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Brand new erotica – “Ruling His Own Strip Club”

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Hello hello hiiiiiiiiii all you wonderful erotica readers out there! I’ve got an AWESOME story for you today, “Ruling His Own Strip Club.” This one is the bodaciously sexy sequel to the incredibly hot “Ruling His Hot Students” which came out about a month ago.

In this hot tale, Jacob continues his reign of erotic delights, deciding that with his massive power, he should own as many gorgeous women as possible. He takes on barely legal teens, hot redheads, Asians, and so many more–having his way as he gathers a harem for breeding/bareback group sex and mind controls whomever he likes! But, an immortal sorceress takes notice of his power…and wants it for herself. This outstandingly hot story is for sale now!


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So! If you’re in the mood for a crazy hot tale of control and corruption, check out “Ruling His Own Strip Club” today!

Here’s the Official Blurb:

He could turn her into whatever he wanted.

Jacob used to be a regular guy until the tablet entered his life. Now he possesses the powers of a god, able to change his normal body into the kind that makes women bow down with unstoppable lust. He can also transform beautiful women into his eager, willing sexual servants with swipe of his fingertip. With the world at his feet, he does what any red-blooded man would do—he decides to take over a strip club and make every last fertile beauty there his delectably sexy breeding lovepets. But what he doesn’t expect is that there’s one dancer who steals his heart away—Daniela, who is more gorgeous than all the rest, and who is terribly turned on by the prospect of being owned by a god. She wants to convince him that every God needs a Goddess…one who will still be utterly obedient to him in every erotic way, of course.
And yet, there is trouble in paradise. The immortal sorceress Celeste aches for the power Jacob holds, and if she tracks him down, she’ll crumble his new kingdom to dust…



He stood behind his desk in the VIP lounge above the stage. Staring out of the one-way mirrored glass, fucking Vivian. Fucking her harder than he had ever fucked anyone.

But watching Daniela. Wanting Daniela. Needing Daniela.

And she danced only for him. Staring up at him all the while. Her love total. Her every expression, every movement designed purely to turn him on. He’d uploaded her mind with knowledge of every sort of dance in the world—she could walk on to a stage in New York for the strangest avant-garde show on earth, and she’d fit right in and shame the other dancers that had been practicing for months. (This was, of course, more knowledge than he delivered to the other dancers—though they were still supremely skilled.)

And yet all of that skill, all of that ability, was invested purely into making his cock hard in new ways every night. Surrounded by a crowd of hundreds, she danced solely for her Master.

He made Vivian join in on his twisted thoughts as he drilled into her, watching Daniela move for him.

I want you to fuck her!” his wife would cry, at his command. Obeying him made her pussy sopping wet as he pistoned into her body. “Fuck Daniela, please! Oh god. Think of her! Look at her! She’s so fucking hot! So fucking right for you, oh my god, my god, my HusbandGod, please! Please fuck her soon! Own her! Daddy, oh Daddy, my DaddyGod, please!”…

“Owned: The Rival” – An Erotic Mind Control Tale out now!

Available at Amazon!

Happy today to all you erotica lovers out there! I’ve got a brand new erotic mind control story for you today, “Owned: The Rival.” This hot number is number three in the “Bare Body Lust” series which ALSO includes “Owned: The Secretary” and “Owned: The Boss.”

In this scintillating finale, Maria convinces Robert once and for all of the worship and adulation he deserves for his special power–a power that lets him transform women’s bodies and minds until they’re his perfect-bodied pets. But, there’s a few loose ends to tie up (figuratively and literally)–their rival business owner Estelle and the stunning young bride of the Sheriff.

This series is FANTASTIC for anyone who’s a fan of mind control/hypnosis, corruption, seduction, breeding, impregnation, creampies, barely legal teen beauties, first time sex, virgins, group sex, harem gathering, body transformation (including breast expansion), bimbofication, and SO MUCH MORE!

