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Brand new erotica — “Gang Heat: The Stewardess!”

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Wahoooo! I’ve got a brand new story for you today. Some of you more stalwart fans may have noticed I’ve been a little busy with a different project, but right now it’s all about my latest hot erotica, “Gang Heat: The Stewardess.”

This one is a lightning hot tale about a super sexy babe who has a fight with her ultra-stud boyfriend because she dressed up in a way that he didn’t quite approve of. Normally, Leanne is happy to submit…but after all her trouble to impress him, she’s a bit upset and they have a big row. The next day, she dresses extra sexy to get back at him, and finds herself back at her job–as a stewardess on a private luxury airline, where she has to cater to the needs of a whole gang of super studs all at once…and these studs have a little more than drink service on their mind when they see the ridiculously sexy Leanne all dolled up.

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SO–if you are in the mood for something hot and wonderfully dirty this weekend, make sure you pick up Gang Heat: The Stewardess today!

Here’s the Official Blurb:

She was trapped there with all those thick, hard members…

Leanne is a magnificently sexy young stewardess working for a private airline. Her uniforms are kept tiny and revealing, showing off deep cleavage and lots of leg to increase her tips and to bring customers in. But the latest round of customers are not the usual rich push-overs. No, these are real rough types—hardcore hunks with slick, dark ink and chiseled muscles made from breaking the bones of others. And then there’s the massive monsters hardening between their legs…
Alone with them and trapped for hours on a long plane ride, she’s helpless to turn down any request they have—no matter how erotic, dirty, or sexual. These crude, dominating bulls want to violate her deliciously hot body…all of them at the same time.
Making it all worse is that Leanne has no idea what’s going to happen when her outlaw biker stud boyfriend finds out—and what sorts of erotic punishments he’ll dish out for her incredibly fertile, hot, busty body to claim her as his own.



His arrival at her small duplex apartment was preceded as always by the heavy sounds of his motorcycle thundering down the sleepy neighborhood street. His bike was large, silver, and black, and though there was space for her on the back she had to hold him as tight as she could to stay attached when she rode with him. The vibration of the seat, along with his sturdy body, had been in the past enough to make Leanne cum just from holding on to her man.

Outside, she strutted toward him, hoping that her looks impressed him tonight. In the past, she had dressed somewhat conservatively, putting on what normally men found attractive—tight pencil skirts, daring white blouses, designer heels, cute jackets.

Tonight, though, she wore what she had seen the girls of all his friends wearing. Tight blue jean cut-off shorts that were plastered to the tight bubble-shape of her firm ass, thong underwear pulled just above the belt line. A tight black t-shirt that bared her tight, toned midriff and had a deep, low scooping neckline, baring her substantial young twenty-one year-old breasts for all their glory.

She’d been blessed with a gobstopping pair of 36DD titties that she knew had an effect on Axle. Her boots were skintight, wrapping up around her legs just past her knees, showing off their svelte shape.

Leanne had a simple life outside of Axle—she worked at Global Airlines; she worked out; she rested. It was not much, and she did not need much. Her angelic body reflected that.

Her face, though, was simply a gift from on high: a combination of deep blue eyes, a wild mass of tumbling blond locks, sharp cheekbones, and plush cock-sucking lips that meant she had to spend quite a lot of time in front of the mirror if she actually wanted to represent herself as anything besides a youthful fuckdoll.

Topping off her fun biker-chick look was a leather jacket. She’d spent half of a month’s paycheck on it, and much more than that on the entire outfit…

Brand new gang bang erotica – “Gang Heat: The Librarian”

Available at Amazon!

Happy weekend to all you wonderful erotica lovers out there! Out today and JUST for you is my newest story–“Gang Heat: The Librarian.

This newest series features a few similar themes in all its books (though each one will be a self-contained story)–a gorgeous babe harboring secretly submissive and slutty desires; a bad ass gang of alpha thugs who don’t take “no” for an answer; that entire gang banging that lucky lady all the same time; no protection (totally bareback sex!); rough sex with lots of marks left; and much MUCH more!

In this particular story, Lilah the librarian is beautiful and lonely, constantly musing on her heated fantasies about being forced to serve a whole mess of studs all at once. When she’s caught in a blizzard in her library with a gang of brutal bank robbers, these fantasies get put to the test…and then some!

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So! If you’re interested in a mega-hot story featuring one hot babe and TONS of chiseled hunks, check out “Gang Heat: The Librarian” today!

Here’s the Official Blurb:

All of these hard, alpha males…all at once.

Lovely librarian Lilah has dirty, secret fantasies that she wouldn’t ever dare to make come alive. The naughtiest, filthiest thoughts excite her endlessly—dropping to her knees before a gang of strong men, being passed around like their personal pleasure toy, learning from these brutal alphas that her status as a beautiful woman makes her eligible only to be violated endlessly to provide them with climax after climax deep inside her gorgeous body.
But these are all just fantasies, right? Even if they make her panties soaking wet.
That’s what Lilah thinks, until she’s snowed in at her library with a gang of chiseled, hulking, bank robbing criminals. They’re mean, they’re crude, and they would never use protection on her fertile young body. She tries to hide, but these rough, virile males know when a hot woman is nearby. They are born to dominate. She can’t keep away forever…and soon, it will be time to find out if all her forbidden fantasies live up to the mind-blowing reality of being used for pleasure by an entire gang of violent studs all at once.



It was not lost on her at all that only minutes before, this was exactly the kind of thing she had been fantasizing about. There was a world of difference for her, though, between fantasy and real life and the wants a person had between them.

