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New Release! – “The Bimbo Cheer”

As promised, out today for all of you is a BRAND NEW standalone story, “The Bimbo Cheer!”

Bimbos are incredibly hot—all those looks and big tits and sexy clothes, and not a single thought on their silly little minds except for how hot they are and how many cocks they can make happy. And cheerleaders…mmm. Cheerleaders are thoroughly hot as well, as has been discussed previously. I thought it was a natural move to try and combine my interests in the two.

This story was a little different for me, as I wrote in the male perspective throughout the entire narrative, which I don’t do often. The protagonist, Brent, is basically a decent guy, but just can’t seem to get any luck with the girls. That all changes when he comes to school one morning, and every single girl at school has been turned into a gorgeous, mouthwateringly hot bimbo babe, desperate to be his personal fuckslave.

If you happen to love bimbo erotica (and if you’re here, I would imagine it holds SOME interest for you), make sure to check back soon! Coming up on July 1st is going to be the hot new release of my latest erotic novella, “The Curious Case of The Scientist and the Bimbo.” It’s sort of like a cross between “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” and hot, smutty bimbo erotica. Gosh, I get hot just thinking about it. I think you are all really going to enjoy it.

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In any case, if a story about a lucky young nerd getting to fuck an entire high school full of bimbos, including the bimbofied version of his biggest crush, sounds like to fun to you, make sure to check out “The Bimbo Cheer” available now at Amazon, All Romance eBooks, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords!

That’s all! Thanks SO much for stopping by!

Here’s the official blurb for “The Bimbo Cheer:”

High school senior Brent has been in love with gorgeous, wonderful Amber for as long as he can remember, but he’s unable to risk their friendship for the sake of his desire. The two students arrive back in school after a long camping trip, and find the entire campus body transformed—literally. All the boys are gone, and all the girls—teachers included—have become big-titted, long-haired, beautifully-bodied cheerleader bimbos. Their bright, bubbly, bimbo cheering transforms any woman who hears it into a giggly, hot bimbo babe just like them. These cheering bimbos want to make Amber one of their own, and more than that, they say they need to treat Brent like a stud king for the rest of his days. Only his love for Amber keeps Brent noble, but when faced with so many gloriously hot sex nymphs aching to serve him and recruit even more sexy beauties, can he resist the allure of having Amber transformed into his personal bimbo babe?

For mature audiences only—this erotica short (~7700 words) contains the story of one lucky nerd’s domination of an entire school of cheerleader bimbos, including their steamy attempts to seduce him to rule over them and his discovery of their multiple classes for training on how to be a perfect bimbo by fucking and sucking, topped off with gloriously hot sex scenes full of handjobs, blowjobs, three way sex and tons of giggly orgasms!


In just two short weeks, the entire school population had been divided up between studs and bimbos. And now, Brent surmised, the bimbos of the school were waiting for a new stud.
And they had decided…

Oh man. They wanted him to be that stud.
His cock was definitely getting hard now.

In a daze, he walked by the gymnasium. Inside, music was blaring. Curious, and still looking for Amber, he looked inside.

What he saw shouldn’t have stunned him, given what he had seen so far, but it did anyway. They were practicing stripping, he realized. Their hot, tight, toned, big-titted bodies were swaying to the music, wrapping up and down metal poles. The poles had been installed up and down the basketball court—there were no more players, after all.

Two girls in pink uniforms—both of them ecstatically gorgeous—were at the front of the five rows or so of girls, cheering and smiling. He recognized the pink girls—Amanda and Kate.

Amanda, a superbly big-breasted brunette, started speaking loudly, a smile plastered on her gorgeous face. “We have to practice really hard, girls! I heard there’s finally a boy on campus! We have to make sure we can suck and fuck just how he needs. He won’t fuck us otherwise. And that’s why we exist. To be fucked by a super stud like he totally is. Our dancing has to be super top notch to impress him!”

The other amazing beauty, another perfect busty brunette, Kate Johnson, stepped out next to Amanda.