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So! If you’re in the mood for a thrilling tale of pure, unrestrained erotica, make sure to check out “Owned: The Rival” today!

Here’s the Official Blurb:

“I’ll be your number one servant girl, won’t I?”

The magnificently sexy Maria is close to achieving her perfect life—being the supreme queen to hergod-like king. Her greatest erotic fantasy is about to become a sex-filled reality. Robert, an otherwise normal guy, has the power to change minds and bodies with just a touch. Maria, captivated by his power, worships the ground he walks on, and won’t be satisfied until he’s surrounded by a harem of eager supplicant, succulent, servile beauties aching to please Robert in every possible way. His servants must be beautiful, eager, obedient, and fertile…and Maria will make sure they’re kept in their proper place beneath her. 
Robert’s so close to finally becoming the virile, heir-making God who Maria aches to idolize—the God who will make her his personal, fertile love Goddess. But first, they have to take care of a few loose ends…particularly in the form of a nosy, nasty, gorgeous business rival named Estelle and the beautiful deputy she paid off to help her. Both are just begging to be transformed by Robert’s touch with how sexy they are, and Maria’s panties are already wet, imagining encouraging her darling as he remolds their minds and fertile bodies every step of the way.



She could feel him steeling himself for what would come—expecting some insane barrage of sex, no doubt, to be drilled against his skull. Perhaps televisions propped up at every corner, drilling in pornographic images of everything that he could do to his slaves at any time.

Instead, when he opened the door, the pleasant smell of cooked meat and baked bread filled the air. Lunch was nearly ready. Joslyn was in the kitchen, humming a happy tune and rustling through cabinets. Quinn, somewhere else in the home, matched the tune with her own hums—which came closer and closer as Maria shut the front door.

There was only one erotic sight on display, besides that of the omnipresent sight of Maria. Down the hall was the living room. The floor lowered there, requiring steps to reach the couches positioned there.

But now, instead of a coffee table, there were layers of expensive animal furs and silk pillows that had been piled up with a modest incline, the bottom of the luxurious hill closest to the steps down. At the top of the pile was Natalie, adorned only in sparkling navy blue lingerie. She posed sexily, her face dreamy, beckoning her Master to come forward and ravage her.

Isn’t my sister beautiful for you, darling?” Maria whispered in his ear. “Won’t you take her?”

Before he had a chance to answer, Quinn stepped out from the nearby dining room. The startlingly beautiful redhead was dressed in a tight, lacy parody of a maid’s uniform, complete with frilly sleeves and tight white stockings. Her tits were only just covered, the feather duster in her hand primed and ready for use.

Welcome home, Master!” Quinn chirped, kneeling immediately. “We’re so glad to see you. Mistress was very worried.”

Mistress…?” He eyed Maria.

She shrugged gently and smiled. “I hope you don’t mind. You’re still in charge, naturally. I’m just…the boss of the help, that’s all.”…

New Discounted Bundle–Hypnotized!

Just a quick update today–I’ve just released a new bundle across several different platforms, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

It combines NINE fan-favorite hypnotism stories, spanning THREE different series. It’s a TON of fun and I think you would be very well-equipped by picking it up if you enjoy mind control, hypnosis, mesmerism, barely legal virgins, lucky nerds getting their way, or anything of that ilk.

It’s just .99 cents right now! That price will go up over time, so act fast–but even if you miss that low, low price, it’s going to stay at a HUGE discount for the entirety of its existence, so make sure you pick it up and take advantage!


Here’s a blurb:

Obedience. Eagerness. Happiness.

These are the qualities that men deserve from the women in their lives—especially when those women are young and beautiful.

Power. Domination. Control.

This is what the special hypnotic tools featured in these NINE stories give to regular guys who just want to own who and what they so richly deserve.
Come find out what happens when the irresistable forces of lust meet unstoppable hypnotic objects that are able to entrance and delight every sort of gorgeous woman.
Here’s a hint: it includes tons of explicit sex involving one lucky guy and a harem of his chosen sexy ladies!