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Hot Mind Controlled Bride in a story that’s FREE until Wednesday!

Now out and FREE for all of you through Wednesday, August 14th is my latest story— “A Special Present for the Bride.

There’s something so intensely erotic about brides, I feel. They’re all wrapped up in white to show how pure they are, and on top of that, they’re about to be given away for life to one man (or woman, perhaps), forever! That level of exclusivity is bound to get the blood pumping.

What’s more is they’ve spent all day making sure they look as good as they ever have in their entire life. This is the happiest, most smiling-est day that they’re bound to have for a long while. How is a person supposed to stop themselves from wanting to fuck a woman like that who is so completely enraptured with having the perfect day? Certainly everyone thinks that most other people’s days could be better with some more sex.

Well, the mind controller in this story, Vincent, can’t stop himself. His cock is just pure, potent magic, and can bend wills like so many straws. And pretty soon, the gorgeous Marissa isn’t able to stop herself either, and neither is her best friend who just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

If that sounds like a good time to you, make sure to check out “A Special Present for the Bride” today!


 Here’s the official blurb:

Marissa’s big day is today—she’s finally getting married to the man of her dreams! She loves everything about her husband-to-be…except for his weirdo brother, Vincent. Vincent is a giant nerd, always getting in the way and, as far as Marissa is concerned, is probably destined to be a virgin forever.

But then Vincent arrives in her dressing room and immediately drops his pants. Marissa would have been disgusted, normally, but instead she cannot turn away. Vincent’s cock is…mesmerizing. When she looks at it, her entire brain starts to rearrange to become what Vincent wants. Can Marissa get away before Vincent uses his special member on her?

For mature audiences only—this erotica short (~5000 words) contains the story of what happens when one lonely nerd has a cock that makes women do whatever he wants–and what he wants includes blowjobs, sex with two girls at once, and leaving hot impregnating creampies in every hot babe he comes across!


Vincent pushed her down, grip staying tight on her throat, until she was on her knees right in front of his cock. Marissa couldn’t believe it. She was in her wedding dress! This was her special day! How could he do this? How could he…could he…

How could have such an enormous, rock hard cock? Wasn’t it soft just a second ago?

Oh god. It was a fucking giant! Its veins bulged on the thick shaft.

“My cock is special now.” He ran a hand through her luxurious hair, taking his time. “I’m going to show you just how special. I already showed the doctor at the doctor’s office, and the three girls living across the street. They were like you. They didn’t believe me. But then they got to look at my cock for a while. They started to understand. I wonder how long it takes. Are you understanding, Marissa? Are you getting it yet?”

Marissa squirmed on her knees. Even though she hated what was going on, she had to admit there was something…something special about Vincent’s cock. Light bent around it, somehow, and every time she tried to focus on it, her consciousness shifted sideways to some empty, vacant little place.

It was so nice to think about nothing at all. The wedding put so many stresses on her body, her mind. Wasn’t it good just to relax a little bit and have nothing happening in her head?

Well, yes, but…n-no! No! His fucking hand was around her neck! Her life was in mortal danger!

And…and…well, wasn’t that sort of hot? That he was just controlling her like that And isn’t that cock so fucking big and sexy and deserving of praise?

“Do you see it, Marissa? Do you see it, you little slut?”

She was salivating with his cock right there in front of her. Why was she salivating? Was it because the cock looked incredibly fucking tasty?

She had never even sucked a cock before. It was demeaning. It was unclean. She would never do it for Warren—they had agreed. It was only on very special occasions, when he really deserved it, like his birthday or maybe if he got a promotion or gave her some one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry…

New Taboo Story, FREE for a limited time – “The Perfect Gift”

Buy at Amazon!Out today for all of you is the THIRD release in my “Month of Taboo,” the very sexy hypnotic tale, “The Perfect Gift.” This one is FREE from today until Tuesday of next week

This one was quite a lot of fun to write–I don’t often write full hypnotic induction scenes, and even less often do I write them in first person. So, it was a fun challenge to keep providing the POV character with avenues for description and interior thought, even as she was thoughtless.

