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“Paid & Laid: The Job Interview” Now Available!

Out today for all of you wonderful people is my NEWEST story, “Paid & Laid: The Job Interview.”

This sexy tale features a down-on-her-luck voluptuous beauty who just can’t seem to catch a break. When she finally does, it’s with a corporation that demands she has sex with her interviewers to get a job—including a whole committee of board members!

So, obviously, it’s a super-duper realistic story. Isn’t that how the corporate world really works? When you read this one, you can expect all of the following: blowjobs, titfucking, hot outfits, creampies, risky sex, gang bangs, menage sex, bisexual beauties, lesbian seduction, and interracial goodness!

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At any rate, if you’re interested in a top-heavy tale with LOTS of fun sex to go around, make sure to check out “Paid & Laid: The Job Interview.” It’s available NOW at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords!


Here’s the official blurb:

Fresh out of college, the voluptuous Shannon just can’t get a break. She lost her job; she can barely afford food; the woman who raised her is sick and they’re too poor to pay for medicine; and on top of all that, Shannon hasn’t had sex in years. She used to be a sexual dynamo in college, thanks to her busty frame and wild desires, but she put her nose to the grindstone to focus on grades. Finally, some luck shines through—a job interview with huge corporation Constant Enterprises! But they have some very STRANGE hiring practices…and Shannon finds out that she’ll do ANYTHING for a job. She has to face incredibly intimate, erotic “interviews,” with each one leaving her more turned on and lusty-brained than the last. The first is with a gorgeous, seductive woman; the second is with a very “well-equipped” hunk; and the last “interview” is with a whole board of studly corporate executives who are desperate to be inside her! What’s more—no one seems to care that she’s got no protection! With all her sexual desires reawakening, Shannon finds that she’s desperate to be the very model of a subservient, sex-happy employee!

And here’s an excerpt:

I leaned forward, my tits crushing together fetchingly. “I have to tell you, Sir, that I just would do anything…anything at all, if it meant that you were impressed.”

“Is that a fact?”

“Oh yes. It would mean so much to me to make a positive impression on a man like you. You’re soooo strong, and so powerful. Gosh, your girlfriend just sleeps with whoever, and lets you sleep with whoever…you must be so strong to make that happen.”

“Katya is a very beautiful woman.”

“That’s exactly my point, Sir.” I felt very confident now. “Certainly, she could land someone who would agree to only having sex with her. Probably someone rich, and probably someone rather powerful. And there you are, rich and powerful and still sleeping with whoever you want, including her. That must be some…equipment that you have.”

He smiled. My tactic was working.

“I like to think so.”

“I’d love to find out,” I said. “I’d love to…get a taste of what it is that she enjoys. She looks like she has such very fine taste, after all.”

His smile broadened. We were both of a similar mind. I tugged a bit at my blouse—little buttons popped open. My skin revealed its growing flush…


The Men of My Dreams — A Brand New Story FOR YOU!

Out today for all of you wonderfully naughty folks is my newest story, “The Men Of My Dreams.”

This one is a thoroughly wicked tale, featuring some hot two-on-one action with a barely legal super-babe as the star. I just love stories about babes who think they’re untouchable. You know the kind. They walk through the world knowing that men will fall all over themselves to make them happy. But I bet when you see them, you have the same thought I do—”she loves to fuck as much as anyone else.”

This story builds on that notion a little bit. The main character, Candice, is convinced that she can’t be the one to ask for sex, because society has crafted her personality in such a way that to ask for sex is completely wrong. But, she knows she was made to fuck…so her only choice is to convince someone to take her “against” her will. It’s a naughty little story that only works in a smutty environment like what I create—I certainly wouldn’t recommend thinking it’s anything like real life!

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At any rate, this newest story has all sorts of hot elements: barely legal action, anal sex, mfm threesome fun, reluctant ssex (or is it?), sexy bareback creampies, and a gorgeous teen temptress. And so, if you’re looking for a hot noncon or reluctant-type erotica, make sure to check out “The Men of My Dreams” to scratch that itch! It’s available (or will be soon!) at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords!


Here’s the official blurb:

Sexual phenom Candice can’t help but tease the teachers at her school with her hot body. She’s a naughty girl—all she wants is for someone who knows well enough to ignore her when she tells them “no.” Her reluctance is a facade, and her dream is for just one man to see through the ruse and take her like the nasty minx she knows she was born to be. But letting someone know that was what she wanted would ruin the whole appeal—so she teases and teases, hoping to drive a man mad with lust.

But much to her surprise, she drives TWO men mad with lust, and together, they’re going to corner her and make all her dreams come true…whether she likes it or not.

