainly.

Sip, sip. Have another sip, let the good times rip. The drink tasted so fucking good. She crossed and uncrossed her legs elaborately, catching Albert’s eye. She drank in his quick gaze, her emerald eyes flashing into his.

That’s right, she thought. Look at me. Look at how fucking hot I am. I know you’ll jerk your stupid cock to me later. I know you won’t be able to help yourself. You’ll fuck these other women rotten but you’ll be thinking of me.

Mandy smiled, leaning over. She really had excellent cleavage. Catriana felt a pulse of arousal from looking at the thick, twin globes pressing so hotly together. It had been so long since she had felt heat like that. She lost herself int the sensation, not even bothering to look Mandy in the eyes as she spoke.

Delicious new mind control erotica — “Ruling His Immortal Enemy”

magic tablet - 3 - ruling his immortal enemy1Hello hello hellooooo all you wonderful erotica fans out there! Terrific news for you–I’m back after a few weeks of absence with a brand NEW erotica for you, “Ruling His Immortal Enemy.”

This sexy tale continues the saga started in “Ruling His Hot Students” and continued in “Ruling His Own Strip Club,” following the exploits of Jacob as he tries to solidify his control over an ever-growing harem of gorgeous fuckpets.

This hot tale features all kinds of erotic goodness–breeding/impregnation, harem gathering, threesomes/menage/group sex, mind control, hypnosis, seduction, body transformation, huge cocks, immortal blowjobs, and so, so much more!


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SO! If you’re in the mood for a sexy little tale about a mind controller conquering the most powerful being in the world to bend to his liking, check out “Ruling His Immortal Enemy” today!


Here’s the Official Blurb:

“You’re too powerful…I can’t deny you. I need you, Sir.”

Jacob used to be a regular guy until he found the magic tablet. With its power, he gave himself the body of a god—the sort of chiseled form that turns women into dripping messes of wet hot lust. But the tablet also gave him the powers of a god, letting him change the minds and bodies of the women in his life however he likes. They’re transformed from studious, serious ladies into big-breasted, long-haired, fertile, breeding bimbo lovepets who are desperate to adore his virile member. Any woman he wants, he can transform into an erotic addition to his rapidly-expanding harem…which he already did to an entire club full of strippers.
But there’s a gorgeous, immortal sorceress who wants his power for herself, Celeste. She’s so vain and arrogant that she wants to make this masterful, dominant man kneel to her. It’s a battle of wills when the force of her unstoppably gorgeous form meets his immovably masculine object. Whoever kneels to the other will give their new owner all the power in the world to reshape it however they like. And if Jacob wins, he’ll want a whole planet full of gorgeous women worshiping his name




You are very powerful,” she admitted, “to fool me. I will not lie. I am impressed. But the fact remains that I have centuries of power behind my every movement…and you are an amateur compared to me.”

Then why is your cunt so wet?”

She ignored this question, walking around him, strutting through the wreckage she had created. He watched her clear her own path with flits of her power, telekinetically pushing the rubble around until the study was clear of any impediment. Her heels clicked musically; her walk was a symphony of seduction. Precum, hot and thick, streamed from his cock like a river. It took every ounce of himself not to take her then and there.

But he couldn’t. She had to submit first. Otherwise…he couldn’t be sure that he was actually in charge. That he was winning. That she was his.

I’ll admit you’ve had…an effect.” She licked her lips, her eyes flashing at him. His precum streamed harder—the sight was intensely erotic. “Perhaps I could make you a deal. Give me the Djinn Stone, and I shall make you the first man to ever share my bed. The only man.”

She had promised herself long ago that she would never be taken in such a way. But he was turning her on so much

He raised an eyebrow. “You’re a virgin?”

She tossed her hair back, one long leg posed forward sexily. “Naturally.”

Advancing upon her, Jacob felt no reason not to play with her a little. “I warn you, great sorceress. I would not be an idle lover.”

Oh no?”

She thought she was winning, now.

No. I would make demands of you. I would fuck you senseless every night. You would know my cock, and my cock alone. No others would do. I would make your every evening filled with my seed, your every morning knowing the taste of my shaft, your every afternoon feeling my tongue upon yours…and your pussy.”

You would…make demands…of me?”

She seemed to be trying to make herself sound arrogant, demeaning—as in, “you would make demands of me?” But what came out instead was a breathy plea, her enormous tits barely remaining inside of her tiny lace bra…