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FREE Story Available for all Mailing List Subscribers!

Hello one and all! I hope you’re having a wonderfully erotic day, full of naughty thoughts and dark desires.

The Nadia Nightside Erotica Newsletter Mailing List is (finally) up and running, and you are able to get a free story, available on Google Drive (so you can save it and do with it as you like), with just a few clicks!

To sign up, you can either click here, or use the form now on the sidebar to the right.

The free story you will receive is “Model Dinner Party,” a 4600 word sequel to “Model Girlfriend,” (available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords), but it IS a standalone title, so you do not need to have read Model Girlfriend to enjoy it! (Although I do think it enhances the material somewhat if you do). It features a supermodel-turned-fuckslave named Isabel throwing a small dinner party for two of the haughtiest, hottest supermodels she once worked with before her Master showed her the beauty of obedience. Over the course of dinner, her Master slowly makes the two new supermodels even hotter, and much more obedient, until they are his perfect fuckslaves just like Isabel! Some of the kinks featured are mind control, body transformation, breast enlargement, one male dominant character, multiple female dominant characters, and of course lots and lots of cumming and hardcore sex!

This story will NEVER be released anywhere else–it is EXCLUSIVELY for those wonderful people who sign up for my newsletter mailing list!

You might be asking, what’s on this newsletter anyway? Great question! You will be totally up-to-date with all my latest releases and all my upcoming projects, and you will also have access to exclusive excerpts that are too dirty to post on storefronts and exclusive hot tidbits of stories that couldn’t make the final cut (sometimes, the fourth blowjob scene is just too much for one narrative, even if it is sizzling hot by itself). In short, more content for you, just for signing up!

I hope you will take the time to sign up so you can enjoy a free, sexy story today. And if you haven’t already, check out my tumblr and twitter!