“I bet he fucks me the most. I’ve got like, the absolute best tits in town.”

Brent was really going to have to agree with that. He had not seen a bigger pair this entire morning. Kate rested her hand on Amanda’s ass, apparently unable to stop herself from admiring her friend’s gorgeousness.


Re-Releases With New Titles and Covers!

Some fun news today. Due to the subject matter being too hot and sexy for normal Amazon browsing, I’ve had a few of my older titles put under the “Adult” filter. What this means is that, in order to find these titles, when you search on Amazon, you have to open up the drop-down menu of the search bar and click on “Kindle Store” before they are shown as available. I know this isn’t as convenient as you may like, but if you make sure to do it, a whole host of hot, sexy new titles will be made available for you from me and from tons of your other favorite erotica authors!

So, in an effort to embrace the filter, I’ve re-released three select titles (known formerly as “Enslaving the Princess,” “Bubbles & Iron,” and “Model Girlfriend”) with filthier names and hotter covers.

If you’re curious, the common ban-worthy element for all three stories is that they include breeding (now rather obvious from the titles). I just find the breeding kink so hot and intriguing–for me, there’s very little that’s hotter than a gorgeous woman completely giving up control of herself to a man, and nothing quite communicates this lack of control better than a totally gorgeous babe begging some stud to get her pregnant and unleash inside of her, completely unprotected, to tie herself to him forever. What do you think–should I write more breeding stories? Leave me a comment, or drop me a line at nadianightside@gmail.com.

Here are the new stories, in alphabetical order, with blurbs and titles:

Buy at Amazon!“Enslaving And Breeding The Princess” (Previously Published as “Enslaving the Princess”)

Camille is a beautiful handmaiden to young, beautiful Princess Mariana. Her loyalty is supposed to lie with only the Princess, but over the past several weeks, she’s been slowly indoctrinated to the control of Counselor Victor.

Victor is going to enslave Camille, and then use Camille to enslave the Princess and take over the throne, ensuring that every beauty in the kingdom bows only to him. The once-mocked counselor is going to finally show the Princess her proper place, on her knees before her new Master…

For mature audiences only — this erotic short (~7500 words) contains hot, explicit scenes of hypnotic induction, mind control, a teenage slave hypnotizing a royal virgin, breeding/impregnation, girl-on-girl and guy-on-girl sex!


Ready to fly into a rage, Princess Mariana strutted back across the marble floor in her magnificent heels—she had never quite learned to walk without strutting and showing off how gorgeous she was—and opened the door.

Camille was right behind the door already, holding a goblet full of the milky red liquid. Frilly little green gloves decorated her hands as they held the goblet. The dazzling brunette was smiling warmly, wearing a green silk dress, the fabric entirely sheer. It was impossible not to stare at Camille’s bulging pregnant belly, her milk-engorged breasts.

Camille held the goblet up in a green-gloved hand. “Your refreshment, my Princess.”

Mariana snatched it from her, taking a sip. The euphoria swept over her instantly. Everything started to feel better.

“Where are my guards?” asked Mariana. “The other servants?”

Camille looked around. The usual posting of ten armed guards and a servant for each was nowhere to be found.

“I believe they moved down the hall,” said Camille. “To give you your privacy on this tiresome day.”

Mariana had already stopped listening. Tiresome. It was all so tiresome, that was exactly the word. She had no mind to keep track of the movements of servants.

The gorgeous royal teenager strode back inside her quarters, and found the nearest couch to slide her luxurious body on. She sipped away at her drink, enjoying its thick texture, the constant state of euphoria it spread through her hot body.

“When did you get so pregnant?” she asked.

Camille had followed Mariana, sitting at the edge of an adjacent couch. Mariana was resting deep in the pillows, almost flat, and Camille was looking down at her. The long tresses of the brunette’s sparkling, soft hair tickled Mariana’s face pleasantly. Everything was so pleasant…


Buy at Amazon!“Fertile Babes Drink Shaped-Rite Shakes” (Previously Published as “Bubbles & Iron”)

The Dyson family has been having a rough time lately, but things are starting to turn around. They’ve all started drinking Shaped-Rite Shakes, which change each of their lives for the better!

