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New Release!–Housewife Hottie: A Female Designs Story

housewife hottieOut today for all of you is my newest Female Designs story, “Housewife Hottie.”

This is a story in the “Female Designs” universe, the other stories of which you can find at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords!

I think there is just something so innately sexy about domesticated women. Obviously, they have a lot going on–taking care of the household is no easy job. But there is an angle that you can use (one that I employ quite often) that sees them as completely obedient to the needs of the house. And if the man is the one making all the money, then she would be completely obedient to him at all possible times. And I think this bent of obedience is just begging to be exploited with a little bit of hot, sexy narrative.

This story in particular is just pure, hot sex all the way through. There’s just enough set-up to establish how the main character is transforming from an overweight housewife into a beautiful bimbo babe, but after that, it’s nothing but raunchy smut. I think this is probably one of my dirtiest titles yet, including scenes featuring a double-team AND a cheating husband.

When I let my erotically inclined mind go wild, I am hopelessly turned on by a gorgeous babe stealing away a man from his wife just because she knows she’s hot enough to get away with it.

(Still) coming soon will be my mailing list, with a FREE erotic short for everyone that signs up! It’s important to me to make sure everyone who signs up receives a thoroughly quality story, easily worth the $2.99 that you would pay elsewhere. Otherwise, it’s just not any fun having it as an exclusive, is it? So I am polishing that off and preparing its distribution before starting sign-ups. Keep checking back here, though, because it WILL be done soon!

One other quick note to make sure you all know about–Amazon has recently reinforced its adult filtering of the erotica catalog in its store. So, for the time being, if you want to read any of my adult filtered titles at Amazon (including Bubbles & Iron, Enslaving the Princess, and Model Girlfriend), make sure that when you search for “Nadia Nightside” on Amazon that you are also selecting the “Kindle Store” or “Books” in the drop down menu.

I realize this isn’t as intuitive as some may prefer, so I want to say how much I really appreciate you taking the extra effort to find those extra stories of mine and of any other authors you enjoy! We erotica authors are nothing without readers, so your diligence is thoroughly appreciated and will net you lots of delightfully sexy results–this filter is far-reaching, especially for some of the wilder kinks!

Speaking of wild kinks, if you find the notion of a disgruntled BBW making her way as a devoted housewife turning into a stunningly gorgeous, cock-crazy bimbo to be as hot as I do, then make sure you buy  “Housewife Hottie,” available now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords!


Here’s the official blurb:

Layla, overweight housewife, has been feeling bored with her life lately, and has lost touch with her daughter Hilary, who is away at college. When Hilary sends laundry home for Layla to wash, the discontented mother jumps on the opportunity to do something nice for her daughter. But Layla soon realizes that Hilary’s new clothes are no ordinary clothes—they feel impossibly good, all the time, and Layla can’t stop herself from wearing them! Soon, her tits are growing even larger, her hair is becoming longer and silkier, her body is becoming more beautiful by the second, and she’s sucking and screwing every man in sight! Best of all, she’s having the time of her life!

For mature audiences only—this erotica short (~5000 words) contains scenes of a BBW housewife transforming into a sexy big-titted temptress who happily gives blowjobs to her husband, uses her amazing new body on a cop to get out of a ticket, and seduces her married neighbor just for the thrill of hot hardcore sex!


Her husband David arrived home at a little past six in the evening. That was normal. Layla rushed to him when he came through the door, decked out in a tiny pleated skirt and a blue mesh top, her tits barely contained inside of a lacy white bra. All of the clothes had the same tag, “FD.” She didn’t know what it meant, but she loved it.

It was hard to rush in her high-high five-inch platform heels, but Layla had been practicing all afternoon, trying to make it work. It got easier and easier the longer she wore the sexy clothes.

“Oh, like, my god!” Layla said. “I’m so glad you’re home, honey!”

Kissing him so hard that his glasses fell off, Layla wrapped her arms around her befuddled husband. He seemed surprised. Her lips were shiny and plush and pink. She hadn’t even put on any lipstick.

“Layla, you’re wearing . . .” he shook his head. “What are you wearing?”

It wasn’t hard to coax him out of his jacket. His hands on her curves felt tremendous.