 And here’s an excerpt:

He had the door locked and had sat me down in the front row of the classroom. He sat across from me, on the edge of his desk, his arms crossed.

“Why don’t you explain to me what you and Joey were getting up to?”

For a moment, I considered playing dumb. Probably, if I thought I could actually get in trouble, that would have been the safer route. But of course, I didn’t think I could get in trouble. I was the queen of the entire school.

“I was showing him how I could suck my own nipple.” I smiled, cupping my tits with dainty hands. “Would you like me to show you, Mr. Young? I do a really good job.”

His jaw dropped. Whatever response he was expecting from me, it certainly wasn’t the dead-honest truth. He was really cute like that, looking so surprised. He started to sputter.

“Y-you can’t act like this. I won’t have it in my classroom.”

I smiled, biting my bottom lip. “Oh,well…”

“Well, what?”

“It’s just, you remember how last year there wasn’t enough tax money to pay for all the departments?”

His sputtering stopped entirely. Now, he looked very serious. He took his glasses off and then put them on again.

“Yes,” he said. “Yes, I remember that.”

“And don’t you remember how it was my Daddy who paid for you to have a job?”


“I guess that means that if I said you were mean to me, he’d be pretty upset, huh?” Mr. Young said nothing. “I guess that means you’re just gonna have to live with it?”

He said nothing, his frown only deepening.

I giggled, delighted. “In fact, what that really means is that I can be as big of a bitch as I want, all day, to anyone I want, and you won’t do a single thing about it, will you?

Again, he said nothing.

His eyes were all over me, though. Inspired, I decided to try something a little…dangerous…





New taboo story, FREE for a limited time! — “My Spiciest Confession”

Get it at Amazon!Out today for all of you wonderful people is my latest entry in my Month of Taboo, and the LAST story in the “Spicy Confessions” trilogy–“My Spiciest Confession.” It is FREE until Wednesday, July 31st!

In the first story, Cassandra confessed how much she needed to fuck her Daddy. In the second story, she confessed how badly she needed to have her Stud Big Bro inside of her. In this scintillatingly sexy third installment, she confesses how she needs them BOTH inside her, at the same time. More than that, she needs them to put a baby inside of her.

Cassandra is quite used to getting whatever she wants for being a gorgeous babe. I just think it’s so wonderfully hot writing about a hot teen babe who is as hot as she is who only really wants to be the perfect fuckpet and broodslut for those VERY special men in her life.

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Here’s the official blurb for “My Spiciest Confession”

Teen goddess Cassandra has managed to seduce the man of the house, Ron, and her returning hero, Blake. The problem? Since they both drill her senseless whenever they want, they’ve started to get jealous of each other.

Her solution is to have them drill her at the same time.

She hopes that this will solve the even bigger problem in her life—that she isn’t pregnant yet. That’s right—she’s wants them both to leave hot impregnating creampies in her belly. She just won’t be satisfied until she knows that’s what they want too…

For mature audiences only!—this erotica short (~4100 words) contains the scintillating story of a beautiful teenager who wants to keep it all in the family by any means necessary! She uses handjobs, blowjobs, and hardcore sex with her two men at the same time to get her way, and ensure that she’ll be theirs, forever.




I’m all dressed up special just for them, as always. Over the past few months, I’ve gotten more and more creative with my outfits as I’ve learned what each of my hunks likes.

Blake really, really loves it when I wear gloves and short skirts. Ron loves low-cut tops showing off my big tits, and hot high-heeled boots.

So, tonight is a compromise. I wear a tiny red minidress, its soft surface tight around my hips and clinging to the heavy globes of my sexy teenage tits. The loop of bare skin around my neck swoops low into my cleavage, showing off an incredible amount of the young, luscious skin I have available. Elbow-length leather gloves slide up tight around my toned arms. My legs are encased in matching black skintight leather boots that wrap up all the way up around my lovely, fit thighs. The heels are almost dangerously high―more than six inches―but I’ve been practicing walking in high heels a lot lately for the men of the house, and I can strut in them easily.

I look dynamite in this outfit, and both men shouldn’t be able to resist fucking me. I want my Stud and my Master to fuck the shit out of me as soon as they walk through the door tonight.

I look down at myself, sliding my leather gloves up my hot teenage body. I love the way it looks when my leather-bound hands slide up around my tits, squeezing them together. I wish I had my Stud’s cock between my big heavy globes, his precum spilling out and just making my tits slipperier…

Now I’m starting to get moist, the folds of my pussy wettening. For a moment, I consider pushing a hand up underneath the tight red fabric of my minidress to pleasure my pussy for a minute…but then I hear a car drive up. And then another, right after.

They’re both home. Oh, wonderful!…