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HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I just LOVE this time of year, and I hope you do too. And if you don’t, well, here are TWO very good reasons to love it! FREE STORY BUNDLES! HOOOORAAAYYY! Click on the images above to grab them at Amazon!

So, “The Perfect Gift Bundle” is a series all about a magic crystal and the naughty family members who use it for their own erotic desires on their daughters and sisters! It features hot threesomes, VERY taboo situations, and sexy hypnotic inductions!

“The Paranormal Pleasures Series” is a group of three stories I released waaaaay back in the second quarter of this year, all about a gorgeous BBW who is somehow immune to the mind-controlling fucking of an alpha stud werewolf. There’s witches, crazy hot harems, huge orgies, body transformation, and much MUCH more!

That’s all for me right now–look for a NEW Bimbo Costumes story out this weekend!

New three-story bimbo bundle out today! “The Maid For Service Bundle 2”

That’s right, you beautiful people out there! This bundle is JUST for you! It includes all THREE stories from the second half of the “Maid for Service” saga. What do these stories feature, you might ask? Oh, nothing much, just bimbo transformation, mind control, orgies, group sex, harem gathering, sluttification, creampies, breeding, impregnation, blackmail, homewrecking, all manner of every dirty sex act imaginable, and MUCH MUCH MORE!

Okay, so “nothing much” was not entirely true. TOO BAD. It’s full of awesome things! Go pick it up now!

“Sold! Owned by the Man of the House” Out NOW!

Greetings, hello, and salutations! Out today for you is my newest story, “Sold! Owned by the Man of the House.”

 This dirty little story is the latest in my “Sold into Service” series, which also includes “Sold! Trained by a Gang.” Like that story, this fun romp into fantasy takes place in the alternate reality land of Aurona, with its own set of kingdoms and a very special set of rules when it comes to slavery. Domestic servitude is part of the economy, and so men and women are sold all the time into erotic service to be the perfect fuckslaves for new owners.

So, this story focuses on Leandra, who is sold—and bought!—by her Daddy. Pretty taboo, huh? While her Daddy is incredibly attracted to the prospect of having his good little girl serve his every last sexual desire, he doesn’t know quite whether to trust the fact that she wants him to own her…even though she really, really does. Along the way, another slave owned by Daddy named Diane adds to the erotic couplings. It’s a carefree jaunt into sexy times for all!

This hot story features (obviously) Daddy/Daughter taboo incest relations, but also sexy threesomes, a hot gangbang, fun breeding and creampie elements, and MUCH MUCH MORE!

 * * * * *

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 So! If a story featuring a beautiful young woman being made into an obedient sex slave for her Daddy sounds like fun to you, check out “Sold! Owned by the Man of the House” today!

Here’s the Official Blurb:


I promise to obey, Sir. I just want to be your good girl…

As an erotic servant trained by the Guild of Service, the gorgeous and innocent Leandra has prepared for months to be the perfect piece of living sexual property for her new owner. But when that handsome new owner turns out to be the man who raised her, all her lustful needs to obey and serve are thrown into a taboo, sensual flux.
Her owner, the rich hunk Cal, was the one who sold Leandra away to the Guild of Service, and doesn’t know if he should believe Leandra when she claims her urgent need to obey his every desire. The blistering hot lust between them is, after all, completely forbidden! Along with Cal’s other gorgeous, young new servant, Diane, Leandra must convince her man of the house that she’s willing to do anything to make him happy. No erotic act is too taboo for the two servile babes—threesomes, ego-stroking cheers, gleeful seduction, and even banging a whole gang of Cal’s friends who Leandra has known her whole life! Anything to make her owner happy…






Now, I was alone with him—my Daddy—and compelled beyond all possible compulsions to obey every last whim that he had.


“Now, I want you to come here, Leandra.” He waved a finger. “Like a good girl. Like a slave. Like they trained you. Let me see my obedient little girl come toward me.”


Obediently, from my position already on my hands and knees, I began to crawl toward him. Soon, I was right between his legs. My Master’s thick, muscular legs.


“Take out my cock.”


I gulped. “Y-yes, Daddy.”


Slowly, my fingers drifted up over the zipper to his pants and pulled it down. Then the buttons, slowly again. I was taking my time. This all felt so very wrong.


The feeling of wrongness only intensified when I saw his cock in the flesh, already half-hard. It was enormous! My mouth watered at the sight of it, just as I had been trained. I knew he was my Master, now, and I knew that when I saw my Master’s cock, it was only right and proper for me to drool. That was a slave’s duty—to let her Master know that his cock was worth salivating for.


“I’m not hard all the way,” he noticed.


“Y-yes, Daddy.”


“Fix that, would you?”


Trembling, my fingers wrapped around his shaft.


“Ah-ah.” He said, slapping at my wrist playfully. “Ask me how.”


I looked up at him with my big green eyes, open for instruction.


“H-how would you like me to get you hard, Daddy?”…


MIDWEEK (NYMPHO)MANIA! One discount book! One FREE book!

Hello hello hello! It’s time again for Midweek (Nympho)Mania, and I’m SO glad you’re around this week to check out these awesome deals. This week, I’ve got something just absolutely delectable for you. Do you like stories of deep submission, total dominance, sexy clothing fetishes, and with absolutely nasty sex? Well then, you should check out the FREE book for this week: “Dark Desires of the Billionaire.”

And if you’re in the mood for something a little lighter (but still JUST as sexy and fun), then perhaps you’d be interested in “Bimbo Gym!” This naughty, reality-bending tale has it all: lactation, bimbo transformation, brother-sister incest, alpha studs, hot outfits, sexy harem gathering, and incredible group sex. If you don’t pick COLOSSAL story (over twenty thousand words!) for just 99 Cents, why, I’m not sure you’re a fan of bimbo stories at all!

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