“I’m wearing something just for my big, handsome hubby,” she purred. “Won’t you tell me that I look pretty?”

“Of course you look pretty, Layla, but—”

Her moan cut off whatever he was going to say. It was so delightful, having her existence affirmed by a big strong man like him. She leaned in and slipped some hot kisses along his neck.

Well, David wasn’t that big, or that strong, but he was a strong accountant or whatever-he-did. He was strong enough to take care of her. That’s what counted.

The thought made her feel so weak. Swaying her hips sexily, the front door still open ajar, she fell to her knees in front of him. Her heavy tits pushed against his legs as she slid downward. The motion sent happy thrills through her body. . .


New Release! — In the Bag: A Female Designs Story

in the bagOut today for all of you is my newest story, “In the Bag: A Female Designs Story.” It is, as you probably guessed from the title, in the same universe as my other Female Designs stories, which include “A Change in Style,” “Another Change in Style: Teen Queen,” and “Becoming the Perfect Wife.”

One thing I enjoy about writing these kinds of stories is all the different places that basically “magical” clothes can take the reader. The first two novellas follow a pretty linear storyline, but open up for this great big world where tons of hot babes are waiting to be transformed into sex-crazy nymphettes, desperate to spread lust and love everywhere they go. I think one thing that draws me to write these stories isn’t just the hot, explicit sex (of which there is quite a bit), but also the whole “sentient virus” aspect of it, wherein each babe who starts wearing the clothes wants to have others wear the clothes too.

There’s not too much to it in this tale, but the men get affected as well (for more of that, check out “Becoming the Perfect Wife”). In my mind, they become very well-equipped for rutting, and are just elaborately endowed alpha males ready to fuck any hot thing that crosses their path.

Coming up in the next little while: one more Female Designs story (for now) and the start of my mailing list! If you’d like an email whenever I release a new story, make sure to check back soon to sign up! I’m going to be delivering a completely FREE erotic short for all the wonderful people who sign up, so don’t miss out!

In any case, if reading a hot story about a serious-minded woman becoming a hopelessly horny bimbo slut scratches any itches of yours, make sure to check out “In the Bag: A Female Designs Story,” now available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords!

Here’s the official blurb:

Abigail has been having a rough day as an aspiring businesswoman—she’s tired, soaking wet from a rainstorm, and picked up the wrong luggage from the airport. But her day soon improves when she discovers the clothes in the bag she picked up somehow elevate her mood. They also give her a hotter body with bigger breasts, blonde hair, and a whole new attitude dedicated to happily serving men! Will she be able to stop wearing the clothes before she becomes a completely sex-obsessed bimbo?

For mature audiences only—this erotica short (6600 words) contains explicit scenes of a serious-minded woman becoming an airheaded bimbo, complete with breast expansion, hair growth, dressing in skimpy clothing, masturbation, and hardcore sex with men and women!


What on earth was going on?

She slid off the bed and walked to the bathroom, examining herself under the dim light.

Yes, there could be no doubt about it. Her hair was longer. It was styled, even, growing out in long feathered waves, like she was some seventies’ housewife.

It looked . . . well, it looked good, she had to admit. If she were to have long hair, she would want it to look like this. It framed the high angles of her cheekbones perfectly, and the lightness of the color set off her blue eyes.

Hold on.

The lightness of the color?

The blueness of her eyes?

No . . . no! Her hair was brown. It was dark, mousy brown. It was nearly chocolate levels of thick, lustrous brown.

Except it wasn’t. It was dark blonde, and seemed like it was getting blonder at the roots, like God was giving her a dye job as she stood and watched. And her eyes—formerly dark and brown, cool and mysterious, echoing the pitiless state of mind she aspired to learn from her business colleagues, were turning a serene blue.

How had any of this happened?

She turned away from the mirror. A flash of movement made her turn back.

Oh no.

No, no. This was too much.

Were her tits . . . growing?


New Release! — The Hot Hypnotism Bundle

hypnobundle Out today for all of you is “The Hot Hypnotism Bundle: 3 Stories of Sexy Submission.” This bundle, as you may have guessed from the name, is a collection of the trilogy of Hot Hypnotism stories that I’ve released in the last few weeks.