Audrey Dyson, mother, trims down and becomes a hot blonde goddess in love with handing out blowjobs to her new man. Anne Dyson, daughter to Audrey, becomes a gorgeous blonde babe, even hotter than her mom, and just can’t hold back her feelings for her hot, big step brother any longer. And formerly skinny Alan Dyson becomes a musclebound hunk, unable to stop breeding every hot babe he comes across, including his step sister Anne! He knows it’s not right, but will he be able to stop the Shaped-Rite Shakes producers’ nefarious plot to turn the town into a busty babe and muscled stud breeding dreamworld before it’s too late?

For mature audiences only–this erotic novella (~22000 words) features scenes of mind control, lactation, breeding, hair growth, muscle growth, breast expansion, pseudo incest, and guy-on-multiple girls and girl-on-girl action!


Iron had cornered Audrey in the gym. He hadn’t said anything, just grabbed her hand as she was running on the treadmill and guided her over to a dark spot between a maintenance closet and a long room full of massage tables. There were not many people around, and those who were did not seem to have any interest in helping her. Audrey didn’t even know if she wanted helping.

Iron’s enormous frame was a sight to behold. Every single muscle seemed like it was dozens the size of her correlating one. Just one of his pecs was twice the size of her head.

She was breathing hard, shuddering in and out, staring up at him nervously, just from being so close. They were both so sweaty, hot waves of musk rolling off of them. It felt like their scents were dancing, intertwining, becoming irrevocably locked together.

He ran a hand down her backside. Audrey struggled to keep her feet. He was. So. Strong!

“How would you like to become a premium member of the club, babe?”

It was so hard to think.

“Oh, I . . . I mean I love it here, but I . . . I’m almost at my weight goal, and—”

Iron reached behind his back and pulled out a Shaped-Rite Shake, popping the screw-top off with his thumb.

“Open wide,” he said.

Audrey obeyed, of course. She loved the shakes, no matter how they were delivered. He opened it above her head and poured it down her throat. So warm. She couldn’t swallow quite fast enough, and so it overflowed from her mouth and spread down around her neck, her chin, the milky wetness getting everything so gooey.

Iron put a pair of fingers on her shoulder as he poured the drink. Audrey went down to her knees even as she kept swallowing…


Buy at Amazon!“His Supermodel Breeding Slave”

Alice’s neighbor, James, was a totally regular nerd last week who Alice would barely give the time of day to. This week, he’s dating supermodel Isabel, and has her clinging on to every word he says. The supermodel’s tits have gotten bigger, her hair has gotten longer, and Alice is pretty sure that she herself is next, to be a hot servant to James’s supermodel slave. Alice is also pretty sure that her own body is going to change to be exactly what James wants, and she’s not sure that she minds…

For mature audiences only – this erotica short (4717 words) contains scenes of hot explicit sex, impregnation, breast expansion, and mind control!


Oh god, she was dancing. How had that started? Her body was grinding to the thick, steady beat of the music, her svelte curves swinging this way and that, rubbing her loose yellow dress up and down her body.

She was dripping wet from sweat. She had been doing this for a while. Her dress was all clingy and moist. Alice’s pussy was moist, too, and not from sweat.

Alice stopped—or she tried to stop. All she could really manage was to slow herself down, somehow making her movements even more erotic.

She moaned, breathing hard, sucking in hot gasps whenever her unstoppable hands crawled over her nipples. Why were they so sensitive? Why did everything feel so wonderful? If she moved her hands up from her thighs to her waist, it was really easy to pretend it was just an accident that she was showing them her ass.

Alice had such a nice ass. She loved the way it looked in this dress. Pert, tight, the fabric hugging it just right.

