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“Bimbo Costumes 3!” It’s the third one and it’s out now!

Happy Holidays! You know what’s really super awesome to have on a holiday weekend? I mean, you don’t have to trust me, I’m just the sexy author of several dozen or so super sexy stories and an expert on all things wonderful and good (that’s how come I know YOU’RE so great), but if you DO trust me—then check out Bimbo Costumes 3!

Whaaaat? YEAH. It’s my brand-newest story available, and it’s out RIGHT NOW. OMG. Get it get it get it. It is made for your gettings. You may as well capitulate, just like all the sexy ladies in the story!

So, yes, this story is a favorite of mine. It features bimbo transformation, sluttification, sissification, gender bending, group sex, harem gathering, all manner of dirty sex acts, some taboo elements, and SO much more. It’s a play on the old horror trope of folks wandering into a cabin deep in a forest. Usually, there’s some crazy masked killer who goes after them and ruins their day! What a lame way to go about things. In MY world, I make the “masked killer” into a “masked, huge-cocked stud whose fucking, hunky presence turns everyone else into bimbos.” It’s a small change, but a significant one, I think.


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SO! If you were a fan of the other Bimbo Costume stories, OR if you are a fan of just brilliantly done perfect bimbo transformation stories (if I may be so humble), then check out “Bimbo Costumes 3!” TODAY!

Here’s the official blurb:


The buxom young beauty couldn’t stop giggling…she was soooo turned on…

When five sexy young men and women head out to a cabin in the middle of the woods, there’s always bound to be some kind of naughtiness. In this heart-pumping erotic tale, the cabin-goers are stalked by a monstrously endowed, hugely muscular beast of an alpha male! But this alpha giant doesn’t want to hurt the travelers—he wants to transform every last one of them into gorgeous, big-breasted, giggling bimbos designed exclusively for his pleasure. Inside the spooky cabin are hot, transformative costumes, made exclusively to change women AND men into sexy bimbofied angels, devils, ballerinas, and more!
The travelers must act fast if they want to discover their secret connection to this gargantuan hunk and unravel the erotic tapestry they find themselves caught in. But, with their bodies transforming so quickly, and the pleasure so overwhelming from the endless oral, group, and breast-centered pleasure delivered from the massive hunk (and their own huge overflowing cups!), they may never want to leave the cabin at all…




She started pulling him in. Oh god, oh god! Fletcher, despite his wild dreams, had not expected this. He was going to kiss a girl. He was going to kiss a hot girl.

The kiss was like magic. Her lips slid over his, and soon they were trading tongues, her hot chest pressing hard on his. Her bare legs slid upward, and soon her thighs were gripping down onto his.

Her hand slid over his cock, through his pants, she gripped him eagerly, readily making him hard. God, how was he hard already? She was some kind of magic. His hands felt so strong as he gripped her around her tiny waist.

Easily, expertly, she unloaded his heavy cock from his pants.

“Oh my god,” she giggled, rather pleased. “You’re so big.”

“R-really?” he asked.

“Mmhmm. I love big cocks on guys…”

Fuck, that was nice. What an ego trip, a babe like this appreciating his cock. Her strokes were so thoughtful and slow. He’d always thought he was pretty hefty, but to hear an empty-headed babe like this tell him…there was no way he could deny she was telling the truth. Everything she said sounded too sincere…