All three of these stories were a delight to put together. I think one of the sexiest things about mind control, for me, is the idea of remapping someone’s personality totally. It modifies what a given controller wants physically into what that same controller wants emotionally and mentally, giving him complete control, and freeing a girl from all those nuisances of free will and conscience. Something I do often in the stories in this bundle is alter a given POV character’s thoughts and memories, so that by the time a girl is on her knees, happily sucking and serving, she’s not able to imagine ever wanting anything else but servitude and obedience.

There is, of course, something incredibly erotic about a woman being very aware of her incumbent enslavement, and not being able to do anything about it, though that’s not territory covered in these stories. I think also a woman willingly giving herself up to the overwhelming power of a mind control device is thoroughly hot as well, and that IS territory explored in these stories.

Coming up for me are a few more stories in the Female Designs universe, and probably a breeding title or two. If you have any thoughts on where to take this Hot Hypnotism series from here, I’d love to hear them! But for now, if the thought of sexy babes becoming cock-worshipping fucktoys gets you going, make sure you check out “The Hot Hypnotism Bundle,” available now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords!
Here’s the official blurb:

All three delightfully delicious stories from the “Hot Hypnotism” series are now available in one erotic bundle!

Hypnotizing the Girl Next Door:

Jared hasn’t been happy in a long time. Ever since he got laid off, he’s been living with his parents and performing errands for them to pay his way. Today, he cleaned out his grandpa’s old trunk. Inside, he finds an incredibly erotic video of a woman being completely brainwashed into a loveslave. And, with the video are the same devices used to brainwash the woman!

Jared tries to show his discovery to his beautiful young eighteen year-old neighbor, Carmen, but it’s so difficult to get her to listen. He’ll just use the device on her a little bit, to get her to pay attention. Just a little bit more, to make her more comfortable. Just a little bit more, so she’ll think he’s attractive and interesting. Just a little bit more . . .

For mature audiences only–this erotica short (~5600 words) features hot, explicit scenes of oral sex, hardcore sex, mind control, and domination of multiple beautiful women!

Hypnotizing the Sorority:

Alyssa, gorgeous sorority house president, has never met a boy she couldn’t seduce or a girl she couldn’t browbeat into submission. That is, until her roommate Giselle uses her mind-controlling Master’s device to rewrite Alyssa’s mind, and then the minds of the entire sorority! With the help of her Master’s hypnotic device, Alyssa becomes the eager, happy slave she is soon convinced she was born to be!

For mature audiences only—this erotica short (~8700 words) features a snobby sorority girl’s transformation into a hot, submissive love slave, eager to do anything her Master says as he takes her and an entire sorority house full of young lingerie-clad beauties under his control, including hot oral sex, making love to other beautiful sorority girls, ordering around other babes for her Master, and hardcore fucking!

Hypnotizing the Detectives:

Beautiful, secretly submissive detective Heather Key and her lovely partner Sandra Harrera are investigating a local sorority house, believing the girls there have entered some kind of prostitution ring. When Heather finds out that the house is actually under the control of an amoral mind controller, though, she doesn’t know how long she can hold in her arousal or stay off her knees!

For mature audiences only—this erotica short (~10,000 words) takes the reader on a explicitly detailed erotic romp as a sexy detective struggles with her inner-submissive side. Readers will experience her dark thrills as she watches and gets off to other girls being mind-controlled (one at a time and en masse), leading up to her climactic struggle against the mind controller himself, inside of a house full of hypnotized hotties eager to do his bidding!


“The remote?”

“The one that makes people believe that whatever they’re told. And then when the effect has worn off, they don’t remember.”

“Wait a minute,” said Carmen, shaking her head.
She stood up and looked at the screen of his television. The woman there, her face so open and . . . turned on. So full of pleasure.

“Hold up. That woman didn’t remember any of the commands she was given?”

“Nope,” he grinned.

“Why are you grinning like that? That’s disgusting! I mean, could you imagine if you gave me some command, and . . .”

His grin only widened. He started stroking his cock through his shorts, just like she had been. God, but she really, really wanted to get back to doing that. But this was…this was important! Things started to click together in her head
“Oh god, Jared, is that why you’re grinning?”

He nodded, openly staring down her cleavage. On instinct, she propped her body forward a bit to give him a better view…