In her fantasies, she was a sex goddess, able to take the largest cock with no problem, able to suck down dick for days and drown her body in floods of hot man cum.

In real life, that sort of thing would terrify her. She had no idea if she could take a huge cock in her body, and though she loved to suck cock, stuffing a big one down her throat had always filled her with some manner of apprehension. Luckily—luckily?—her boyfriends in the past had never been all that challenging on that front. Poor Harold had barely taken advantage of her desire to suck cock at all.

In her fantasies, she was a willing cumdump for any hot-bodied alpha male who came by. But Lilah had values—morals. She was a virgin, and she was saving herself for someone she truly cared about even at the age of twenty-two.

These men were clearly amoral maniacs, like a pack of wolves who would tear her apart at the first chance. If they found out she was a virgin, they might kill each other with the rush to strip her of her innocence…

New HUGE mega-bundle–“Gang Lust Virgins”

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Short little update today to let you know that out now for YOU is my newest release, a HUGE mega-bundle with a bunch of gangbang, alpha-male, submissive babe favorites. EACH of these stories features a beautiful babe (and often more than one) getting down on her knees where she belongs and serving her new alpha male master–up to the point of happily being his eager little breeding pet, absolutely made to take his seed and pump out babies. There’s no protection and no restraints.

This bundle includes the ENTIRE “Gang Up” series, as well as “Biker Gang Lust,” “Paid & Laid: The Interview,” and the ENTIRE “Sold Into Service” series!

Each one of those titles is worth at LEAST $2.99 on their own, so no matter what price you see this bundle at, it’s going to be a no-brainer for fans of erotic barely-legal action!


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IF you’re in the mood for blistering-hot gangbang action, check out “Gang Lust Virgins” today!


Here’s the Official Blurb:

Needy. Aching. Wet.

Some desires leave us breathless, shuddering, and squirming for more. These untouched beauties may think they don’t want so many men all at once, but their bodies beg for more.

Hard. Throbbing. Hot.

Dozens and dozens of men primed and ready. Each one is bigger, stronger, and more dominant than the last. They’ll work together to own innocent young women, unloading their masculine passions on their busty bodies together.
This flaming hot bundle contains six amazing stories (including one full-length novel) of the gang lust that occurs when overpowering alpha males can only be satisfied by one beautiful girl:

Gang Up: A Bikerland Novel – Post-Apocalyptic Alphas rule a wasteland town with sheer force of will and the massive members in their pants.
Paid & Laid: The Interview – She’ll do anything for a job…even please an entire board room of alpha CEOs at once.
Biker Gang Lust – A buxom beauty is captured by a rival gang…and turned into their gang lust pet.
Sold! Owned by the Taboo Princes – Dangerously handsome princes vie for the affection of their new servant…and decide to share her on their royal members.
Sold! Trained by the Man of the House – Sold into sexual service, a curvy young woman must learn to serve the man she’s known her whole life.
Sold! Used by a Gang – Her body isn’t hers anymore…it belongs to her Owner, and he wants to teach her who’s in charge with a whole gang of Owners all at once.






TWO new releases on this lovely April Friday!

Bikerland - Gang Up OverloadHello Hello HELLOOOOOOOO errybody! How’s it going? I hope you are doing SPLENDID. I am also splendid, because I’m just so splendidly excited to be sharing with you a TON of great news today. First and foremost, a new story! Let’s have a look at the blurb, shall we?

So many rugged warriors wanted to claim her.

In the post-apocalyptic town of Temple, a war brews between two armies of savage hunks over the rare, fertile lands that Temple boasts. But the lands aren’t all that’s fertile in Temple…
The mountainous, rugged Brall and his wasteland biker gang, the Cauldron, have a special way of indoctrinating girls into their service. One lucky, willing beauty is surrounded by the hulking, virile warriors of the Cauldron and used in every entrance. Their latest volunteer is a sumptuous babe named Abigail—who already belongs to the Cauldron’s biggest rival. Indoctrinating her would spark a gang war, but she’s so gorgeous, they just can’t turn her away.
But Abigail has her own plans. She’s in love with Brall’s rival, Case, the young stud gang leader she’s known her whole life. Abigail will do anything to make Case jealous. Their love is so taboo, she has no choice but to give her body up to the mammoth Brall and his overwhelming indoctrination to spur Case to act on his possessive, forbidden lust. Meanwhile, Abigail’s insatiable need for Case’s attention drives a wedge between herself and her beautiful best friend, Robin—who’s in the midst of an uncontrollable love affair with Brall!

YOWZA. That sounds as hot as a burning stove. Be careful when you pick it up!

BUNDLE - Risky ThreesomesBut gosh, I wouldn’t be THIS excited if there weren’t more love to go around. That’s right, there’s ANOTHER title out today–a brand new bundle!

This amazing hot bundle combines three of my best stories from this first quarter of 2015–“2 Women, 1 Man, O Rules,” “Seduced by a Lesbian,” and “Steps for a Taboo Roadtrip.” Hooray! These stories feature hot fmf action, bdsm elements, breeding/impregnation/unprotected sex, a little pseudo-incest for good measure, and a WHOLE lot of hot kink, so check them out soon!

AND FINALLY–can I have a drum roll in text? Is that even possible? I wish it weren’t in such poor taste to put sounds on a web page. No, wait…I’m happy about that. I go to web pages too. Anyway~!


The Nadia Nightside Sextravaganza  has begun! What does that mean? In short–AWESOMENESS. You can get more stories of mine for FREE and for CHEAP than EVER before. So click the link below and take a look around! If you haven’t picked up this or that story from me already, doing so NOW is probably the best chance you’ll get to get the best deal you’ll ever find!

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