I think one of the sexiest aspects of this story is how the man in charge, Gerald, takes it upon himself to not only make his wife his complete pet, but his adopted daughter as well. He even uses his hot wife to help him control his daughter, climaxing with a very sexy threeway.

In the next week, I’ll be releasing sequels to “My Spicy Confession” and “The Cheerleader’s Secret.” So, if you liked those, make sure to check back often!

If that sounds like fun, make sure to check out “The Perfect Gift” for FREE until Tuesday! Please consider leaving a review to let me know what you thought!

Here’s the official blurb:

Lovely, popular teenager Constance has lived with Gerald and Stephanie for years now, dutifully trying to be a good girl most of the time. But things have gotten weird lately. Stephanie, formerly an uber-successful businesswoman, has become Gerald’s uber-sexy servant, eagerly doing everything Gerald says. Totally abandoning her career, she doesn’t seem to care at all about anything except pleasing and serving the man of the house.
That might have been fine, but now Gerald’s influence is starting to affect Constance—there are a plethora of new rules that Gerald insists the hot teen must obey. Constance breaks one of the rules by accident and ends up grounded for the whole weekend with the married couple. She soon discovers that Gerald’s sexy, nefarious plot is to own both the hot babes in the household entirely—body, mind, and soul. Gerald has a magic crystal that he’s been using to change Stephanie into exactly the kind of servant he wants, and he has plans to make Constance his perfect servant as well. Soon, he wants to have both the beautiful Stephanie and the gorgeous Constance on their knees before him, begging for his commands…
For mature audiences only—this erotica short (~5000 words) contains scenes of a hot wife utterly transformed from business-minded and cold to exuberantly sexy and completely subservient, as well as a popular, beautiful teenager being transformed into the willing, servile pet of the man of the house! Explicit details of hypnotic induction, entranced blowjobs, and sizzling hot three way sex are all a part of this thoroughly erotic tale!


A low feeling of dread spreads over my stomach. “What do you mean, what I’m going to want? Convinced Stephanie of what? What are you even saying?”

“I convinced her that serving me and doing exactly what I said was the only real way for her to move through life. She agrees now, of course. She’s my good girl. Just like you will be. I fuck her any way that I want, whenever I want. I could have her sucking me off right now while I talk to you. I could have her stroking my big, fat cock while I spanked you, and she’d get off on it if I ordered her to. I could be fucking her from behind and she’d beg for the privilege of holding you down so I could have my way with you. Do you understand? You’ll be getting off on that too, my darling girl. You won’t have a choice. You’re going to be the perfect gift for my birthday, sweetie.”

“Sh-shut up,” I say, sliding backward until I fall down a bit over my stupidly enormous pink bed. I struggle to regain my footing, hitting the shelves behind me. They’re full of tacky glass snowglobes of fairy kingdoms and big ugly pink picture books. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, but it’s weird and fucked up and I want you to stop!”

He shakes his head, coming into the room. He holds the doorknob for a moment, as if considering shutting it. Then he smiles and swings it wide open. He doesn’t care who sees what’s next.

“I’m serious, G-Gerald! Stop! You’ve fucked up my room, and fucked up Stephanie somehow, and you’re just dead wrong if you think you’re going to do anything to me! I’m telling you—”

Just as soon as I was going to say something really mean, something about his dick I think, he pulls out this crystal from his pocket.

It’s soo….sooooo….

So shiny.

“Shiiiny,” I moan.

Nothing else enters my head. The crystal is so shiny and perfect. Its light enters my skull, not letting anything else in. No thoughts. No cares. No worries. Just the shiny, shiny crystal.

“Yes, dear. It’s very shiny, isn’t it? Very pretty.”

“Pretty,” I say dumbly.

All my thoughts are dripping away, like sorghum out of a pot…

New Release! — “Mesmerizing the Best Friend”

Out today for all of you is my newest release, “Mesmerizing the Best Friend.” This is also the start of a new series “Magical Mesmerism,” of which I’m planning two other stories (“Mesmerizing the Cheerleaders” and “Mesmerizing the Bride.”).

