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Taken by Cowboys! – A new story out right now!

Out today for all of you is my newest tale, Taken by Cowboys!

This is another tale in the vein of I Was Taken By Cavemen! A bit silly, but very raunchy. (Speaking of that Cavemen story–it’s going to be an audio title very soon, so be on the lookout for that!)

This is one of those stories that got much, MUCH dirtier and naughtier as I wrote it. Originally, the main character Laura was going to be a bit submissive, but she ends up being INCREDIBLY so, begging to be chained up and used by both these big cowboy studs. It’s lots of fun.

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If a tale of a submissive babe being able to let her inner-sub out sounds like fun to you, then check out “Taken by Cowboys!”

Here’s the official blurb:

Suddenly zapped back in time to a rustic Old West ranch, the buxom and curvaceous Laura finds herself cornered by two immensely hunky, strong cowboys who don’t take kindly to “no” for an answer. Her entire identity as a strong, independent woman is challenged by these hyper-masculine studs who only know one proper place for a woman—on her knees. It would be a nightmare come true…except that Laura, free from society’s prying eyes, finds herself loving every second of it.

For mature audiences only—this erotica short (~7000 words) features a busty babe getting much more than she bargained for from two cowboy hunks who have never heard of protection!


Of course, this was in stark contrast to how getting taken and forced by Karl was the living embodiment of every fantasy she had ever held. Whenever she masturbated in her bed at home, always it was envisioning something like what had happened earlier—being taken and cornered, alone, no escape, no choice but to give in and be used and abused like a complete fuckdoll…

Her hand drifted across the bed, somewhat hoping to rouse Karl again.

But no! No! She had to get away. Get back to the portal. Get in her own time. Stop acting like such a complete slut. That was the proper thing to do.

So, slipping up out of the bed, still covered partially in Karl’s expanse of cum, she intended to slip away.

But it was to no avail, so far. Karl was a light sleeper, and rose with her.

Make me some breakfast,” he commanded, smacking her on the ass.

She stood still, her body overwhelmed with the heady lust that hearing his masculine command gave her. He must have thought she was hesitating, because he struck her ass again.

Go on,” he said. “Know your place, girl. Make me some breakfast.”

She slipped on the clothes he had available for her—a sort of raggedy old blue dress that looked like it had been abandoned after a night of passionate fucking. It clung to Laura’s generous curves, showing off her cleavage and her legs, both. Her own clothes had been torn apart by Karl, of course. Just like all of Laura’s will…

New mind control erotica, FREE until Wednesday!

Out today for all of you and FREE until Wednesday, September 4th is the latest installment in my new Hypno-App Series—“The Babysitter.” This story is the super hot sequel to Hypno-App: The Librarian.

Part of this story arc is the character of Camille—who is sort of Adam’s “white whale,” so to speak, in that she’s something he wants more than anything else, to the point that he’s rather incapable of noticing how good he has it. She’s absolutely everything to him, and his constant frustration at not being able to own her only results in him being even more turned on by her.

I think it’s fun that he can want to own her so very badly, and yet also be completely turned on by her attempts to manipulate him and have her way with him. Her taking the time to fuck with his head—to his mind—makes him think that he’s important enough to be on her radar, which is a brand new experience for a nerd like Adam.


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If you’re in the mood for a hot mind control story today, make sure to check out Hypno-App: The Babysitter!

Here’s the official blurb:

The life of teenage nerd Adam has been turned upside down ever since he stumbled upon the mysterious Hypno-App, which let him hypnotize and own any hot babe he comes across. His new servants are completely obsessed with making him happy, no matter the cost—and one in particular is desperate to make him the King of the whole school!

Josie is an incredibly sexy and incredibly religious barely legal virgin teenager who’s never been beyond first base. She’s babysitting tonight at the house of a local teenage nerd, Adam, who she’s never taken seriously. Little does she know that Adam recently acquired a mysterious app for his phone that lets him hypnotize and own any hot babe he wants—no matter how religious they are!

For mature audiences only—this erotica short (~10900 words) contains scenes of blisteringly hot servant babes doing everything they can to acquire a new, highly religious, barely legal virgin to serve their nerdy teenage Master—including hot seduction, sexy hypnotic indoctrination, and making out with other girls—just for the right to be fucked by and give hot blowjobs to their owner!




Alena took Josie by the hand, guiding her over.

“Now, you kiss Adam. This is very important, Josie. Go ahead and kiss him.”

Josie’s face was fully flushed. “I’ve never…never kissed a boy before, ma’am.”

“You should start, then. It’s so very important to know how to kiss a man, sweetie.”

Josie clearly felt she had no choice but to do what the older woman said. Alena was so insistent, and her elegant presence demanded such authority.

Josie’s breaths were hot, halted as she moved forward. Her lips met Adam’s, so wet and so sweet. She moaned, so tentative. He could sense the guilt behind the pressure of her lips on his, the enormous amount of restraint that was slipping away as his hands crawled up her tight, firm cheerleader body.

For a moment, Adam forgot entirely that he was planning on owning her mind. He forgot entirely that Barbara and Alena were there.

Then he let her go. Alena was right there, holding the phone, and its endless spirals, directly in Josie’s face…