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Spring’s First Midweek (Nympho)Mania! Free stories ahoy!

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bang the gang 2 captured

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This week’s Midweek (Nympho)Mania is a particularly hot set of stories just for the thrill-seeking reader in all of us.

Transformed! Nine Magically Erotic Stories” is, well…a bundle full of NINE magically erotic stories, each containing some form of transformation in which men become super hunky, sperm-shooting virile studs, and women become ultra-fertile bimbo goddesses capable of withstanding the ungodly brutal fuckings from their brand new deity-like bang partners. It’s a lot of fun–and with NINE stories in the bundle, you can hardly go wrong!

If you’re looking for something a bit more targeted, then perhaps try out “Bang the Gang 2: Captured.” This hot number features a beautiful biker babe as the prisoner of a hulking biker stud…and she can’t stop how turned he makes her, even when he offers her up to his entire gang to make her submit!

NEXT week will be the scintillating conclusion to the “Bareback Trance” series with “Owning My Ex.” But in the meantime, did you know I JUST RELEASED a hot Bareback Threesomes story with lots of taboo action? Check it out!