I think all of us at one point or another have been stuck in the “friend zone” with some incredibly sexy companion that we just desperately wanted to please and make love to. This story taps into that hot part of our brains that knows that fucking this friend just wouldn’t be enough…some naughty, hot part of ourselves is always going to want more and more control over the terms of the relationship.

In this story, Lane finds a magic artifact that allows him to transform beautiful Jessica into his lovestruck girlfriend, but now that he’s had a taste of altering her mind, he just isn’t able to get enough…

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The free story you will receive is “Model Dinner Party,” a 4600 word sequel to “Model Girlfriend,” (available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords), but it IS a standalone title, so you do not need to have read Model Girlfriend to enjoy it! (Although I do think it enhances the material somewhat if you do). It features a supermodel-turned-fuckslave named Isabel throwing a small dinner party for two of the haughtiest, hottest supermodels she once worked with before her Master showed her the beauty of obedience. Over the course of dinner, her Master slowly makes the two new supermodels even hotter, and much more obedient, until they are his perfect fuckslaves just like Isabel! Some of the kinks featured are mind control, body transformation, breast enlargement, one male dominant character, multiple female dominant characters, and of course lots and lots of cumming and hardcore sex!

This story will NEVER be released anywhere else–it is EXCLUSIVELY for those wonderful people who sign up for my newsletter mailing list! To be totally up-to-date with all my latest releases and all my upcoming projects, and have access to exclusive excerpts that are too dirty to post on storefronts and exclusive hot tidbits of stories that couldn’t make the final cut (sometimes, the fourth blowjob scene is just too much for one narrative, even if it is sizzling hot by itself), make sure you sign up today!

But back to the new release–if the thought of a totally hot babe becoming her best friend’s love slave turns you on, make sure you grab “Mesmerizing the Best Friend,” out now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords!


Here’s the official blurb:

Jessica has cornered Lane firmly in the friend zone, despite his declaration of love for her. He’s just not right for her—she loves him as a friend, but doesn’t want to be “in” love with him. Then Lane finds an old magic pocket watch that mesmerizes Jessica completely—all of a sudden, she wants to be his perfect girlfriend. But soon, Lane finds that he doesn’t want just a perfect girlfriend…he wants a perfect servant.

For mature audiences only! This erotica short (~5000 words) contains scenes of a gorgeous young teenage babe becoming completely entranced, changing from a goody two-shoes to the sexy plaything of a guy who’s been pining after her for ages, happy to serve him exclusively with hot oral sex, hardcore fucking, dirty talk, open worship, and even deeper depths of hypnotic servitude!




“Jess? Are you okay?”

Lane was snapping his fingers in her face. She giggled happily, snapping back at him.

A surprised smile slid over his face.

“You okay?”

“Uh, yeah. Why wouldn’t I be okay?”

She slid her hands over one of his, grabbing them and sliding them in between her tits. Then she started mashing her titflesh on his hand. He liked that, right? Why wouldn’t he? She had great tits. She knew that. She was proud of them. She was proud of her body. She should really show it off more. Lane would like that.

Jessica would love anything at all that Lane happened to like.

He shuddered and started breathing hard, looking her up and down. His other hand went to her waist. She nodded small, encouraging him even more by licking her lips.

“It’s just…you were…spacey for a moment…or thirty…”

“Mmm,” she purred, sliding his hand up to her jaw and then cheek. “Maybe I was just thinking about how I have like, the biggest crush on you.”

That was an understatement, if there ever was one.

“You…you do?”

“Of course I do. I’m in love with you, silly. Can’t you tell?”

She hardly felt she could make it more obvious. Still, it didn’t hurt to work at it. She slid one leg up his.

“Say…say that again,” he said. He was biting his lip now, clearly turned on.

She drew herself close, crushing her tits against his chest. His hand was trapped there, now, completely enveloped.

“I’m in love with you, Lane.” Her blue eyes shone with an almost zealous light. “I’m so sorry I freaked out when you told me before. I just wasn’t in my right head at all. But I totally am. I love you more than anything, more than anybody…”