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“Heir Salon 3”–A new story out now!

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OUT RIGHT NOW is my newest tale, “Heir Salon 3.” This scintillating sequel finishes off that tantalizingly tit-heavy trilogy of the Bimbo Passion series, wrapping up Betty’s story with a nice, pleasant dinner party where absolutely nothing of note happens.

Oh wait, that’s exactly wrong. Betty’s life is changed FOREVER and–I would say–perhaps for the better. I don’t know if Betty at the beginning of the story would agree with me, ;).  She’s slowly warped into exactly what the megalomaniacal Mister Castle wants her to be–which is an even more gorgeous and submissive version of her gorgeous, submissive self.

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I’ve been away for a bit taking care of some other business–subscribers to my newsletter will know all about it. But so you know, I plan to be writing at my normal pace with a story every two weeks for the foreseeable future. Wish me luck!

At any rate, if you are looking for a bimbofication tale on Kindle Unlimited with TONS of mind control, lots of group sex, hot bdsm action, lactation, body transformation, bareback/breeding/creampie sex, and SO much more, check out the Stepford-style “Heir Salon 3” today!

Here’s the Official Blurb:

”You’re so right. I should have been with you from the beginning, Sir.”

Former feminist stalwart Betty has been completely transformed into a servile, Husband-worshiping bimbo. Her greatest love is her Husband’s manhood. Her number one desire is for him to fill herfertile, luscious body with his heirs. 
But Betty has become so gorgeous that she’s caught the attention of Castle, the man in charge of the erotic town of Passion Heights. He wants Betty as his own Wife, and he doesn’t take “no” for an answer. The virile Castle has several Wives already, each more beautiful than the last, and each withcreamy overflowing cups. But he’s the Alpha of all Alphas. This gargantuan hunk of a muscled phenom takes everyone he wants—including Betty. He’ll use anything to seduce her—promises of wealth, love, and status—and even tempts her over-sexed mind with other beautiful women. 
If Castle has his way, Betty will be a bimbo wife forever. Her life will consist of giving him heirs, serving him in every erotic way, letting him drink from her overflowing cups, and worshiping the ground he walks on. Betty can resist him. But with so much pleasure being flooded into her piping-hot, rocking bod, does she even want to?




In the car, Betty tugged obediently at Lane’s thick, hard cock. When he saw these lovely women, little dollops of precum began to emerge. She wanted to lick them up, but he had forbidden her from taking him in her mouth that night—her mind had to be sharp to keep up with the Castles, and when she’d had his cock in her, she was no good for actual talking for at least a few hours.

For a Passion Heights girl, cock and cum were better than opium.

You’re prettier than all of them,” he said, voice proud as he looked over at the gardeners. “Every last one.”

Her heart sang with the praise. And as she looked at them, a certain arrogance struck her, making her tilt her chin upward just slightly, turning her nose just so. She was better than those other women.

Her Man had said so. He had no reason to lie.

Her outfit certainly spoke to that notion. She wore a sparkling violet gown that was held up entirely by the buoyant force of her majestic breasts. Her nipples, permanently erect due to her permanent arousal, stuck out through the sheer fabric and were the zenith of an elaborately scooping neckline that draped down almost to her navel. Skin the shade of sleek bronze shone brilliantly in the car, appearing almost wet even though she was not perspiring in the least…

Midweek (Nympho)Mania–Maid For Service Edition!

99 Cents On Amazon!

99 Cents On Amazon!










This week’s wonderfully bimbotastic edition of Midweek (Nympho)Mania features TWO of my very finest stories, filled with some of my absolutely most favorite kinks–including bimbofication/bimbo transformation, lactation, mind control, gang bangs, cuckquean relations, bisexual banging, hot group sex, and much MUCH more!

In “Maid Laid Bare 5: Maid For Sale,” a sexy young heiress thinks hiring one of the special Castle Maids will improve her relationship with her beau…and it does. But the way HE wants their relationship to improve is to take the Maid as his new girl, and for the heiress to give up her independence to be the hot couple’s new maid!

In “Maid Laid Bare 6: The Maids Who Banged A Football Gang,” a deadly serious businesswoman is slowly bimbofied by a former crush, until she’s the gangbang property of the very football team she owns!

Later this week, I’m going to be releasing the last chapter in the “Bareback Trance” trilogy, “Owning My Ex.” This is the sequel to “Owning my Boss” and “Owning My Co-Worker,” following the adventures of Victor as he dominates young women totally with his undeniably hypnotic seed.


A March Midweek (Nympho)Mania!









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Welcome to this week’s edition of Midweek (Nympho)Mania! In honor of my recent hot mind control erotica “Owning my Boss” which features some sexy bimbofication, I thought I would make this week’s edition BIMBO themed! Like, totally awesome, right?

SO, “Bimbo Is Best” is a brilliant little collection of four–count ’em, FOUR–bimbofication novellas. What’s that you say? “Nadia, I get FOUR novella-length stories about my most favorite fetish in the world for just 99 cents?” THAT IS CORRECT. Get it!

The Bimbo Cheer” is a short, fun little story that I am a big fan of (you could even say I’m it’s cheerleader, haha). It’s about a sexy school that gets taken over by a magic cheer that turns all the females into hot bimbos and all the boys into hot studs. In other words, your average Nadia Nightside fantasy, and it’s FREE right now!

BOTH of these stories feature hot transformation/bimbofication/sluttification, mind control, tons of hot sex and female masturbation, tons of clothing fetishes, and much MUCH more. Check them out now!

Discount Edition of Midweek (Nympho)Mania!









Click the images above to find these stories at Amazon for just 99 cents!

I’ve got TWO stories available this week for you. BOTH feature mind-meltingly hot mind control tactics by super studs who want to control the bombshell babes in their lives…and wouldn’t you know it, later this week, I’m releasing the sequel to “Owning my Co-Worker“–“Owning My Boss”–which features some mind-meltingly hot mind control tactics by a regular joe who wants to control the bombshell babes in his life.

Maid Laid Bare 2: Milk Maid” is a hot bimbofication story featuring hot group sex, bimbofication/sluttification/bimbo transformation, lactation, breeding, impregnation, creampie sex, virgin sex, barely legal sex, and much MUCH more!

The Billionaire’s Love Potion” is a hot transformation story featuring a nerdy scientist who becomes the girl of her billionaire’s dreams, which includes all kinds of hot virgin sex, bimbofication, mind control, group sex, and tons of other hot action!