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“Lust Fever: The Bundle” – Guess what I’m advertising today?

Available at Amazon!

Hey hi hi hiiiiii everybody! Big news today. Fan favorites “Lust Fever,” “Lust Fever 2,” AND “Lust Fever 3” are all out now in a brand new bundle. No matter WHEN you buy it, this hot bundle will be a steal, netting you at LEAST three stories for the price of two, and probably better than that depending on my mood at the time.

These stories are all about returning to our hot, primal biological roles. Men are big, hulking alpha studs who don’t care anything about propriety, and simply want to fuck, impregnate, and own every woman they come across. Women, meanwhile, return to their natural state of bending to the will of every big-dicked, creampie-loaded man they meet, serving him any old way he wants just to get his perfect gooey load shot up inside her hungry womb. This bundle features all kinds of kinks: virgins and first time sex, pregnancy, impregnation, breeding, group sex creampie, body transformation (including tit and cock growth), bimbofication/sluttification, uncontrollable lust, mind control, and SO MUCH MORE! Pick it up today!

Bang the Gang 2: Captured now released for YOU!

It turns out, I am terrible about updating my blog sometimes! Anyway, out today for all of you fine naughty thinkers is my latest story: “Bang the Gang 2: Captured.” Lucky for you–it’s at a discounted price for a limited time!

I’ve never written an erotica before where the protagonist was strictly in a prison cell for most of the story–this was a bit of a unique challenge, but I believe (of course) that I rose to the task. This one has a lot of fun parts to it: submission, dominance, sadism, masochism (all the bdsm goodies, haha), interracial fun, lesbian seduction, bisexuality, anal sex, lots of oral, and of course–a gang bang!

I think it’s definitely worth your time if you found Bang the Gang to be a good read.

Also out today is “Taken By Teachers!” This is a re-release of a story I just let out–“The Men of My Dreams.” That story wasn’t doing quite as well as I hoped, and I suspect the reason was the silly title and the sort of over-clever (or perhaps just bad) cover. So! This is my effort to amend that–if you want to know about this story, you can just read about it here. Otherwise, if you’ve already read “The Men of My Dreams,” then don’t pick up this one unless you just really love the cover!

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I’m looking to build a street team! If you’re interested in picking up any free stories in exchange for your honest reviews about my work on outlets like Amazon, let me know with an email to nadia dot nightside at gmail dot com!

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At any rate, if you’re looking for a couple of fun stories with hot male-on-female-on-male action, I’ve got two for you! You can find Bang the Gang 2: Captured at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords; and you can find Taken By Teachers also at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords.

Hypno Casino: The Beach — Now out!

Out today for all of you is my newest story, “Hypno Casino: The Beach.

This is the hot sequel to my previous story, “Hypno Casino,” and continues the tale of the Shining Spiral Casino and its owner’s efforts to control ALL of Las Vegas.

One plot element I love to include in stories is incredibly powerful women (who are powerful because of their sexual attractiveness) being completely submissive to men. In this story, that element is twisted a bit, as the character Selene seduces Johnny Falco and becomes his “servant” on orders from her own Master–quite the love triangle!

One other bit of fun I had with this one was the whole kink of “homewrecking,” which I always find very erotic. It’s a shame, I think, that so much of the time that kind of homewrecking kink is focused on making the man feel pathetic and weak, unable to do anything except what his mistress says. What I tend to enjoy more is a homewrecker who finds the man so incredibly appealing that she has to talk up how the man deserves a break, how he deserves to have more women in his life. That’s more of the sort of thing that is showcased here.

In any case, if that sounds like fun to you, make sure to check out “Hypno Casino: The Beach.


Here’s the official blurb:


Casino owner Johnny Falco gets more than he expected when the stunning Selene, representative from the Shining Spiral, tries to take over his casino. He loses his wife and his business, and the exquisitely hypnotic Selene makes sure he doesn’t mind in the least.

For mature audiences only–this erotic short (6300 words) features explicit scenes of a seductive, hypnotic goddess showing a man just how in charge he can really be!