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Bang the Gang 2: Captured now released for YOU!

It turns out, I am terrible about updating my blog sometimes! Anyway, out today for all of you fine naughty thinkers is my latest story: “Bang the Gang 2: Captured.” Lucky for you–it’s at a discounted price for a limited time!

I’ve never written an erotica before where the protagonist was strictly in a prison cell for most of the story–this was a bit of a unique challenge, but I believe (of course) that I rose to the task. This one has a lot of fun parts to it: submission, dominance, sadism, masochism (all the bdsm goodies, haha), interracial fun, lesbian seduction, bisexuality, anal sex, lots of oral, and of course–a gang bang!

I think it’s definitely worth your time if you found Bang the Gang to be a good read.

Also out today is “Taken By Teachers!” This is a re-release of a story I just let out–“The Men of My Dreams.” That story wasn’t doing quite as well as I hoped, and I suspect the reason was the silly title and the sort of over-clever (or perhaps just bad) cover. So! This is my effort to amend that–if you want to know about this story, you can just read about it here. Otherwise, if you’ve already read “The Men of My Dreams,” then don’t pick up this one unless you just really love the cover!

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At any rate, if you’re looking for a couple of fun stories with hot male-on-female-on-male action, I’ve got two for you! You can find Bang the Gang 2: Captured at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords; and you can find Taken By Teachers also at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords.

Billionaire’s New Plaything — A new story for you!

Out today for all of you deliciously delightful people is my newest story, “Billionaire’s New Plaything.

In response to everyone who wanted a little more “oomph” from my tales, this one is a veritable MONSTER, weighing in at twenty thousand words! That’s one more thousand than nineteen thousand!

This is the story of a gorgeous young reporter who gets caught up in the web of a deviant billionaire who is dead-set on completely dominating her. In the meantime, though, there’s a lot of hot detail about the office life of this incredibly-endowed rich man, and all the ways in which he utterly controls the gorgeous women who work at his office. I had a TON of fun writing this, and I really hope you’ll enjoy reading it!

Also, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve been releasing lots and lots of bundles as of late. You can get “My Body is Yours” at Amazon, Barnes & NobleKobo, and Smashwords. Meanwhile, I’ve also released a MEGA-BUNDLE with NINE stories in the form of “Taken at Home: A Totally Taboo Bundle,” which you can grab at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords!

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At any rate, if you’re itching to read a tale about two gorgeous babes slowly dominated by a completely powerful male, look no further than “Billionaire’s New Plaything,” which you can get RIGHT NOW at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords!


Here’s the official blurb:

Power and Sexuality. These are the only two words that can describe Mason Clarke, the hunky billionaire and subject of my latest story. As a journalist, I’ve been sent to write about him. Quickly, I found his office is staffed entirely by gorgeous women, all totally dedicated to him. Clarke makes arousal tangible and makes me quiver with need. Even though I don’t want to end up just another worshipful follower of his, I can feel myself wanting him constantly; I can feel myself starting to give in. The only person who knows what I’m going through is his new assistant, Lily, but she’s even deeper in lust than I am…

By the end of this, I don’t know if we’ll be able to escape–and more than that, I don’t even know if we’ll want to.

For mature audiences only–this erotica tale (~20000 words) features a sexy young journalist and a hot secretary as they slide further into the dark, lusty world of a depraved billionaire’s endless desires!




Can I ask…how did the meeting with Joan go?”

A twisted smile appeared on his face. “I’m sure she would say it was…fulfilling.”

The blondes around Lily giggled, touching their breasts harder. Lily knew what was happening—she knewbut still her mind denied it. Her body denied it. Her everything denied it. Joan wasn’t into guys. There was no way it was happening.

Did she…I mean…did she see herself out?”

Clarke shook his head, smiling coldly at Lily. He would answer no more than what was asked.

Clarke leaned forward, staring intently at the swell of Lily’s supple breasts in her suit. Again, Lily heard muffled, almost dismayed, suckling sounds, this time clearly emanating from under his desk.

M-Mister Clarke, a-am I…” Lily gulped. “Am I interrupting something? Ought I to leave?”

What, because of her?” He pointed downward. “No. She is less good at this than I would have hoped. It has been sometimes since I’ve experienced such a purely virgin mouth. I thought the uniqueness of the experience would lend it some zest, but frankly?” He tsked. “I think I prefer expertise.”

Roughly, then, he stood up and ripped the poor girl off from his cock. She collapsed to the floor behind him. It was only now that Lily got a good look at her…



.soWikipedia: .so is the internet country code top-level domain for Somalia. After a long absence, the.so domain was officially relaunched on November 1, 2010 by.SO Registry, which is regulated by the nation’s Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications.

Taken by Cowboys! – A new story out right now!

Out today for all of you is my newest tale, Taken by Cowboys!

This is another tale in the vein of I Was Taken By Cavemen! A bit silly, but very raunchy. (Speaking of that Cavemen story–it’s going to be an audio title very soon, so be on the lookout for that!)

This is one of those stories that got much, MUCH dirtier and naughtier as I wrote it. Originally, the main character Laura was going to be a bit submissive, but she ends up being INCREDIBLY so, begging to be chained up and used by both these big cowboy studs. It’s lots of fun.