Isabella had stopped necking James, and was now watching Alice intently, James whispering into her ear. It seemed like Isabella was getting more and more turned on by Alice as the seconds ticked away. Her deep, dark eyes grew lidded, and she was biting her thick, pouty lips like she was modeling in a photo…

New Release–“Needing Him In Charge”

Brand new today is the second installment in the “Dark Possessions” series–“Needing Him In Charge.” It’s a rather standalone sequel to “Bound to Obey” (which you can find at Amazon, All Romance eBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords).

This story features a longtime submissive, Lillian, who is desperate for her sweetheart to be a little bit rougher and more dominant in the bedroom.

This story is thoroughly dirty–I think it would take gallons to accurately describe the sheer volume of cum sprayed on and filled inside of the various big-titted babes it features. But, with stories like this, it just makes more sense for the musclebound hunk to spray down his new pieces of property before filling them up–especially because contact with his cum makes them sexier and sexier!

I think all of us have some slight bone to pick with our chosen partners, though on the whole we are happy with them. This story examines the sexier side what could happen when our darker wishes start to come true. I always find it thoroughly exciting to write about enormous hard muscled hunks fucking amazonian women completely senseless.

June is arriving soon, which means the very first installment of my monthly newsletter. If you haven’t already, you can sign up here! Everyone who signs up will get instant access to a completely FREE sexy story! I won’t be flooding your email–just one note a month to tell you what’s coming up and to offer lots of exclusive discounts and special offers on stories!

So, if you’re turned on by the thought of a gorgeous submissive turning her boyfriend into a godly, musclebound alpha stud, make sure to check out the next installment in the Dark Possessions series, “Needing Him In Charge” available now at Amazon, All Romance eBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords!

Here’s the official blurb:

Submissive by nature, Lillian needs a strong man to order her around in the bedroom. She loves her boyfriend Henry, but he just isn’t dominant enough for her sexual fantasies to be completely fulfilled. When she gets her hands on a magical bottle of wine that’s guaranteed to make him hunkier and more alpha-like, Lillian can’t wait to use it.

Soon, Henry is turned into a godly musclebound stud who won’t take no for an answer. Lillian is dominated in ways she had only dreamed about. And she finds out that her new Master isn’t content with just her…she has to go find him even more women to dominate…

For mature audiences only—this erotica short (~6800 words) contains explicit, sex-filled scenes of a submissive babe becoming even more submissive as her boyfriend becomes thoroughly dominant, both of them magically transforming to be even hotter (more muscles for him, and longer hair and bigger breasts for her!), and her recruiting even more hot babes to submit to her new Master!


Thinking quickly, she rushed back to the entryway, put on her long brown raincoat near the door and opened the door.

Then she heard a terrible groaning sound from the dining room. Looking back, she saw Henry standing up, an almost-enraged look on his face. Beneath his clothes, there was nothing but movement—his muscles bulging and flexing and growing rapidly.

With one enormous throb of his shoulders, his shirt ripped, and then when he turned to look at the damage, the shirt ripped away all around his torso. He slid the cloth tatters off, his body now enormous, Herculean in scope. He was easily seven foot tall, his legs shredding through their pants. Hard, chiseled muscles continued to sprout all over, dense bricks of flesh on top of other bricks, and soon, nothing of his clothes remained, not even over his crotch.

Lillian would have had to struggle to imagine about what kind of clothes would even work to cover such a mammoth instrument as the cock between his legs had become. His meat was enormous, half-hard, hanging down between his monstrous thighs.

He was still obviously human—but also obviously something more. His thick scent rushed over Lillian, and her naturally submissive nature redoubled. She wanted to coo and adore every single part of him. Each and every tiny motion, each little sound he made in his confusion at his new body was worthy of thousands of years of worship.

She wanted to be his. She needed it.

She fell to her knees in front of the door, breathing hard. Her coat slipped off her shoulders. Some part of her knew she should be worried—that Henry had changed so much—but a much larger part of her wanted only to be turned on by what she was watching…