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If a tale of a submissive babe being able to let her inner-sub out sounds like fun to you, then check out “Taken by Cowboys!”

Here’s the official blurb:

Suddenly zapped back in time to a rustic Old West ranch, the buxom and curvaceous Laura finds herself cornered by two immensely hunky, strong cowboys who don’t take kindly to “no” for an answer. Her entire identity as a strong, independent woman is challenged by these hyper-masculine studs who only know one proper place for a woman—on her knees. It would be a nightmare come true…except that Laura, free from society’s prying eyes, finds herself loving every second of it.

For mature audiences only—this erotica short (~7000 words) features a busty babe getting much more than she bargained for from two cowboy hunks who have never heard of protection!


Of course, this was in stark contrast to how getting taken and forced by Karl was the living embodiment of every fantasy she had ever held. Whenever she masturbated in her bed at home, always it was envisioning something like what had happened earlier—being taken and cornered, alone, no escape, no choice but to give in and be used and abused like a complete fuckdoll…

Her hand drifted across the bed, somewhat hoping to rouse Karl again.

But no! No! She had to get away. Get back to the portal. Get in her own time. Stop acting like such a complete slut. That was the proper thing to do.

So, slipping up out of the bed, still covered partially in Karl’s expanse of cum, she intended to slip away.

But it was to no avail, so far. Karl was a light sleeper, and rose with her.

Make me some breakfast,” he commanded, smacking her on the ass.

She stood still, her body overwhelmed with the heady lust that hearing his masculine command gave her. He must have thought she was hesitating, because he struck her ass again.

Go on,” he said. “Know your place, girl. Make me some breakfast.”

She slipped on the clothes he had available for her—a sort of raggedy old blue dress that looked like it had been abandoned after a night of passionate fucking. It clung to Laura’s generous curves, showing off her cleavage and her legs, both. Her own clothes had been torn apart by Karl, of course. Just like all of Laura’s will…

Sexy Paranormal Erotica, FREE until Thursday!

Out today for all of you gloriously wonderful people is my brandest newest story, “Her Alpha, Untamed.” This story is FREE until Thursday, so make sure you get it soon!

This story continues the saga of William and Elly, who just can’t keep their hands off of each other. William can turn into an incredibly muscled, enormously powerful stud at any time, and somehow, Elly is the only one who is immune to his magical charms. Of course, her naturally submissive nature makes her desperate to obey and need everything about him anyway!

Sometimes, our lusts can be really destructive, and even when we notice that, we don’t try and stop it, because there’s just something really darkly sexy about sacrificing and destroying things for the sake of love. Blind, hot passion that doesn’t care about what the consequences are, and only wanting our heart’s desires met! Elly struggles with this immensely in this series, as she’s completely turned on by William’s “Stud” persona…but at the same time, she knows it’s completely evil for him to be enslaving and dominating any and every woman he comes across just because he can. And of course…that it’s so evil and wrong is part of what turns her on about the whole thing.

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I have some brand new audio stories for sale! “Hypnotizing the Sorority,” “In the Bag,” and “Housewife Hottie” are all now available in audio form for your enjoyment! For each story, I have some codes to give out for FREE copies, so if you’re interested in leaving an honest review in exchange for a free hot audio story, let me know!

In the meantime, if an erotically-charged tale of love at first sight combined with a bit of magic sounds like a good hot read for you, make sure to check out “Her Alpha, Untamed” FREE until Thursday!


Here’s the official blurb:

At any time, Elly’s new lover, William, can turn into a hulking stud god, capable of breaking the minds and wills of any woman he comes across. But, for whatever reason, Elly is immune to having her will sucked away…much to her chagrin, at times, as she finds herself incredibly turned on by the thought of being dominated ruthlessly by an alpha stud.

When Elly’s neighbor Katya reveals herself to be a witch-in-disguise, Elly learns that the great power she’s felt within herself is in fact her own burgeoning witchhood. She finds out also that William’s hidden side is a source of immense power for witches—the kind that can be drained away to provide centuries of youth and beauty for Elly and Katya. Will Elly give in to the luster of eternal youth and beauty, or will she be able to fight for the one shot she’s ever had at true love?

For mature audiences only—this erotica short (~8500 words) features scenes of intense domination by a massively muscled shapeshifting alpha god as he receives hot handjobs and sexy blowjobs, and delivers rough, hardcore sex to passionately submissive, immortally sexy witches!


The Stud was fully hard now, his cock as hard as a crowbar. He pushed Katya down to her knees on the bed—his cock was level with her torso. He dwarfed the hot witch, and she looked like she enjoyed the size difference, that it turned her on how he could break her in half without even much of an effort.

“Naughty little slut,” he boomed, “trying to control that whelp of a man. You should know better.”

Katya nodded enthusiastically. “I should know better, Master. I should be taught a fucking lesson!”

Gripping her by the throat, he brought her gorgeous face up to his gigantic mouth.

“You worship me, now. I am all that is to you.”

“Yes, Master,” she moaned, her eyes full of terror and need. “All that is!”

Elly knew, intrinsically, that all of Katya’s terror was terror of not being good enough to please her new Master. It was the terror that he would let her will return, that he would end his total and complete dominance of her mind. He pushed her down back on all fours, her ass up at him.